March 8, 2014

Stolen passports used on missing Malaysian jet [Darleen Click]

Does not bode well.

Foreign ministry officials in Rome and Vienna confirm that names of two nationals listed on the manifest of the missing Malaysian airlines flight match passports reported stolen in Thailand. […]

A foreign ministry functionary, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed Italian reports that Luigi Maraldi had reported his passport stolen last August. […]

Austrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Martin Weiss confirmed that a name listed on the manifest matches an Austrian passport reported stolen two years ago in Thailand.

How did such long-reported stolen passports pass security?

Two anonymous people board a flight, where two-thirds of the passengers are Chinese, and which disappears off radar so fast that no distress signal can be broadcast.

Color me suspicious.

Posted by Darleen @ 12:15pm

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  1. Has there been any claim to ownership of an act of terror against this plane? For if not, that circumstance alone is one indication against the obviously distinct possibility of political terror, no? So, we wait.

  2. the spectacularly failshit NSA somehow missed a clue or two here it would seem

  3. Nobody took credit immediately for 9/11 either.

  4. If so, we waited. Credit taking comes soon enough.

  5. U. S. officials told NBC News on Saturday that they are investigating terrorism concerns after revelations that two people apparently boarded the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner with stolen passports.

    The officials said that they had found no clear link to terrorism. There are other criminal reasons, for example drug smuggling, that stolen passports might be used to board a plane.
    It is unusual, but not unheard of, for one person to board a plane with a stolen passport. It is very rare for two people with stolen passports to board the same plane, terrorism analysts say.

  6. sdferr

    I’m willing to wait. It doesn’t keep me from being suspicious given the data points.

  7. We’re all forgivably suspicious I think, even when one of the significant pieces of information is missing, which is why I thought it worth mentioning.

  8. I’d just like to point out that it’s been a loooong time since a major airliner went down in the U.S. It used to happen all the time, here on the mainland, and nobody would survive.

    Then there was a huge drought, the last big one having been in 1996, then I mentioned to my cow-orkers that we haven’t had ourselves a good plane crash in awhile, and then a couple months later 9/11.

    So there’s that.

  9. Darleen: Your suspicions are warranted.

  10. “the spectacularly failshit NSA somehow missed a clue or two here it would seem – ”

    Well, finding out that I might vote republican in November, what video games I bought, how many pizzas I order, and that I purchased a common entry-level .22 semi-auto rifle at Academy last year was far more important than looking for potential international terror plots that might hit other countries. What difference does it make now? Smart power.

  11. Di, sounds a lot like why my last “Big One” California earthquake joke was the early afternoon of October 17, 1989.

  12. Surely suspicious given the recent knife attack in China and Muslim rhetoric in Malaysia. If no debris field was found in the water today, I suspect this broke up at high altitude over the VN jungle somewhere. I have seen conflicting plots of the flight path provided by the msm.

  13. far more important than looking for potential international terror plots


    But maybe it’s not a question of priorities maybe the NSA poofterfags just need a more bigger budget.

    Someone should ask them their professional opinion.

  14. It will be interesting to see how China gears up to respond to Muslim suicide terrorism..if in fact that’s what happened here. My guess, they won’t give three shits. Certainly not their priority, combatting international terrorism.

    If perps do surface, perhaps we’ll see a quick strike. Or they will ask Putin to tell Barry to fetch ’em to justice, pronto, or he’ll take Poland.

  15. China has been smacking the Uighurs around for years. I think what they won’t give a shit about it whacking anyone who looks like he’s thinking about Allah.

  16. Ah, and they’ve tied the Kunming attack to them, FWIW. China’s Uighurs Fear More Prejudice After Kunming Killings

  17. They, China’s leaders, will care only as it affects their power and position. Their sense of face. That Chinese citizens died only matters as a small loss of property and some minor inconvenience. Like a thief stealing your Bic pen/lighter.

    Too bad, that for us, we now have leaders who view us through a similar lens.

  18. They bought tickets, perhaps checked their bags, but there is nothing to suggest that the actually boarded the aircraft.
    Know what I’m sayin?…

  19. Oops!
    “that the actually”
    s/b “that they actually”
    Sorry, drinking…

  20. aw geez, another work accident. Ain’t it a shame these things happen?

  21. Perhaps they need OSHA to step in to help them out, sdferr.

  22. i don’t think shitmerica’s leaders (food stamp, food stamp’s cunt wife, meghan’s coward daddy, that orange fuckhole, and/or fox news whores various and sundry) would give a shit if we all died screaming on a plummeting plane

    but some have called me cynical

  23. Under the present mal-administration, I wouldn’t put it beyond possibility that funds are distributed through OSHA directly into Hamas’ hands, for, y’know, the diversity and safety education only Hamas knows how to conduct.

  24. They could maybe even get the Energy Dept in on the helping, giving advice on how to make the Hamas training buildings LEED compliant, and then enjoy the endorsement of the Greenie movement too.

  25. palestinians are the lowest caste of human I don’t care what anyone in India says

    get a grip, losers

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  26. Seems appropriate for the times.

  27. >palestinians are the lowest caste of human I don’t care what anyone in India say<

    uighurs say nay

  28. are uighurs anything like quinoa?

    please to post a recipe

  29. “We know things are bad – worse than bad. They’re crazy. It’s like everything everywhere is going crazy

  30. Socialist government works, but only for the .01%.

  31. speaking of currupt elites, shouldn’t we start at home 1st

    Lowry: Cut Off Russia’s ‘Corrupt Elite’ with Sanctions

  32. Color me suspicious.

    Damned Lutherans are at it again, amiright?

  33. So there’s that.

    The less said, the better. You wouldn’t want to attract the attention of She Who Waits To Take It All Back.