January 24, 2014

“Schumer Suggests ‘Electoral Reform’ As Way to ‘Lessen the Grip of the Tea Party'”

Seems citizen activists and grassroots rejection of a broken, corrupt, insular, status-quo permanent political class is becoming a thorn in the side of presumptive career rulers, and that simply must be addressed. For the greater good of the people, who don’t know enough about their own interests to form citizen activist or grassroots groups that reject broken, corrupt, insular, status-quo permanent political class manipulation of the Potemkin system of “democracy” and “republicanism” our betters keep pretending we’re still operating under.

CNS News:

Although the tea party’s influence is “undeniable,” it is not inevitable — and it must be crushed for the good of the nation, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) argued in a long political speech on Thursday.

“They’ve won elections, stymied Democratic priorities and taken a sledgehammer to programs that are important to tens of millions of Americans,” he complained.

Among other recommendations, Schumer suggested an IRS crackdown on funding for tea party groups. “We have to look at electoral reform,” he said.

“Our very electoral structure has been rigged to favor tea party candidates in Republican primaries, even when the district or the state may not be that red.”

Schumer said “the tea party machine” has a particularly strong influence on Republican primaries, partly because the far right turns out to vote; and partly because of gerrymandering — “where Republicans have learned to capture state legislatures and then use innovative technology to draw districts where a Democrat could never be elected.

“Hence, the Republican House member only has to look over his right shoulder and moves much further to the right than the average voter in his or her district would want.”

The same thing can happen in Democratic primaries, Schumer admitted — “but at the moment, it is far more exaggerated on the Republican side.”

Right. Because we all know how the national GOP is so favorably disposed to pushing TEA Party candidates, and how the typical voters, when presented with a choice, might just choose the wrong one — creating all sort of havoc to a Beltway infrastructure grown systemically comfortable with its own essential one-party, statist system.

Naturally, this being the case, Schumer and those career pols who’ve never done a thing outside of the political machinery are in the perfect position to propose “electoral reform” that may well take away some of the power of the people who, let’s face it, need to leave this whole idea of the consent of the governed up to permanent elected officials, and not go trying to understand things their own li’l selves (which just kinda mucks up the old boy network of mutual graft and compromise and corporatism and vote buying).

It’s for our own good.  We the People had our chance, and we elected the Schumers of the world.  Which means we’ve essentially voted away our rights as sovereign citizens ever truly to oppose them again — at least, not on a level playing field.

And it bears repeating that the GOP not only didn’t empanel a special investigative committee to get to the bottom of the IRS’s targeting of the TEA Party (the government, however, did investigate and found itself not guilty by reason of having no one really to challenge it), but they were — in my opinion — either directly complicit or at least guilty of looking the other way as the TEA Party was hamstrung during the last elections.

Totalitarians, despots, social engineers, and career sleazeball manipulators of the system like Schumer hate free elections.  They need rigged games and — to accomplish this — they need the instrumentalities of government and their own coordinated foot soldiers (union leadership, OFA, ethnic front groups, the mainstream press, etc) that will harrass, threaten, dishearten, complicate, and obstruct intellectual and civic competition to their designs over us.

Which leads to only one conclusion:  Chuck Schumer should shut his fucking pie hole before peaceful people whom he’s seeking to disenfranchise decide it’s time to put him in stocks and pelt him with water balloons filled with rogaine and spit.




Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:00am

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  1. Is anyone else disturbed how in the age of Obama, it has become S.O.P. for our politicians (from both sides of the aisle) to actively & openly wage war on their own citizens?

  2. Ah, so there is pie? No wonder Schumer demagogues so hard when a bigger slice of pie is at contest, since, god knows, there’s only going to be so much to go around.

  3. “Our very electoral structure has been rigged to favor tea party candidates in Republican primaries, even when the district or the state may not be that red.”

    Shorter Chucklehead: “It’s not fair that their candidates get elected just because more people vote for them.”

  4. So at what point does D.C. start looking like Kiev?

  5. Seems the new fascists aren’t even bothering to disguise their true intentions anymore… They’ve become bold enough to speak plainly.. So what does that portend? Can that be used to awaken the sleeping people.. or are the people sleeping so deeply that they’re zombies and the new masters figure they’re no longer even a threat.. ? And more importantly, are they wrong ?

  6. Schumer suggested an IRS crackdown on funding for tea party groups.

    Speaking of which: we might want to look into this internal combustion engine idea, because it just might be beneficial for transportation.

  7. The same thing can happen in Democratic primaries, Schumer admitted — “but at the moment, it is far more exaggerated on the Republican side.”

    Both the Congressional Black and Progressive Caucus say different.

