January 16, 2014

Obama as a media creation

This morning I was listening to a Levin podcast — not sure which day, I’m generally a few behind — in which Levin conjectured that the media is lined up to protect Obama because in essence, “Obama” (he didn’t use the quotation marks, but it’s what he meant) was the media’s own creation — and rather than having their Victor Frankenstein revelatory moment where it becomes apparent to them that they’ve created a monster that needed some destroying, they have simply doubled down on their protection of their creation, hoping that they can make it through the next three years without having anyone recognize their true role in his ascension and ultimate position atop what has become the final stages of a progressive coup.

Of course, I made this very argument back in the days when Jack Cashill was speculating on the true authorship of one of Obama’s “autobiographies,” which today I believe he couldn’t have written:  writing a lengthy tome takes the kind of dedication and single-mindedness of purpose the skittish and flitty Obama has never exhibited; and so to my mind it is far more likely that the book was ghostwritten, whether it be by someone like Bill Ayers or a collection of academics looking to build the perfect Manchurian candidate, the perfect post-modernist beast for a country that had been prepped, through media, the education system, popular culture, and identity politics, for his ascension.  The leftist academics howled when I wrote that stuff, but that’s because they knew I was not only right, but that I had the skillset to present the argument in a way that could be readily understood by those with no training in literary theory.   Back before I became the clown nose guy whose pseudo-intellectualism was so widely exposed by Men of Undiluted Honor.

It is a supreme irony that we give first amendment protections to those we intended to protect us from the failures of virtue of the powerful, a free press being, the framers thought, a guardian of liberty.  And yet here’s what they’ve become — yet another leg of the long march through the institutions, trained in advocacy and rhetorical dodges, activism and self-indulgent insertions into the subject matter it is their job to chronicle, not to become a party to, no doubt swayed by the misapplication of the Heisenberg principle to their own non-wave/particle emission endeavors, which the left in academia has for years used in its sophistic attempts to prove the inevitability of relativism, a proof it then uses to justify all manner of behavior and create all sort of false equivalencies.

So while we’re figuratively engaging in the battle at the state convention level to blow up the institutionalized corruption and insularity of a centralized Leviathan that no longer represents us, it may be a good idea to take some time out and turn our attention to what has become a government media posing as a check on its master.

The veneer of neutrality or objectivity given the press is something that few believe the press itself even pretends any longer to aspire to.  And yet we still rely on the press for our general state of informativeness.

Time for that to end.  Let the press proclaim its advocacy openly.  And let the marketplace of ideas settle matters.

At its heart, this is what has happened with talk radio:  in the theater of ideas, the left’s bullshit doesn’t sell, because it is so patently self-serving and embarrassingly inconsistent in its logic; while conservative talk radio has thrived, an open answer to both the outright leftwing advocacy of the New Left Democrats AND the supposedly unbiased media.

Which is why the left — and the establishment right who quite enjoys the status quo — will work to weaken conservative talk radio.  A tactic that should be answered by an awakened citizenry with the demand that we need more — not less — speech, and that the supposed neutrality of the press, being a demonstrable lie, shall hold no special moral sway.

In fact, it’s a bit like a political and cultural whorehouse.  You can check out any time you like but, as Carney, Stephenoupoloupouloupoulis et al, have show again and again, you can never leave.

Bringing the Don Henley sub motif, full circle.

Man, am I talented or what?



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  1. – You are beggining to sound like a front man for the Eagles.

  2. – My kind-a gal.

  3. Thea-ter is the place we go to create the gods (well, ok, we’ll say we’re just praising them, demonstrating our pieties or whatever, but we know what’s up with that), so it’s not like it was ever intended to be a milieu of truth-telling. Political, yes. But politics has little to nothing to do with seeking truth. That’s a wholly different — we might even say, transcendent — deal.

  4. wake me up when even a bare majority of Team R cowardwhores vote to stop slopping the propaganda piggies at NPR and PBS

    they *did* make some noises the other day about how maybe not letting a fascist pigbitch like Candy Crowley moderate debates anymore might be a good idea

    but so far they’ve yet to concretize this concept

  5. For purpose of the utility for those who haven’t heard it, it happens that The Right Scoop has linked the Levin segment.

