January 20, 2014

Democrat candidate commits perjury under oath in federal court? [McGehee]

While the comments are irretrievably hijacked on Darleen’s most recent Wendy Davis thread, I just wanted to bring this to the full attention of the commentariat — since my multiple mentions in that other thread have garnered no attention.

It seems it wasn’t just a matter of fudging her personal history — apparently she told the same lie while under oath in a federal court trial.

The case in which Senator Davis testified, State of Texas, plaintiff, vs. United States of America and Eric H. Holder, in his official capacity as Attorney General of the United States, defendants, and Wendy Davis, et al., intervenor-defenders, was tried in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.

Senator Davis testified for more than an hour, beginning at 8:15 on the morning of January 20, 2012. She was led through her direct testimony in questions posed by her attorney, election law expert J. Gerald Hebert.

There is also a link to a verbatim transcript, in PDF format, of the false testimony.

This may be why the banned troll in that other thread is insisting on his phony “thought experiment” to distract from the subject matter, which is not abortion per se but the dishonesty of its present poster child.

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  1. i dunno

    maybe she just means divorced in the sense that her marriage was over… sometimes it takes awhile to get all the paperwork done up

    and lying to some piece of shit federal court in and of itself isn’t the biggest deal in the world if you ask me

    was this a material misrepresentation what changed the price of anybody’s peabnut bubbers?

  2. Can she salvage her campaign through exposing her shaven pudendum in public? Could be worth a shot if she thinks Texas has indeed fallen to her level.

  3. she never had a chance even if she shaved and polished her hoo-ha to where it glowed with an inner radiance

    it’s cause she’s pathologically hyper-obsessed with abortion even more than the Team R candidate

    she’s a shallow and uni-dimensional twat, and quite possibly a shallow and uni-dimensional lying twat

  4. >sometimes it takes awhile to get all the paperwork done up<

    like making sure the harvard monies be paid

  5. Use a thermos on it then in an attempt to demonstrate multidimensional talent?

  6. >obsessed with abortion even more than the Team R candidate <

    she be a gosnell as a doc

  7. I think she’s pretty much done like Icarus and Chris Christie she soared too high too fast

    and now the wax is melting, perhaps dripping lasciviously onto her bare breasts and freshly-shaven hoo-ha, but not to any electoral effect what I can see

  8. Or maybe shave a longhorn pattern on there as a testament to her dedication? ‘Squirrel’ of some sort is surely in order, and given the daytime-soap opera takeover of American politics, she can make with an all-too-real erotic pointedness for a non-change that looks like a change.

  9. shaving a longhorn pattern will just alienate aggies

    she’s in a pickle for sure

  10. Good point about the aggies. But then the pickle substitution probably won’t do any better than the thermos.

  11. Longhorn? She represents part of Fort Worth.

  12. Baylor’s dayglow unis are k-razy bright.

  13. maybe she just means divorced in the sense that her marriage was over

    At the time of her testimony, she was a lawyer via harvard educations. “Divorced” has a specific legal meaning =/= “separated”

    She committed perjury.

  14. you peeps hate mommies in pink running shoes – pat murray

  15. and mr osama bin laden did build those day care centers – sen patty murry(sp?)

  16. Democrats don’t commit perjury. They lie to their diaries and improbably fail to recollect basic facts,

    but they don’t commit perjury.

    Unlike Republicans, who commit perjury when their memory of a conversation differs from Tim Russert’s. Fortunately Russert’s dead,

    and so’s his perjury trap.

  17. Bill Clinton didn’t commit perjury, he just surrendered his law license because of a Vast Right Wing Plea Bargain. (And it’s not like a lawyer would know better than to lie under oath, after all those years of lying to the public.)

  18. The tweet Insty is touting right now is pretty funny.

  19. Can she salvage her campaign through exposing her shaven pudendum in public? Could be worth a shot if she thinks Texas has indeed fallen to her level.

    I believe most of the strip clubs around DFW are topless-only.

    Or at least were the last time I was there…

  20. “I believe most of the strip clubs around DFW are topless-only.”

    Well then hey! Change!

  21. China’s not gonna pay off debts what she don’t feel like payin’ fer. Deal with it gwailo.

  22. “Fortunately Russert’s dead, and so’s his perjury trap.”

    Candy Crowley knows better.

  23. Oh, goody – an abortion thread.

    Just the thing to bring comity to the commentariat.

  24. – A mendacious lying Progressive Democrat?

    – Now there;s something new and different.

