March 3, 2014

“De Blasio Kicks 700 Kids Out of High-Performing Charter Schools”

For the children!

Apparently newly elected New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio didn’t get the memo from President Obama today about being your Brother’s Keeper. De Blasio is blocking four charter schools – run by the Success Academy charter school network – from opening or expanding, rolling back an offer made to the charter network by his predecessor, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, to co-locate in spaces not being fully used by the traditional public school system.

“The cumulative impact of de Blasio’s actions virtually halts charter school expansions,” the New York Post reported.

The charter network’s founder, Eva Moskowitz, runs twenty-two Success charter schools in New York, educating some 6,700 students. The city had agreed to allow the charters, which are public schools that are operated with more autonomy, to co-locate in buildings with traditional public schools.

But that all changed when de Blasio took office. “There’s no way in hell that Eva Moskowitz should get free rent,” he exclaimed.

One of the four schools is already in operation and three additional Success academies were slated to open their doors this fall. The mayor’s actions have left “at least 700 children without a school this coming school year.” Fifty thousand children are on charter school wait lists in New York.


The impact of de Blasio’s actions on the children of New York will be significant. As Andrew Rotherham wrote in USA Today:

“Consider the third-graders at Success Academy Harlem 5. They share a public school building with P.S. 123. If Harlem 5 children lose their seats, they might have to enroll in P.S. 123.

“Here’s the dilemma:

“The schools have similar students, but 88% of Harlem 5 third-graders passed New York’s math test compared with 5% of P.S. 123?s.”

What could possibly be the reason for de Blasio’s war against these successful charters? It’s hard to say for sure, but it’s perhaps worth noting that those 22 schools that Ms. Moskowitz operates are mostly non-union.

It seems almost beyond comprehension to single out successful school operators and extinguish the opportunity these children have to potentially change the course of their lives. But for now, the educational future of 700 children looks dimmer.

Look: once you allow the slaves all that book learning, things could go sideways quickly. The Communist masters no this.  And they also know that, in the current media culture — before they can get it under control by regulating away the first amendment — gulags just don’t sell like they did in the 40s and 50s.

As for all these sops to the unions — and that’s what this is — well, that’s to be expected.  You take care of your clients and they take care of you.  Power.  That’s what this is about.

That it’s framed as social justice or “fairness” is absolutely despicable.  That so many people buy that framing is proof that the tactic of keeping these trained morons out of good schools and indoctrinating them in leftist propaganda is a winning strategy.

And — though I hate to say it — as long as blacks continue to vote Democrat, they’ll be continuing to vote to keep themselves socially kneecapped and so economically enslaved.  Only now, the plantation has free iPhones and tax credits for flat screen TVs.

I hate communists.  But give them credit:  the fuckers sure can ferret out some useful idiots, that’s for sure.



Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:11am

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  1. A slaveholder’s argument against teaching slaves to read was “the first decidedly antislavery lecture” Frederick Douglass ever heard.

    Today’s plantation masters studiously avoid admitting they don’t want their “property” educated; they simply dispense indoctrination with a deceptive label.

  2. Beat me to it, McGehee.

  3. How are you going to keep them down on the favela once they’ve seen Paris?

    Or a book about Paris…

  4. Hilton? (said a public school educated kid )

  5. Or maybe feets, I dunno