March 3, 2014

March fundraiser: late start, but then you need recall marijuana is now legal in Colorado.

So, like, you know.

Anyway, here’s the scoop. My wife and I decided we needed more space, part of which is because my wife wants her mother to move here from Utah to live with us and her grand kids. We were able to find a wonderful house, which breaks ground sometime in the next couple weeks, that should be finished by August or September.

Fortunately, the house is only about 3 minutes from our current home, and is actually closer to Satchel’s school (though a bit farther away from wrestling practice, which right now is essentially at the entrance to our subdivision). The only downside is, we wanted a specific cul-de-sac lot which were told wasn’t going to be released for another couple of years, so as we were preparing to walk away and find something else, we were shocked (as was the sales rep for the neighborhood build) that the builders agreed to release the lot to us.

Which meant we had to move quickly and sign the contract about a month or two before we wanted to.

So it’s going to be belt-tightening time around here — already, the armored rat has reluctantly agreed that he can live without Grey Goose and that his margaritas can do without Grand Mariner — and any contributions you make will help us out going forward, especially now that PayPal and the Obama IRS considers your gifts as income and not largess.

Thanks to all who’ve contributed and continue to contribute. Between coaching and some side work I’m doing for extra cash, blogging is not as easy as it used to be. But I will soldier on so long as you all soldier on with me.

What else, after all, is there to do?

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:40am

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  9. So it’s going to be belt-tightening time around here[..]

    Tell me about it. Maybe I shouldn’t buy guns when I’m an inch from the poorhouse.

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  14. Dude, you really need a general question perpetual post so we can ask about off-topic shit without derailing your thread… But anyway, here goes : Which evil, autonomous, baby killing murder machine… uhh, I mean.. assault rifle did you have before it fell off your boat and was lost? Which model and caliber ? My old person memory is failing me…

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  16. Hopefully there won’t be any asshole cop living across from you at the new place.

  17. Not the .308/7.62 MM FN SCAR-17 Ouroboros.

    Jeff is much too patriotic to buy a rifle from a made-up country like Belgium, even if they do have offices in the U. S. of A. And notwithstanding the fact that certain shit-hot high-speed low-drag types kinda like it.

    No. Jeff used to have a real battle rifle, one tested by time and hallowed by tradition, one that fired not just a man’s cartridge, but the ‘muricun man’s cartridge.

    The .30-06 M1903 Springfield rifle.

  18. Wow… Good thing he didn’t get excited and actually splurge on that .308/7.62 mm FM SCAR-17 with all the belt tightening and all… Not only are they pricey but the cost of 7.62 ammo will break a working man (that loves to shoot).. and check out the pricing on a good scope these days…

  19. Wonder why they dont produce that model here in the states with the military version? I bet they could get the price down to $2K.. I got to spend range time with some guys from Remington Defense last weekend with some very nice, tricked out AR-10 & AR-15s.. Made me long for the days when Uncle Sugar used to buy the unlimited ammo.

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  24. It’s true, Ouroboros. Before the unfortunate overturning of my boat, I had 3 evil assault-type rifles: my go-to was the SCAR Heavy with GRSC FFP 1×6 combat rifle scope with a horseshoe reticle, paired with an Armasight Gen 3 NV clip on, an IR laser, and a Streamlight mount. A suppressor may too have been added by now. I also had a heavy barreled AR-15 with an EOTech holographic red dot w/ magnifier and SureFire light, and a S&W M&P 22 that housed a long-range scope and a Streamlight.

    Lost, too, was my beloved FNP-45 Tac pistol with the Trijicon holographic sight and mini strobe/flashlight, which were it still around would be paired with an Osprey suppressor, and my carry piece, the Beretta PX4 Storm compact with the Viridian green laser sight and light.

    So now I just throw Satchel’s wrestling trophies at potential marauders.

  25. On the bright side, you can reload faster that way.

  26. True. And if all else fails, I can just throw Satchel at them.

  27. .. but since they’re Satchel’s trophies you likely have a huge supply of ammo..

    Sorry to hear about the loss of what sounds like an excellent little arsenal.. You’re really going to have to stop taking your weapons out on the boat with you.. I’m pretty sure there are no Somali pirates in Denver… unless theyre passing through on their way to Aspen.

  28. And if all else fails, I can just throw Satchel at them.

    Overkill. I like it.

  29. Thanks, John G!

  30. Throwing Stachel’s trophies at an attacker almost sounds like a colony drop operation from Gundam.


    Too nerdy?

  31. Bad month…Maybe if I melted down my old hockry trophys I’d get enough copper and bronze to supplement? Meantime, my usual pittance.

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  36. Not much, but the plumber trumped you.

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  39. Well, hell. The god damn sperm bank turned me down. And the blood bank quit taking my blood years ago. Something about boarderline diabetes.
    So, shit, Goldman you’re out of luck.

  40. Thanks, Brad M!

  41. Sarah Palin is currently kicking ass with her speech at CPAC. And Rand Paul won the straw poll for the 2nd time in a row. Muy Bien.

  42. I was drunk.