  25. Wendy Davis- just one more lying, Leftist fraud….

  26. More mendacity appears to be surfacing.

    It would be interesting to see if there is more to this or if accurate – not that drug use is a disqualifier for a democrat.

    It is her ex-husband who talked to a left-of-center Dallas reporter. It is also her ex-husband who asked a Texas District Court to issue a temporary restraining order against Wendy Davis in 2003.

    In that order, the judge ordered that Wendy Davis “be immediately restrained from . . . using illegal drugs or consuming alcohol within 24 hours before or during the period of possession of or access to the child.”

  27. -Eingang: The drug and alcohol clause may be standard in such agreements / orders of the court.

    -This Davis woman lied in Federal Court and she created a false biography. None of this is surprising coming from a Leftist [another example: the fictional character known as ‘Barack Hussein Obama’] for, in order to be a Leftist, one must reject all Morality so that the end, the Immanentizing of the Eschaton, can be worked towards more efficiently, free of the restrictions imposed by having to be a decent Human Being.

    To the Leftist, Truth is the enemy because it has this nasty habit of impeding the March To Utopia.

    In a sane Society, this shrew would be shunned and not be taken seriously.

  28. I should add that she would be taken seriously only by other liars and malcontents.

  29. – And what does the Leftist media do when one of their’s gets caught lying?…..Why they temporize of course.

  30. She’s also blaming the Greg Abbott campaign for it all coming out. As usual, telling the truth about a Democrat is a partisan attack that only a Republican would ever stoop to.

  31. It can’t be that she’s a lying, cheating user whose lies finally caught up with her to bite her in the ass?


  32. She committed perjury.

    But it’s only about sex. Or something.

  33. some of these comments verge on taking wendy seriously

  34. She’s fortunate that her “flexible” retelling of her life story wasn’t material to the case, which means no perjury. She’s less fortunate that the voters aren’t likely to care about the legal distinction. Which is pretty much the only manner in which she could be described as “less fortunate,” much as she’d like to pretend otherwise.

    Has anyone ever examined the Venn diagram showing the overlap between sufferers of Dunning-Kruger and the reality-based community? It’s gotta look like a near-complete solar eclipse. (A total eclipse of the cerebrum?)

  35. If you people would have just let her kill her babies then the custody thing would be a total non-issue. Fascists.

  36. over 400 comments arguing with that a-hole? oh dear Buddha.

    Who’s tripping down the streets of the city
    Lying to everybody she sees
    Who’s making a reach to capture a moment
    Everyone knows it’s Wendy

  37. reality-based community

    Squid, that is backwards, it is community-based reality community.

  38. Meanwhile, the usual suspects are gearing up the usual response.

  39. Meanwhile, the usual suspects are gearing up the usual response.

    Yes, because telling the truth about a progressive is a hate crime.

  40. As has been pointed out elsewhere, it is somewhat surreal that Abortion Barbie scolds Greg Abbott about struggles……….’cause you know he hasn’t had any struggles of his own being in a wheelchair since age 26.

  41. angstlee,

    The patriarchy and white privilege make up for it.

  42. – And so the Lefty media roll out the “12 years olds standard playground defense” defense “they did it too”, although a number of the comparisons are really lame, because “greater good”, “what differenece does it make anyway”, and “shutup“.

  43. Why Wendy Davis’ biographical embellishments won’t sink her campaign

    Because it isn’t floating.

  44. Or possibly, in the sense in which ‘floater’ is used in the first episode of the British sit-com Coupling, it is: the turd that simply refuses to flush.

  45. – From the book “The only morons who believe the White House bullshit is the Progressives, and they get paid to stay stuck on stupid”:

    “Don’t believe the happy talk coming out of the White House, Federal Reserve and Treasury Department when it comes to the real unemployment rate and the true “Misery Index.” Because, according to an influential Wall Street advisor, the figures are a fraud.”

    – Quell surprise.

  46. Wasn’t our current troll-boy Steve talking about his great Oregon healthcare system?

    They may abandon it.

  47. – So much for “No one had ever heard of the lone gunman Oswald.”

  48. – The last time I heard anything about O-ree-gons signup total, it was pegged at zero, nada, not counting those that aren’t eligible.

  49. Things got so bad that Ying Kwong, a technology analyst working for the state, talked about going to Oregon’s Department of Justice to block the exchange from going live. “How can the state conduct business like this?” he asked in an e-mail.

    – Well son, thats easy….Its what happens when you expect a group of stoners to do anything.

    – I honestly do not understand how that state survives.

