March 7, 2014

“Black Teen Unemployment 32.4%”

The post-racial President with the great pant crease and the faculty lounge argot in action:

The unemployment rate for black teens, ages 16 to 19, was 32.4% in February, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), whose data also show that only 24.9% of black youth are participating in the nation’s labor force.

The participation rate for black youth has decreased from 26.4% in January to 24.9% in February, a decrease of 1.5 percentage points. The rate has not been this low since January 2012 when it was 24.8%.

When President Obama took office in January 2009, the work-force participation rate for this group was 29.6%, which means the rate of decline — from 29.6% to 24.9% — was 15.8%.

The black youth unemployment rate for ages 16-19 is 32.4%, which is 383.6% higher than the national unemployment rate, of 6.7%.

The unemployment rate is the percentage of people in the labor force who do not have a job. To be in the labor force a person must either have a job or actively sought one in the last four weeks.

Okay, sure. Employment rates are down. And participation rates are down. But just think how an Executive order that sets wages — a mandatory minimum wage increase — will help black teens and youth, who will be competing against workers with prior experience, or who come from schools outside the “charter school”-free zones Obama has erected around so many of the least effective public school zones in the country, many in predominantly minority areas!

— That is, if he couples it with an Executive order demanding businesses hire black teens and youth — something the Supreme Court we’re now stuck with might actually uphold as part of an add on to Bakke. Which, would any of that really surprise anyone — particularly if the President and the media decided to cast any such executive order as a measure for “fairness” that helps overcome “racial-makeup inequality” in the work force and creates the social justice that comes from “employment redistribution”?

And would John Roberts be able to resist looking at how his Court’s legacy would be gilded by such a bit of social engineering?

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:45am

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  1. Yep, the chance of a disparate impact or adverse impact analysis being applied to ClownDisasterRegime economic policy is exactly zero. That doesn’t mean, however, that the facts will always escape the very minority continually done the harm. On the contrary, they’ll figure it out quickly enough for their purposes — which, that’s a relative thing, that “quickly enough” — on account of the purposes themselves being confused and oftentimes at loggerheads.

  2. The black youth unemployment rate for ages 16-19 is 32.4%, which is 383.6% higher than the national unemployment rate, of 6.7%.

    In fairness, that’s a stupid comparison. What’s the unemployment rate among non-black yutes, ages 16-19?

    That said,

    why does Barak Obama’s white half hate his black half?

  3. Today’s report said the white unemployment rate for 16-19 year olds was 18.3% in February.

  4. His “My Brother’s Keeper” program will do nothing to fix this, but his push for amnesty certainly will make it worse. #Winning

  5. Certainly unrelated to the problem of Unemployed Black Teens, but check out this amusing Totally Honest defense lawyer ad.

    Personally, my all-time favorite was the series of ads from Jim “The Hammer” Shapiro (ex.), but still, not bad.

  6. I am always wary of news reports which cite percentage differences between two percentages.

    Example of why:

    A.) 2,000 falls to 1,000. The difference is a decline of 50%
    In the next period, the 1,000 falls to 500. The difference is a decline of 50%
    Between 50% and 50%, there is a 0.0%difference.
    Overall, however, the decline has been 75%

    B.) 500 falls to 480. The difference is a decline of 4.0%.
    In the next period, the 480 falls to 470. The difference is 2.08%
    Between 4.0% and 2.08%, there is a 48.0%decline.
    Overall, however, the decline has been 6%.

  7. The figures presented here make no ?.

    Por ejemplo: the work-force participation rate for this group was 29.6%, which means the rate of decline — from 29.6% to 24.9% — was 15.8%.

    No es verdadero. 29.6%-24.9% = 4.7 I think. Where does 15.8 come from? What am I missing?

    But before that, unemployment for black teens ages 16 to 19 was 32.4 to 24.9%

    Then, participation rate for black youth from 26.4% to 24.8%

    Why did the term change from “teens 16 to 19” to “black youths” are they the same measured group? Is part of a group being measured and these partial figures? The low points, 24.9 unemployment and 24.8 participation = 49.7 so more people are unaccounted for here than accounted for. Where are the missing people? What value are these numbers without them, without an explanation for them? Without the missing larger portion this presents at best a partial picture. One that is not useful to me.

