January 31, 2014

Suddenly serious topic: is the GOP on a suicide mission?

Ann Coulter, who assured us that Mitt Romney was more conservative than Reagan and that Chris Christie — who, when he isn’t supping with Obama and the Chinese in the White House, or blubbering over Bruce Springsteen noticing his fat ass, is preaching bipartisan compromise with unbridled and unabashed collectivism, supporting mosques at Ground Zero, and rushing to implement a state health care exchange after refusing to sign on to the brief opposing ObamaCare — was the last best hope for the GOP, wants to know.

To which I reply, at the risk of being called a pussy by the erstwhile Bill Maher groupie and Connecticut Republican who made her name as a conservative firebrand, that it’s kind of an odd situation: yes, they are committing suicide, but it’s almost a murder/suicide pact, in which they want to make sure they take down any remaining constitutionalists (we use to call such types the base) with them. And at the same time, the constitutionalists (who we now call Visigoths, Hobbits, arsonists, domestic terrorists, anarchists, Purists, and True Believers), aren’t entirely content with allowing the GOP to take the lazy way out, and would rather see it die in a fiery clown car wreck, punctuated by a puddle of little orange tears.

Funny, isn’t it, that some commentators can flit from position to position, their fingers planted firmly either in the wind or up their own asses, and still be taken seriously. Meanwhile, the most constant, consistent, and — dare I say, staunch — of the classical liberals and constitutional conservatives / libertarians are the first to be excommunicated from the “big tent”?

Not “funny haha,” I don’t mean. More like “funny, fuck you, you opportunistic bullshitters.”

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:56am

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  1. I wonder how long Pete Wehner’s moronic arguments would last in a direct, face-to-face dialogue with Sen. Cruz. Not long at all, I suspect, with a thinking man like Cruz at work on them with a jelly-liver such as Wehner standing in their defense. Sophisms kinda need destruction in detail in order to fulfill their social teaching function, don’t they?

  2. every day, people prove its quite easy to kill yourself without meaning to. its called stupidity. peeps be talking about a third romney attempt. he probably beats your other options at this point.

  3. Tammy Bruce, “Is the GOP deliberately trying to sabotage the 2014 midterms?”

    Take, for example, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers‘ response. Mrs. McMorris Rodgers is well-liked and smart. I had the pleasure of meeting her last year at an Independent Women’s Forum event honoring her. I found her dynamic, compelling and clearly a GOP star.

    Then for the State of the Union response, some self-obsessed, cave dweller from the Land of the Clueless Consultants and Speech Coaches got their paws on her, and instead of the focused, interesting and compelling woman I met in Washington, D.C., we got a woman so overprepared and controlled that the powerful and smart Mrs. McMorris Rodgers had disappeared.

  4. Team R suffers from stale moribund leadership

    there’s absolutely nothing I can do to help them

  5. (With apologies to the bard…)

    “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the campaign consultants…”

  6. there’s absolutely nothing I can do to help them

    Oh, I dunno hf: maybe indulge in a bit of Dana Perino boosterism (even if surreptitiously forced), and something good — like gagging at an ingested poison — could come of it.

  7. You could counsel Team D.

  8. i just don’t have the energy for boosterisms and the whole immigration thing doesn’t really light much of a fire under my pikachu ass

    ennui has pitter-pattered in on cat feet and jumped up in my lap to take a mid-morning nap

    what shall we do tomorrow

    what shall we ever do

  9. doesn’t really light much of a fire under my pikachu ass –

    few things have since butter tarts left

  10. Ah well, sooner or later the stench of the rotting carcass should motivate something resembling action, even if it’s only to get up and move upwind.

  11. sigh

  12. Beware the Bill Maher gropees.

  13. Erstwhile or otherwise.

  14. Or else.

  15. Individuals Living Outside the Rule of Law“. Normally you’d think this would mean Outlaws but…

  16. Hersheysquirtle, Glenn Greenwald just called. You’re stealing his sockpuppet shtick and he’s going to sue.

  17. ennui has pitter-pattered in on cat feet and jumped up in my lap to take a mid-morning nap

    It takes a stronger man than I to rouse a cat what has settled in my lap, purred a bit, and now sleeps soundly.

    They do that on purpose, you know. Shows who’s boss.

  18. My response to Rodgers’ SOTU response:

    It’s some sort of Pavlovian thing. When I hear a woman talking like an elementary school teacher, my brain automatically tunes out.

  19. Gee, I think all of these Republicans have made sure that they themselves will have a soft landing when the Republican party meets its demise. So suicide for the party, but they’ll be A-OK, thanks. Which is not so much suicide as it is sabotage.