  8. How anybody with a lick of sense could vote for that rat-faced sleazeball has always amazed me. But people do. Go figure.

  9. “Tea party machine”

    That’s just precious.

    He thinks the Tea Party acts like Chicago City Hall.

  10. Mueller, he blithers what he knows. Which is of course extremely limited, but still…

  11. ..Yeh its not big govt fat cats and the immense federal debt that threatens the Republic, its a concerned segment of the population.
    Chuckie Rose Shumer and his ideological brother Cuomo have been spending a bit too much time in Panem and have obviously lost touch with those of us in the districts.
    I wonder how long it will take before those here in Virginia with Tea Party/ Gadsden flag vehicle tags begin to feel the weight of the oppressor?

  12. Has Chuck been taking drugs?

  13. Has Chuck been taking drugs?

    That could only help.

  14. Has Chuck been taking drugs?

    I was going to ask if he’s gone off his meds, but yeah…

  15. Here’s a compromise for old Chuckles: you ignore us and pretend we don’t exist, and we’ll return the compliment. Just leave all of us hicks in flyover land to fend for ourselves; everyone will be a lot happier that way.

  16. Those people won’t be satisfied until the shooting starts.

    Damn them.

  17. – ObamaCare…Is there ANYTHING it can’t do!

  18. Besides making the sick well?

  19. No one’s really listening to the president now. He has been for five years a nonstop wind-up talk machine. Most of it has been facile, bland, the same rounded words and rounded sentiments, the same soft accusations and excuses.

    – The SOTU that was silent.

  20. Besides making the well sick?

    – FTFY

  21. I meant that in the sense that there’s nothing Obamacare can’t do other than make the sick well.

    By the by, anybody else getting nervous about the parallels between today and period immediately prior to the revolution? I mean, CHUCK YOU! Schumer could be a minister for George III. for crying out loud.

  22. – Best comment on sisters of the poor thread: “The administration will now start pushing for increased nun control.

  23. Those people won’t be satisfied until the shooting starts. Damn them.

    Worse, there’s supposed American citizens who still support them.

    Yep, looks like this is coming to a head. Another evil zit is forming on human society; one that will cost many lives to pop. This time Marx and his ideology must be crushed permanently.

  24. The Obama administration used to like to lecture the world about the dangers of radicalizing their foes. And yet they are unable to heed the lesson themselves, for if the Obama administration is engaged on a witch-hunt, it is doing exactly that: it is radicalizing those who might otherwise have followed the RINOs to an election.

    It’s interesting that Obama most respects those who have the greatest contempt for him. All of his “partner’s for peace” loathe him. Israel, which tried to accomodate him at every turn, has in turn earned his contempt. That’s the clue. If the RINOs could see things aright, they’d see the Obama administration has no actual respect for anyone who does his bidding. The only entities he respects are those who put up a fight.

    So if the administration is out to get conservative activists, then in some strange way, it will guarantee meeting them. For their one riposte is to evict the institutional Republicans and sit in their place. There’s a widespread myth that “public service” is for idealists. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s for cynics. That’s why the Founders hoped that every man would come to Washington and perhaps be president. Once. And then return, banished to their farms sated, never to hold office again.


  25. They’re only slightly worse at truth telling than Obama-Kerry-Hillary and our MSM.

  26. “Those people won’t be satisfied until the shooting starts.”

    We socially retarded people are noticing a lack of difference in them people and those people, and no longer give damn if they all kill each other off.

    Just keep the hell off my lawn, ya damn dirty apes.

  27. I already disliked Schumer enough that the site of him angers me. So, his latest didn’t really make much difference in my opinion of him.

  28. If Schumer is suggesting siccing the IRS on political enemies as an expedient means to defeat them, that sounds positively Nixonian and the man should be removed from office.

    This past week has been a trifecta of reasons not to spend any tourist dollars in NYC or state.

    The Kristallnacht, it’s coming.

  29. Nuns should be required by law to carry abortion coverage and adadictomy coverage. Because everyone should be required to have that coverage if we want social justice. I haven’t checked, but can my small sons get it hacked off under Obamacare? I’m trying to raise them to be trans and I may need the coverage.

  30. I’d feel better knowing that the government will force me to comply with its will in every facet of my life. Then, I would know security and comfort. There would no longer be any question of what is going to happen. And I wouldn’t have to fear encroaching totalitarianism anymore. I think it’s like when a large murderer with a big axe chases you and finally corners you. The submission must bring a great sense of relief. I don’t want to have to try to be a good man anymore. It’s hard. And I suspect plenty of creature comforts would be provided: entertainment, adequate shelter, and so forth. No, I’ll opt for totalitarianism, thank you. The liberty thing is a schtick and I’m tired of it.