  8. It for confusing people who don’t understand the maths, bour3.

  9. The current participation rate (24.9%) is only 84.12% of the previous rate (29.6%), hence a 15.8% drop in the participation rate as compared to the previous baseline.

    It is, of course, a 4.7% absolute decline in the rate, compared to a mythical 100% participation rate, but since that has never happened, it’s arguably a less useful metric.

    It’s the same thing as saying “interest rates have doubled, from 4% to 8%”. Yes, the absolute rate has only increased by 4%, but that’s irrelevant; the interesting fact is that interest payments will double in such a scenario, all other things being equal.

  10. Everyone knows math is raciss.

  11. This is my new favorite story:

    11-year-old Shelby White fired a rifle at an emaciated female cougar estimated to weight a paltry 50 pounds. The animal appeared to be following her 14-year-old brother, Tanner, into their home before she shot the life-saving bullet. It was the third such death of a cougar on the Whites’ property in two weeks.”

    I don’t know whether it’s legal to bait cougars in Washington or not, but even if it is, it’s certainly not nice to use your brother that way.

    Via Glenn Reynolds

  12. Cal Treser, enforcement officer for Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, revealed that little Shelby White — who has a permit to kill cougars — acted immediately.
    She grabbed her rifle and shot the cougar dead, before posing for pictures alongside her kill, he added.

  13. Shelby’s grandpa handed her the rifle and told her to shoot the cougar since she was the only one in the house with a permit. How cool is that?

    Plus, she can spend years telling her brother’s friends how she saved his bacon and has the pictures to prove it. Sweet!

  14. The news text made the kill sound downright unsporting

  15. >fired a rifle at an emaciated female cougar estimated to weight a paltry 50 pounds. <

    because hungry animals are like kittens

  16. and throw in “female” for the “don’t hurt kitty” vibe. me: shoot the effing p*ssy carnivore cis-predator.

  17. Comments on the cougar story suggest the cat should have hopped a train to New York for easier prey.

  18. >the cat should have hopped a train to New York for easier prey.<

    ipad users are tastey

  19. A paean to creative destruction from Richard Fernandez:

    The great advantage to capitalism and its political correlative, democracy, is not that it prevents failure but on the contrary allows it. In capitalism it’s OK to die, just as in some of the world’s great religions it’s OK to die. You let go because it’s the only real chance you will have to wake up dead. The cycle of death and birth, collapse and renewal are part of the model; unlike socialism, in which the state itself is god and thus, must live forever.

  20. Since I’m feeling rather churlish, I can’t decide whether this is merely foolishness, or idiocy; nor, for that matter, can I decide whom is the bigger fool, or idiot, as the case may be.

    First, we have Peter Wehner of Commentary:

    Having been president for more than five years, we can now render some reasonable and informed judgments about Mr. Obama, including this one: he is an amateur on par with Jimmy Carter. And to see the crude and brutish Putin run circles around Obama—on negotiations over nuclear weapons, on granting asylum to Edward Snowden, on convincing Obama to undercut our allies in Poland and the Czech Republic, on establishing ties with Egypt, on strengthening the murderous Syrian regime, and now invading Crimea and threatening the rest of Ukraine—is painful for any American to witness.

    Hey, dipshit (told you I was churlish), Putin doesn’t need to run circles around Obama because Obama doesn’t need to be convinced of anything by Putin. Obama’s entire worldview is built upon the a priori assumption that America is the problem, and that if we were just nicer to our enemies and rivals, they’d be nicer to us and all our problems would magically go away. Dumbass.

    Then we have Paul Bonicelli (whoever the hell he is –see previous parenthetical comment) at Foreign Policy:

    Obama and his advisors, from grad school until now, have apparently seen the entire world as a single collection of nation-states just waiting to cooperate if the right people came into power in the United States to midwife it through dialogue and nice-making. Surely that belief has evaporated. It is time for the Obama administration to embrace reality and do what Putin did long ago and the rest of Russia’s reluctant neighbors are doing: Make two lists, one of your friends and the other of your enemies; support the first and torment the second. It might be distasteful to some, but it is the real world.

    Hey, dipshit, Obama already has an enemies list. Newsflash: they’re all of them domestic enemies. Dumbass.

    (via Ed Driscoll)

  21. As far as I’m concerned, Ernst, go on being churlish.

  22. In vino aqua vitae, veritas then?

  23. – Its official. Ernst has reached a new level of “unhelpfulness”, which in a sane world, would be recognized as a positive achievement.