  50. The last time I heard anything about O-ree-gons signup total, it was pegged at zero, nada, not counting those that aren’t eligible.

    You are correct – from today:

    KATU learned Cover Oregon and the Oregon Health Authority collectively spent just shy of $200 million on its Cover Oregon website, which has been plagued with problems for months and still hasn’t enrolled a single Oregonian for health insurance since the site launched Oct. 1, 2013.

  51. – I honestly do not understand how that state survives.

    Doritos and Mountain Dew.

  52. “he’s also blaming the Greg Abbott campaign for it all coming out.”

    It sounds like a lot of it came out from her 2nd ex-husband. Imagine that.

  53. Dumping her husband right after he finished paying for her Harvard education: Low life.

    Dumping her child with this man on him to pursue her career: Tramp.

    Dumping her child from her first marriage on this guy as well: Progressive!

  54. Oh, but she pays child support!

  55. No telling how many children she’s dumped before they even were born.

  56. The Davis campaign has double down on stupidity.

    The truth is that at age 19, I was a teenage mother living alone with my daughter in a trailer and struggling to keep us afloat on my way to a divorce. And I knew then that I was going to have to work my way up and out of that life if I was going to give my daughter a better life and a better future and that’s what I’ve done. I am proud of where I came from and I am proud of what I’ve been able to achieve through hard work and perseverance. And I guarantee you that anyone who tries to say otherwise hasn’t walked a day in my shoes.”

    Greg Abott, the Republican running for governor, is a paraplegic

    HT. neoneocon.

    Washington Post story Here.

    Yet progressives defend this piece of garbage.

  57. “Cover Oregon and the Oregon Health Authority collectively spent just shy of $200 million on its Cover Oregon website…”

    Funny, Chief Information Officer Carolyn Lawson, who resigned in December, said, “Even though we didn’t pop Champagne on Oct. 1, I’m saying this is a win. I have a hard time feeling bad in what we’ve accomplished.”

  58. Oregon must not have gotten the message: these exchanges aren’t supposed to work correctly, just well enough to annoy people so they won’t sign up, while ACA kills the existing health insurance market. Then, when healthcare is lost to all, Single Payer rides in to save Christmas.

  59. Reading between the lines there Blake, seems Abortion Barbie wishes she could’ve aborted her daughter. That’s why she’s pushing so hard for abortion: she was inconvenienced by a child.

  60. Well, serr8d, Davis gave the one daughter a better life. She relinquished custody to the ex-husband.

  61. He raised them both while she was half way across the country. Then she turned full custody of both over to him. They got the better part of the deal.

  62. Not all women have the proper programming to be mothers. Case in point.

  63. Not all women have the proper programming to be mothers. Case in point. –

    Yes, and if they suck at one of the BASIC functions of womanhood, they are a fail. She should be in a leadership position why? A feminist icon? Only in the fail world of Pandagon-types.

  64. Peter Pan ain’t just a river in Egypt. Pockita pockita pockita.

  65. wendy’s is a mino?

  66. That’s good, nr. I’m stealing it.

  67. “Ghost gun”? I need one for those damned gremlins.

  68. It can expel 20o death hurt tragedies per deca Hz in each armory bullet vaultboxthing.

  69. – “Stand by your sucker”, feminist style. So she dumps every aspect of personal responsibility, including her own children, and the Progs want to celibrate her treachery:

    Jeff Davis said that was right around the time the final payment on their Harvard Law School loan was due. “It was ironic,” he said. “I made the last payment, and it was the next day she left.”

  70. So ironic has shifted anew, into an equivalence with a sort of dupery? Sheesh, it’s a wonder these ones still know how to breathe.

  71. Well come on she HAD to divorce him! He’s like got the same name as the president of the Confederacy. He was racist just by existing!

  72. wendy is really good at using and abusing peeps.

  73. >He’s like got the same name as the president of the Confederacy. <

    perfect demonrat

  74. So, why’d she keep his name?

  75. that be wendy who ran as a rethuglican before being a demonrat. grifter central.

  76. – Look at her maiden name and you’ll know the answer to that.

  77. Helen Reddy’s slug trail.

  78. >So, why’d she keep his name?<

    took his money and the name was free

  79. – An irresponsible, treaterous, exploitive, opportunistic, abject liar, the perfect Progressive/Feminist candidate.