  31. When Schumer was doing that little act he looked an awful lot like Wiener waving his finger at Bush while still a congressman, and not yet know for e-adventure and dick-tweets.

  32. Jim, you sound ready to hear the good news of the prophet Mohammad. Or possibly Joseph. Either, or; submission being the thing. The key now is to defend any and every insult of your higher authority.

    Mohammad, Smith, Schumer, whatevs, the important thing is your outrage at non-compliance. Remember, you will never have to experience liberty again if everyone agrees with your beliefs. Learn it, live it.

    Or kill it. Whatevs

  33. Why isn’t Chuck Schumer right now sitting next to me in my living room telling lies to my face? I would appreciate it more. I would also beat the ever living fuck out of him and feel that much better viewing his bloody almost lifeless body at the foot of my couch. Plus, I’d have a target to throw my empties. BTW, I’d let him live, because I do think he may have the capacity to understand the depravity of his being. I’m an eternal optimist like that.

  34. It may be that Schumer looked like Weiner, but the path of causation is the other way around: Anthony had to learn to do it from somewhere, and Schumer is the somewhere.

  35. Jim is waaaaay too good at the sarcasm.

  36. Some good comments on Insty’s thread, emphases mine:

    Althouse is all for holding d’Souza to the rules, but her stance is predicated on her belief that everyone should be held to the same standard. However, she is naively ignoring the fact that, clearly, everyone is *not* being held to the same standard. The law has been utterly politicized. When that happens, being the guy who continues to play by the law while the rich and powerful use it as a club to bully you just makes you a sucker, not honorable.

    Massive civil disobedience is all we have left.


    Especially when there’s no good reason for the law to exist in the first place, as with election finance “reforms”. Conservatives have a weak spot for law-and-order that’s easy for the left to exploit. We need to stop playing along with the pretense that laws and regulations will be enforced consistently and non-abusively. It’s just not so anymore. When the government asks for more power to do X, consider it a given that it will be used solely to attack your conservative or libertarian interests. Even if you agree with their stated purpose. Even if someone you usually support proposes it. It doesn’t matter – it’s a trap.


    The Democrats are working to create an Orwellian nightmare and the GOP establishment’s only questions is “how do we make sure we’re in the Inner Party when that happens”??

    Why isn’t the GOP establishment more interested in avoiding InSoc than in making sure they get to be the junior partners?

    As expected, there are still some who can’t understand why the GOP isn’t kicking up holy hell about the Chicago-Style kneecapping, and others are saying (especially legal types at Ricochet) that hey, if D’Souza broke the law…

    Rules have changed, ya fools. Act accordingly.

  37. Maxine Waters is years ahead of this dummkopf. The alarm that is palpable cheers me to no end. Too late. Way WAY WAY too late. Suck it, Stupid. You’re going down.

    Once at the outback, never mind the postcards from the edge.

  38. Ah, so there is pie?

    there was a whole goddamn day of pie this week but did anyone tell me til after?

    hell no of course not

    yes it’s sad when pie becomes a exclusive clique

    but more than that it’s corrosive of our national identity as Americans

  39. Jim rocks the sarcasm. He should post more often.

  40. Pie Day is March 14th.

    This is throwing a wrench in my baking plans by jamming in another pie day.

  41. The younger, empty-headed lefties have to learn the rules as they go along, stumbling in their ignorance every now and again. But cheer up, the older committed lefties are there for to instruct their younger charges in what’s what.

    Now. Boycott those tits, brethren.

  42. i don’t believe she really likes to sit at home and drink soda

    i saw her once at an indian restaurant in NY

    she was very small, like jennifer aniston

  43. here is an interesting story from National Soros Radio about the fallout from our useless cunt president’s cowardly indecisiveness with respect to approving pipelines

    It’s one of a series of explosive oil train crashes, including one in Alabama last November. Another last July, in a small town in Quebec, killed 47 people.

    yup. National Soros Radio says food stamp’s cowardly ditherings have resulted in quite a large death toll.

    They’re not at all sure what is to be done though.

  44. That’s bullshit. They know exactly what needs to be done. Windfarms and electric cars.

  45. Heavily subsidized windfarms and heavily subsidized electric cars

  46. and a little pixie dust

  47. And tons and tons of unicorn farts.

  48. Schumer complains despite the fact that a state like California, that has millions of conservative, cannot get a balanced voice due the concentration of “liberals” in urban areas.

    Chuck U. Schumer!

  49. LA Times reports that the $6B metro line to LAX has been tabled.

    Much squalling from the usual comrades in the Letters to the Editor section.

  50. Those people won’t be satisfied until the shooting starts.

    Nah, they’d prefer we go quietly.

  51. Hmmm. I said something about this yesterday.

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