  24. – Also official according to state media: A Malaysian plane carrying 239 passengers and crew has crashed in the South China sea off the coast of Viet Nam.

  25. did any of you hire a black teen today?

    me I did not.

    It’s very troubling.

    However I did learn how to make this:

    It’s very simple but timing is everything. You really want to wait til you serve it to assemble it.

    I added just a bit of carrot to the cookie sheet just cause it’s pretty.

    Maybe tomorrow I will hire a black teen but it’s saturday tomorrow so expectations of that sort of thing are low.

  26. Also this weekend’s cocktail du weekend is the sidecar.

    Now I know wiki gets all wiki with it but let’s keep this bitch simple.

    Two shots brandy (your budget, your choice).

    One shot triple sec or some variant thereof.

    One shot o.j.

    Done and done.

    Shake it with ice and then serve over fresh ice with a lime garnish (cause it pretty).

  27. – Its official. Ernst has reached a new level of “unhelpfulness”[.]

    I’m only unhelpful because penury has reduced me to drinking Canadian Club.

    If I could afford George Dickel or Jim Beam Devil’s Cut, I’d be downright counterproductive.

    G’nite all.

  28. Canadian Club is very tasty plus it comes in a cool plastic bottle

    nothing wrong with Canadian Club boo boo

  29. plus fictional character Mr. Don Draper is partial to the Canadian Club and he’s fucking iconic

    not unlike Madonna’s cone tits or Bill Clinton’s herpes penis

  30. I’ve learned that the Bulleit rye is a good drink for when I want to make a drink last a long time.

    The Glenfiddich and Glenmorangie for some reason won’t let me do that.

  31. – I have the same problem with Bacardi’s purple lable. It seems to litterily jump down my throat after the first few sips. I think its the orange juice.

  32. The Glenlivet 12 year-old is my usual evaporating booze. It will not stay in a glass.

    On the other hand, I have a bottle of Tomatin that I believe is evaporation-proof.

  33. Heh. Digging Deeper into ‘feet’s wiki thinger…

    A definition of cocktail appeared in the May 13, 1806, edition of The Balance and Columbian Repository, a publication in Hudson, New York, in which an answer was provided to the question, “What is a cocktail?”. It replied:

    Cock-tail is a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters—it is vulgarly called bittered sling, and is supposed to be an excellent electioneering potion, inasmuch as it renders the heart stout and bold, at the same time that it fuddles the head. It is said, also to be of great use to a democratic candidate: because a person, having swallowed a glass of it, is ready to swallow any thing else.

    Nowadays, the electioneering potion attracting befuddled masses to @TheDemocrats are the food stamps and the promises of even more sweets. There is no obvious bitterant added that these community organized curs can sense; expect that to announce itself when this Republic upchucks these miserable fools back to the curbstones of reality, and out of it’s rotted system.

  34. Apparently this [@ 8:50] might fit this thread.

  35. I wasn’t impressed with the Devil’s Cut, I must say, but, more importantly, Mrs. B., who is a Jim Beam brand lover, did not like it either.

    I stick with Maker’s Mark, although it does, indeed, have a tendency to evaporate real quick. When that’s not available, I go and have ‘a conversation with the Colonel’ – Col. Jack Daniel, that is. It’s bitterness is more tolerable than Beam’s…and it was Francis Albert’s amber liquid of choice. Jim Beam Black, however, is very good in a Cup Of Joe.

  36. Bulleit Rye / Bourbon

    i was disappointed to learn it’s just another Seagram cum Diageo concoction crafted to look super americana and authentic and such

  37. i still like to drink it

    but there’s so much else to explore

  38. ok yeah

    we should revisit the whole sidecar thing


    Two shots brandy (your budget, your choice)

    One shot cointreau

    One shot o.j.

    Shake it with ice and then serve over fresh ice with a lime garnish (cause it pretty)

    Done and done.

    sadly, the cheap CVS triple sec (“gran legacy”) just flat-out doesn’t do the trick … maybe I need to find a mid-range one of some kind like dekuyper or hiram walker

    far as i can tell you can still definitely use whatever brandy you want cause oj covers off pretty much any and every sin of cheap brandy – my fave cheap brandy is “el presidente” cause it’s not made in california