    On the primary question of ‘checks and balances’, I recommend this David Rivkin-Elizabeth Price Foley piece, Can Obama’s Legal End-Run Around Congress Be Stopped? [Legal? How’s that?], which can’t bring itself to the bottom line until it reaches the last paragraph, thus reflecting the pitiful state of our lost republic:

    *** If congressional standing is denied in such cases, there will be no other way to check such presidential usurpation short of impeachment. This is not something the framers of the Constitution would have sanctioned. As the court observed in Clinton, the president does not have “unilateral power to change the text of duly enacted statutes.” That is an important constitutional rule that the current president apparently thinks he can ignore, but the courts must ultimately be willing to enforce. ***

  6. The press had to prove they still had the power to sway elections*. They doubled down with Obama, did not leave anything to chance.

    *remember Evan Thomas quote in 2004:

    “Let’s talk a little media bias here,” he said on the PBS program “Inside Washington” on July 11. “The media, I think, want Kerry to win. And I think they’re going to portray Kerry and Edwards . . . as being young and dynamic and optimistic and all, there’s going to be this glow about them that is going to be worth, collectively, the two of them, that’s going to be worth maybe 15 points.”

  7. That was yesterday’s show, about the media creating Obama.

    He’s absolutely right, of course, as were you back in the day.

    No man is a prophet in his own country.

  8. I just have to look good, I don’t have to be clear.

  9. Somebody, I forget who, wrote an article a while ago decrying the blatant media bias these days. It wasn’t because of the unfairness or hypocrisy (though both are true), but because the author feared it would be used as a justification for curtailing first amendment protections.

    The MSM has certainly made a case for this, with their behavior.

  10. The trouble with the media creation of obama, is the media creation of all his appointments.

    Check out this statement from the new EPA head:

    “I just look at what the climate scientists tell me,” she said. “I don’t dissect that information in ways that would impress you, but certainly I’m not qualified.”

    That is from this exchange with Sen. Sessions..

    Hokey smokes.

  11. From nr’s link.

    Maryland State has a network of technical security databases which access the databases of all other states who comply and coordinate with them. For states who do not willfully comply, or those who are not set up to align technically, Maryland mines data from various LEO systems.

    Maryland has a rather innocuous sounding name for the intelligence hub which contains this data, it’s called Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center.

    The intelligence analysis hub has access to, and contains, Florida’s CCW list (among other identification systems) and mines the state’s database systems for vehicle plate numbers of the holders. These license plate numbers are then stored in a cross referencing database within the Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center.

    We’re all “registered” now.

  12. I’ve believed for some time now that Bumbles is everything that the harpies on the Left claimed that Bush the Younger was: a figurehead, a know-nothing sap who had the Right Look, and was able to read a Teleprompter with some skill. He is uninterested in the job he has-he’s only into the fringe benefits. His handlers are all hyper-partisan true believers, using the empty suit to accomplish the Sovietization of the country, a feat they could never realize with almost anyone else currently in the Democrat party.

  13. Wow now, newrouter, that one’s a call back: my dad used to practice that a couple of times a month once upon a time. Good times.

  14. yundi li – not a “white” peep? the asiatic/whitefolks pact – evil

  15. Frédéric Chopin: Nocturne op.9 no.2 in E-flat Major (by Vadim Chaim

    >In societies under the post-totalitarian system, all political life in the
    traditional sense has been eliminated. People have no opportunity
    to express themselves politically in public, let alone to organize
    politically. The gap that results is filled by ideological ritual. In such
    a situation, people’s interest in political matters naturally dwindles
    and independent political thought, in so far as it exists at all, is seen
    by the majority as unrealistic, far-fetched, a kind of self-indulgent
    game, hopelessly distant from their everyday concerns; something
    admirable, perhaps, but qui.te pointless, because it is on the one
    hand entirely utopian and on the other hand extraordinarily
    dangerous, in view of the unusual vigour with which any move in
    that direction is persecuted by the regime.
    Yet even in such societies, individuals and groups of people exist
    who do not abandon politics as a vocation and who, in one way or
    another, strive to think independently, to express themselves and in
    some cases even to organize politically, because that is a part of their
    attempt to live within the truth.<

  16. Creole-Jew-NewOrleansean (Gottschalk) + Hungarian-Rumanian (Szász) + Österreicher-WoodSteelFeltIvoryAssembly (Bösendorfer) = Le Banjo, a Fantasie Grotesque

  17. amalgamation ?