  20. I knew the gopers were dead in the water when the local “conservative” radio host suddenly went from backing the guy who lost five straight elections to the Dem incumbent to “Mr Tea Party” after the shutdown theater and backing the new guy, who blew the old guy out in a vicious primary and got elected in the wake of Obamacare and Tarp… and who just as quickly rolled over and voted to cut military pensions.

    Fuck them all, if they want my vote, they can pay me for it. That’s the way I’m doing it now. You want me to vote for you? $1000 bucks for a local vote, $1500 for an HOR vote. $500 State-wide office, Gov or Senate. $250 for President. Party-schmarty.

    (guess I’m a democrat after all)

  21. LMC, I’m down with that. “Vote early and vote often!”

  22. – If you are a Dem and you aren’t voting in some fraudulent manner you’re not meeting the spirit of the thing.

    – Rule #1 for Progressives: “All Democrats are born disenfranchised.”

  23. Reparations for everyone!

  24. If anyone’s interested, I have provided a handy Translation of the GOP Official Response to the SOTU Address.

    #ShamelessBlogwhoring – it’s who I am; it’s what I do.

  25. – When you join the Dem party from anything else the first thing you’re required to do is to destroy all personal identification, to prove you’re properly disenfranchised.

  26. Excellent, Bob. That’s exactly the way I heard it.

  27. BBH, I figured just emphatically stating (in authentic Frontier gibberish, if necessary) that you are disenfranchised was enough.

    Now they want proof?! Stop the madness!

  28. – Translation: “We’re running out of other peoples money to steal and its the godamned T-parties fault.”

    – The GOP has jumped the shark due to zero patience. When Bumblefuck lied and covered up Benghazi and IRS political dirty tricks to get him past the finish line after his disasterous debate fiasco the GOP was so stupid they projected beyond his second term, and now they are essentially irrelevant.

  29. Suddenly, I had this ancient, barely remembered ear bug chewing at my cortex all day long.. thanks, Jeff!


  30. Thanks, Leigh…and thank my Thesaurus.

  31. Oh look.

    Camp of the Saints is classified as:

    “Violence/Hate/Racism;Political/Social Advocacy”

    and was blocked by our fancy new URL classifier thing.

  32. No contract? No problem.

  33. “…but it’s almost a murder/suicide pact…”

    Then we’re going to have to exercise our right of self-defense and take them out first.

  34. I would like to thank the Koch Brothers, the NRA, and Society Of Cincinnatus….

  35. Check to see if Daily Kos is blocked, dicentra. Just as an experiment.

  36. I don’t know WTF the GOP is doing. I have no clue as to how they possibly think their strategy is going to work. My husband and I have been having long talks about this. He asks me what the long-game is- assuming that I’ve read something or other because I have more time for that – but I have to tell him that no one can figure this shit out.

    The only answer I have is that they simply are attempted to protect their own little fiefdom and they seriously don’t give a shit about the rest of us.

  37. Gee, I think all of these Republicans have made sure that they themselves will have a soft landing when the Republican party meets its demise. So suicide for the party, but they’ll be A-OK, thanks. Which is not so much suicide as it is sabotage. –

    There simply is no other explanation.

  38. The problem is that they’ve got Washington Fever. There ain’t no cure. Best to nuke it from orbit, just to be sure.

  39. Is there even a slight chance the GOP is setting a trap for Mr. Obama? Feigning get-along to lure him to perform obviously serious and illegal unconstitutional actions? A feint within a feint?

    Nah, that’s too much to expect from the GOP. They are acting like a pack of beaten, broken curs, running from the fight with their tails between their legs. Stick a fork in ’em.

  40. There is zero chance, serr8d. ZERO.

    Pablo is correct.

  41. Feigning get-along to lure him to perform obviously serious and illegal unconstitutional actions? –

    Besides, they’ve already done that, and they’ve got shit to say about it. IRS targeting. Pigford. etc …

  42. I don’t think the establishment gives a crap about immigration reform. They might even realize that it is counter to the long-term interests of both the party and country.
    But they don’t have any of the passion or talent of the grass-roots, so they have to play to their strength: organization. That takes money.

    They don’t have money, and they can’t ask the base for it because the base (i.e. individuals) *are* the Tea Party. (Note: I haven’t seen any hard data to support this, but I would guess that individual contributions to the Republican Party are way, Way down)
    There’s only one place to turn: crony business.

    But crony business only has one major initiative they care about this cycle: immigration reform. So that’s why the establishment is pushing it.

    Without the money this issue provides the establishment, they would wither up and die. It’s a survival tactic, not a reflection of what they believe.