  80. @ wiki

    >Wendy Russell was born in West Warwick, Rhode Island,[3] and moved to Fort Worth with her family at age 11. Her father, Jerry Russell, worked at the National Cash Register (now known as the NCR Corporation) and later became a local actor and director who founded the Stage West Theatre in Fort Worth in 1979.[4][5] Her parents divorced at that time, leaving her to be raised by a single mother, Virginia, with a ninth-grade education who had to raise four children without child support.[6] Russell’s mother worked at a Braum’s ice cream shop and later became a restaurant manager to support her family.[7][8]
    Russell began working at age 14, selling newspaper subscriptions for The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, working at an Orange Julius, and waitressing at a restaurant.[9] During high school, in May 1980, she moved in with her boyfriend, Frank Underwood, a construction worker, when she was 17.[10][11] In May 1981, Russell graduated from Richland High School in North Richland Hills, Texas. She became pregnant with her first child, Amber.[10][11] On January 24, 1982, when she was 18, Russell married Underwood in response to the pregnancy.[10] In the late summer of 1982, after Russell had turned 19, she gave birth to Amber, her first daughter.[10] In December 1983, Russell filed for divorce when she was 20.[10] On May 22, 1984, Russell’s divorce from Underwood became official, when she was 21 years old.[11] Russell previously claimed, in federal court case on redistricting, State of Texas, plaintiff, vs. United States of America and Eric H. Holder, in his official capacity as Attorney General of the United States, defendants, and Wendy Davis, et al., intervenor-defenders, that “I got divorced by the time I was 19 years old”.[8][9][11] Davis admitted to the Dallas Morning News that her description of some aspects of her earlier life was not accurate, a narrative she has used to appeal to voters in Texas.[10]
    Russell worked as a waitress at the Stage West Theatre café four nights a week while working as a receptionist in a pediatrician’s office in the morning.[5]
    While working as a waitress for her father’s restaurant in 1983, when she was 20 years old,[7] and still married to Underwood, Russell was introduced, by her father, to her second husband, Fort Worth lawyer and former city councilman Jeffry Davis.[11] Russell and Davis “dated two or three years” and then on May 30, 1987, when Russell was 24 years old, they married<

  81. A little hit from Dim Darnes:

    Her hair is plastic gold, her lips are dry abuse,
    Her heart is brassy cold, she’s got some pink tennis shoes

    She’ll spend your IRA, to fix her harvard blues
    Then she’ll stroll away, she got Wendy Davis eyes

    And she’ll curse you, she’ll reverse you
    And the roaring mob will immerse you
    She’s just babbling, and she knows just
    What it takes to make the press blush
    She got Hillary’s stare, Was gonna lose her race,
    But she’s got Wendy Davis shoes

    She’ll let you take her home, and leave her kids with you.
    She don’t need no excuse, she got Wendy Davis shoes

    She’ll bring the money in, as the narrative brews
    Sure it’s a lost cause, but she’s got Wendy Davis shoes

  82. Wendy Davis eyes-> Shoes.

  83. “My story of struggle and sacrifice is not unique – it is the story of millions of Texas women” Wendy Davis (from nr’s link)

    That’s a lot of dumped kids! Man, Texas was a lot more family friendly when I lived there.

    Anyone heard from Lamont (the big Texas dummy) lately? I’d like to a second opinion on this disturbing turn of events.

  84. who else dumped kids off on people was food stamp’s mom

    she was kind of a whore I guess and not much into the whole mom thing

    her kid grew up to be an angry petulant job-raper

    but that’s not necessarily all her fault just for being a bad mom

  85. >who else dumped kids off on people was food stamp’s mom <


  86. hi billy clinton

  87. Course, They were from Hawaii, I expect better from the Lone Star State.

  88. that’s why the movie “the sting” works in baracky’s “america”

  89. liz “cherokee nation” warren is a griftercrat. high cheek bones or sumthing.

  90. other grifter news

  91. They were from Hawaii

    Y’know, not really. The two grand-red-parents start out in Kansas, if I recall correctly, moving their daughter — ClownDisaster’s mom — to Washington State to get her a proper socialist education, and it’s from there they migrate to Hawaii. So, there were, and no doubt still are, plenty of reds on the plains.

  92. Wendy stood by her man until her paid off her debts. Then, adios sucker!

  93. “The two grand-red-parents start out in Kansas,…”


    I Stand (partially) corrected. ( I’m standing firm on no chance Texas ever produces a zerobama;^)

  94. I’m standing firm on no chance Texas ever produces a zerobama

    Three words: Shelia Jackson Lee.

  95. “Three words: Shelia Jackson Lee.”