  18. >ents
    is always, as we have seen, to have an impact on society, not to
    affect the power structure, at least not directly and immediately.
    Independent initiatives address the hidden sphere; they demonstrate
    that living within the truth is a human and social alternative and they
    struggle to expand the space available for that life; they help – even
    though it is, of course, indirect help – to raise the confidence of
    citizens: they shatter the world of ‘appearances’ and unmask the real
    nature of power. They do not assume a messianic role; they are not a
    social ‘avant-garde’ or ‘elite’ that alone knows best, and whose task
    it is to ‘raise the consciousness’ of the ‘unconscious’ masses (that
    arrogant self-projection is, once again, intrinsic to an essentially
    different way of thinking, the kind that feels it has a patent on some
    ‘ideal project’ and therefore that it has the right to impose it on
    . society). Nor do they want to lead anyone. They leave it up to
    each individual to decide what he or she will or will not take from
    their experience and work.<

  19. Wow now, newrouter, that one’s a call back: my dad used to practice that a couple of times a month once upon a time. Good times.

    My father used to practice that one (and other Chopin good bits) just about every night. My bedroom was right above where the piano sat, so I was treated to/endured a lot of post-bedtime music from below.

    He eventually was cajoled into a recital performance of same. He muffed the first few bars, had to start over and eventually made it through the whole thing. Not a best performance, by my considerably experienced ear, but ok considering it was the first time in public.

    He thought he’d done ok, but the guy who followed him was a high school classmate of mine, Bob, who had some extraordinary native talent, playing some piece or other from Franz Liszt. Dad was a little crushed by that.

    But he shouldn’t have worried; Bob turned out to be a professional musician of some note.

    Anyway, me and Frederick Fucking Chopin get along ok.

  20. More than a little crushed, I ought to have said. Bob had taken a piece of music, fantastic in its difficulty, and made it sound like a living thing created by Bob. Dad had merely played most of the notes as written.

    In other words, there was this vast gulf between Dad’s passing acquaintance with proficiency (never mind that proficiency with Chopin is a whole different ball game than proficiency with e.g. Burt Bacharach) and Bob’s natural talent and ability to express himself while demonstrating mastery of technique.

    It’d be like me demonstrating Yu-Sin Hyung next to Hee Il Cho’s anything at all. That much difference in talent, he wouldn’t even have to move.

  21. BTW there is a whole lot of material on Youtube featuring Robert Spano as speaker and/or performer.

    Here‘s a bit where Spano explains and demonstrates the Sonata form to a music class. It’s quite cool!

  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgT1AidzRWM

    Bye Detroit. See you in hell, probably.

  23. The country was kind of pretty before we let the rats eat it.

  24. Parts of it still are, paleo. I’m giving serious consideration to moving to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches.

    I think most importantly, to get the hell away from large concentrations of assholes.

  25. I’ve always wondered about the identity of the poor production assistant(s) who had to wire all those cans into the tree. Also, my wife and I can’t pick up a peach (or a can of them) without warning one another to “Look out for ninjas! The ninjas want the peaches!”

    If only the current administration had the talent or likeability of the Presidents of the United States of America.

  26. Heh. Indeed.

  27. Argh, Slarti. I’m going to have earworm now.

  28. My work here is done.

  29. Yup. Bailed from the city (and Mexifornia) almost five years ago. Tiny town in SE WA, far from any significant population centers-Spokane is over two hours away. Very 2A friendly, open carry is not considered an act of terrorism, rather the start of a good conversation on guns, what the best CCW rig is, etc. Lots of trucks and big pieces of farm equipment, not many Priuses (Priusi?). Very few, uh, urban types here.

  30. He IS a media production but that would not have been possible were he not already an academic production. He is a national project of the left, academia first, party second, media third. They are all to blame. He simply could not have done any of that on his own, mostly on his own, just only a little bit on his own, and of that we see pure ideology.

  31. Slartibartfast,
    Thank you, very much. Your classmate “Bob” is quite an interesting, and accomplished fellow!