  43. I’m just spit-ballin’ here, but bear with me…

    If, as we all presume is the case, the Democrats HATED NAFTA, and their brand is dependent upon being perceived as “fighting for American Workers,” then we can also detect a fatal contradiction in their “pro-immigrant” agenda: the importation of millions of illiterate, menial laborers HURTS the Dem’s urban and racialist constituents by competing for scarce jobs and by subdividing further the existing racialists’ spoils from the mythical ‘zero-sum’ American “pie.”

    Then, it follows that the Democrats are talking out both sides of their mouths on this issue, and they are, basically, Full of Sh_t! So, what would be the simplest method available to the Opposition to force the Dems to reveal this pageant of duplicity?

    How about by adopting the Dem’s “Pro-Immigration” platform word-for-word? Let’s game this one, guys, to see where it leads:

    1. The GOP parrots the Dem’s amnesty talk. Quel horreur!
    2. The Dems, sensing an opening to return to its reflexive ethnocentrism (previously on vivid display during the NAFTA debate), attack the GOP for “hurting American workers” and creating “income inequality.”
    3. The GOP pivots, says it now agrees with the Dems, and that Amnesty is a bad idea in “this economy.”
    4. Sensing that this impasse is harmful to the Democratic Party brand, a “centrist” coalition arises that, with a plurality of GOP votes, elects to table the debate until after the 2016 elections.
    5. The Democrats return to their winning “War On Women” plank, and La Raza gets tossed under the bus.

    Like I said, I’m just spit-ballin’ on this one, guys. As Jeff says often, democracy in America is a theater production anymore. As such, it’s a stage show replete with fancy lighting arrays, sweaty, backstage corridors, hidden trap doors and painted Divas. Everything we see onstage is smoke-limned artifice.

    If we want to defuse the Democratic’s cynical “Immigration” gambit, we’ll need to make them disown it themselves. It may be that, by publicly embracing its tenants, the GOP can force the Democratic Party’s reactionary wing to do just that.

  44. A survival tactic.

    Not one that’ll save this doomed Republic.

    We canz call them all the Anti-Republic-ans. That big tent includes the GOP, Democrats, ‘Progressives’, and all of our old friends allegiant to Marx and Engels.

  45. You would think that immigration would be contradictory to the Dem’s insistence upon taking care of “American workers” a/k/a labor unions, but the unions such as SEIU and AFL-CIO are leading the charge. for amnesty. If they’re legal (on the books) than they’re more likely to join a union, and then vote Democrat.

    ““For 11 million workers to know that the boss is not going to be able to intimidate them because of their immigration status,” explains Maria Elena Durazo, head of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, “It’s going to bring them out of the shadows and give them a lot more confidence and courage to stand up for their rights.” Of course, she also expects that, once these workers become citizens, they will vote for politicians the unions endorse.”

  46. I read the GOP immigration bill as being contingent on the borders being closed first. Since this is no go with the Dems, it’s dead Jim.

  47. a fiery clown car wreck, punctuated by a puddle of little orange tears.

    Don’t let this smile I wear
    Make you think that I don’t care

  48. You could smell the powerful odor of mendacity when in 2008 Ann Coulter started preaching that the individual mandate was a conservative wet dream because someone at Heritage said so. And because Romney agreed.

  49. Ann is no conservative. Ann is a capitalist whose chief interest is Ann.

  50. The GOP can pack it in. Ten bucks says they will never again succeed in getting a Republican into the White House, unless he’s there to shine shoes.

    Our future is 20th century Mexico, where the domination of the PRI made it a virtual one-party state in effect if not in name.

  51. Leigh..

    I read the GOP immigration bill as being contingent on the borders being closed first. Since this is no go with the Dems, it’s dead Jim.


    The GOP will agree to halt the deportation of 12 million illegal aliens and sign on to a blanket amnesty. It only asks that the 12 million not be put on a path to citizenship.

    Sorry, but losers do not dictate terms. Rich Trumka of the AFL-CIO says amnesty is no longer enough. Illegal aliens must be put on a path to citizenship and given green cards to work – and join unions.

    Rep. Paul Ryan and the Wall Street Journal are for throwing in the towel. Legalize them all and start them on the path to citizenship.

    A full and final capitulation. Let’s get it over with.


  52. Smokey!

    ****Now there’s some sad things known to man,
    But ain’t too much sadder than
    The tears of a clownbait.****

  53. Thanks, serr8d. All info seems to be on the downlow. Makes me suspicious, it does.

  54. steveaz, what makes this different from the other time (1986)?

    It seems to me that both sides get their win: GOP gets cheap labor for the businesses that support them while the Dems get a new pool of voters *and* more people that will choose to latch onto the Federal teat instead of bucking the trend.

  55. The thing is, since the NAFTA battles, the unions have been taken over by Communists, like Trumka.

    Todays unions ain’t your father’s unions.