    Three words: Not a Senator
    Three words: Not a Governor
    Three more words NOT A PRESIDENT (THANK GOD)

  96. havel’s “the power of the powerless” is “disappearing” on the intertubes no mo dartmouth

    >The power of the powerless*
    Vaclav Havel
    To the memory of Jan Patocka
    A spectre is haunting eastern Europe: the spectre of what in the West
    is called ‘dissent’. This spectre has not appeared out of thin air. It is
    a natural and inevitable consequence of the present historical phase
    of the system it is haunting. It was born at a time when this system,
    for a thousand reasons, can no longer base itself on the unadulterated,
    brutal, and arbitrary application of power, eliminating
    all expressions of nonconformity. What is more, the system has
    become so ossified politically that there is practically no way for
    such nonconformity to be implemented within its official structures.
    Who are these so-called ‘dissidents’? Where does their point of
    view come from, and what importance does it have? What is the significance
    of the ‘independent initiatives’ in which ‘dissidents’ collaborate,
    and what real chances do such initiatives have of success? Is
    it appropriate to refer to ‘dissidents’ as an opposition? If so, what
    exactly is such an opposition within the framework of this system?
    What does it do? What role does it play in society? What are its
    hopes and on what are they based? Is it within the power of the
    ‘dissidents’ – as a category of subcitizen outside the power establishment
    – to have any influence at all on society and the social
    system? Can they actually change anything?
    I think that an examination of these questions – an examination
    of the potential of the ‘powerless’ – can only begin with an examination
    of the nature of power in the circumstances in which these
    powerless people operate.<

  97. Three more words:

    Still from Texas.

  98. Three more words:

    Born: Queens New York (arguably 4)

  99. >VII
    Let us now imagine that one day something in our greengrocer snaps
    and he stops putting up the slogans merely to ingratiate himself. He
    stops voting in elections he knows are a farce. He begins to say what
    he really thinks at political meetings. And he even finds the strength
    in himself to express solidarity with those whom his conscience
    commands him to support. In this revolt the greengrocer steps out of
    living within the lie. He rejects the ritual and breaks the rules of the
    game. He discovers once more his suppressed identity and dignity.
    He gives his freedom a concrete significance. His revolt is an attempt
    to live within the truth.
    The bill is not long in coming. He wiIl be relieved of his post as
    manager of the shop and transferred to the warehouse. His pay will
    be reduced. His hopes for a holiday in Bulgaria will evaporate. His
    chi-ldren’s access to higher education will be threatened. His
    superiors will harass him and his fellow workers will wonder about
    him. Most of those who apply these sanctions, however, will not do
    so from any authentic inner conviction but simply under pressure
    from conditions, the same conditions that once pressured the greengrocer
    to display the official slogans. They will persecute the greengrocer
    either because it is expec.ted of them, or to demonstrate their
    loyalty, or simply as part of the general panorama, to which belongs
    an awareness that this is how situations of this sort are dealt with,
    that this, in fact, is how things are always done, particularly if one is
    not to become suspect oneself. The executors, therefore, behave
    essentially like everyone else, to a greater or lesser degree: as components
    of the post-totalitarian system, as agents of its automatism, as
    petty instruments of the social auto-totality.
    Thus the power structure, through the agency of those who carry
    out the sanctions, those anonymous components of the system, will
    spew the greengrocer from its mouth. The system, through its alienating
    presence in people, will punish him for his rebellion. It must do
    so because the logic of its automatism and self-defence dictate it.
    The greengrocer has not committed a simple, individual offence,
    isolated in its own uniqueness, but something incomparably more
    serious. By breaking the rules of the game, he has disrupted the<

  100. Well, y’all still let her carpetbag – at least our lefty (91% vote with party) is home grown…

  101. To be fair, the Texas 18th district (a heavily Democratic, black-majority district) did subject all of us to Ms. Lee’s lunatic ramblings;, However, using sdferr’s metric I’d say she’s an east coast product that found a friendly carpet to squat on.

  102. Yeah, I looked at the district map – that is one of the most blatant cases of gerrymandering I have seen.

  103. We have another one in Florida that manages to keep this piece of work employed.

  104. Here all the districts follow county lines except for one gerrymandered.

    County lines are at least semi-logical, and eliminates idiocy like the north side of East St. being in a different district than the south side, but if it were up to me, every state would have a rigid grid with number of districts plopped over it. A lot of people would lose their sinecures, but I am thinking it would get rid of a lot of the nutcases.

  105. G’night all, early day tomorrow.

  106. Three words: