January 13, 2014

“Supreme Court To Weigh Constitutionality of Obama Power Grab”

Which, let me just get out in front of this:  5-4 in favor of the boy King, with Chief Justice John Roberts writing for the majority that “once you go half black, you can never go half back,” or “what the plaintiffs assert are ‘appointments,’ I see as ‘physical taxes’ taking the shape of fat Marxist shitheels out to cripple industry, and it is the President’s discretion to use such fat Marxist shitheels as a tax on industry, particularly if we see the Constitution as a kind of way for me to show liberals I’m very very fair.”

This should never have had to go to the Supreme Court.  And the fact that, even then, it took so long to get there, and the National Labor Relations Board has been allowed to function in what is a CLEAR and OBVIOUS violation of the plain text of the Constitution for so long, is just more gaming of the system.

In seriousness, I expect the Court to rule against Obama. Who doesn’t mind, because he will have gotten several years of work done waiting for the Court to catch up with his disregard for the Constitution, the law, his oath, and the people.  And I also expect that, as a sort of compromise, the Court will not disallow challenges to rulings made while the Board was functioning unconstitutionally.

So really, what’s the downside?  A rebuke vs 2-years of setting up big labor for bureaucratic lucre going forward — coupled with the GOP’s inability, once the move is ruled unconstitutional, to counter it by engaging in their own power grab?

Yippie.  Well played, that whole “let’s not mention the ‘i’ word, Hobbits” thing.  Because moderates.

And unhelpful.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:37pm

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  1. – Why, in the long run, I’m not concerned that the Prog movement will last:

    “The White House has clearly overreached in calling Democratic supporters of the Menendez-Kirk bill warmongers,” one senior Democratic Congressional aide said. “These are Democrats, some who have been in public service for decades and have long supported increasing sanctions against Iran. It’s just not credible and not helpful for them to use such extreme language when it’s clearly not true.”

    – The RINO’s are rank begginers when it comes to turning on and eating your own.

  2. – Reid is going to go to his grave protecting Bumblefucks legacy of leading from behind. He’ll show those Zionists that infest his own party.

  3. Obama is going to lose on this decision, but it won’t make much difference as Jeff says. That’s in the short run. The long run is a different story.

    I’ve said before that the Dems don’t have a bench. All of their players are oldsters or single issue critters. Hillary is all but anointed as the nominee, but I don’t believe she will go the distance. She’s too old and has too much baggage. She has no accomplishments although she has held a great many positions and performed poorly if at all in all of them.

    Who will primary her, is my question. I stay away from the port side of the ship of state, so perhaps someone else has an idea.

    Christie is being badly damaged by the GWB incident. This is fine with me since I don’t care for him. This will leave room for Rand Paul to make a move toward the spotlight and for Jeb Bush to crawl out of the shadows. Beware Bush who may be seized upon by the Establicans when they let go the corpse of Christie. I don’t think another Bush is viable, so my money is on Paul.

    Meanwhile, Marco Rubio (what might have been) tacks closer to John McCain in condemning Bob Gates for writing a book about the Wahn.

  4. post constitutional

    >The Solicitor General made little headway in arguing that the Constitution meant the president to have significant power to make temporary appointments, and that deferring to the Senate would, in effect, destroy that power. He seemed to startle even some of the more liberal judges when he said that, if it was a contest between historical practice and the words of the Constitution, practice should count the most.<


  5. Even the lib judges looked shocked at that one, nr.

  6. – The Hildebeast has much baggage, not the least of which is her own personal Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.

    – After initial broadside battles, many false starts, and a final death rattle from the Billary camp, I expect the Dems to try some resuurected loser like Kerry in a last ditch desperate effort to avoid voter exhaustion.

    – Two terms seems to be the limit of the electorates attention span to anything, including bare-assed pandering, and “flavor of the month” campaign darlings like we had in 2008 with the “youth movement”.

    – Besides, using their own shop-worn dissonent language/logic, electing anyone but the Wahn would be raaaaaaaycist

  7. The part of Article I that grants both chambers the sole right to set their own rules? Yeah, that was just a joke put in there by Dr. Franklin, who was always pulling silly little pranks like that.

    His quip about them that trade essential liberty for a little temporary security? Same thing — just a joke.

  8. It’s about time to fence California in before they get anymore idears.

  9. if it was a contest between historical practice and the words of the Constitution, practice should count the most.

    So there go the laws against speeding…

  10. So there go the laws against speeding…

    Hey, Obamacare may end up going down the same way.

  11. “once you go half black, you can never go half back,”

    Now you had better tell me how to empty coffee out of a laptop.

  12. – Obamacarre isn’t a law, its a taxed levy.

  13. Obamacarre isn’t a law, its a taxed levy.

    Like the Stamp Act.

  14. IIRC, the appeals court smacked Obama down hard. It is only before SCOTUS because the administration chose to take it there and given how ludicrous their oral arguments sounded, you have to wonder if they are planning on going back to the NSA well one more time…

  15. Anyone care to bet whether Der Wahn chooses to castigate the Supremes over this issue during his SOTU speech? (Again.)

  16. “Anyone care to bet whether Der Wahn chooses to castigate the Supremes over this issue during his SOTU speech? (Again.)”

    It might backfire if Roberts realizes that he is now a god and now holds the president’s balls in his coffee grinder since he can shut down anything the president does if he wants to.

  17. I’m kind of hoping the Supremes and Joint Chiefs have previous engagements.

  18. Heh.

    “Oh, you mean that was tonight? Sorry, I had set up an appointment to have my cat vacuumed, and you know how hard those are to get…”

  19. No disrespect to commenters, but odds are 10:1 Clinton II is the next POTUS.

    The Christie debacle strongly suggests two things, the two things that all but ensure a Clinton victory.

    First, should this sick nation have a remaining conscience, which is highly questionable, it has absolutely no will to project it politically except to preemptively punish the shit out of a governing RINO who had the temerity to screw with traffic.

    We’re spineless. Witness the budget battle, where the words “government shutdown” — which were utter balderdash in light of actual, you know, fiscal reality — completely stupefied a mediafied Joe Voter into polling overwhelmingly in favor of Keeping Government Running™, the intellectual equivalent of Clinton I’s wholly successful use of Getting Back to the Work of the American People™, a sentiment that produced political engines and capital in effect to this day, two long Administrations later.

    Second, this same voter is also wholly unable to effect a single reform of what’s by now a central State who waltzed right past some semblance of vestigial constitutional accountability into a daily open taunting of its collective victims. Name one — a single solitary instance — of America taking back a former right. There isn’t one.

    We haven’t the will. We don’t care.

    We haven’t the will to value a counter to Clinton II because we haven’t had the evident will to value the intellectual, philosophical, or traditional values that would, under normal conditions, reject both her and her husband’s documented mayhem.

    To jeer their kind right off the front pages.

    Instead we’ll ruin a RINO for relatively nothing and call it a political victory for America. For America.

    “The advocates of totalitarian control call the attitudes of their opponents negativism. They pretend that while they themselves are demanding the improvement of unsatisfactory conditions, the others are intent upon letting the evils endure. This is to judge all social questions from the viewpoint of narrow-minded bureaucrats. Only to bureaucrats can the idea occur that establishing new offices, promulgating new decrees, and increasing the number of government employees alone can be described as positive and beneficial measures, whereas everything else is passivity and quietism.”

    —Ludwig von Mises

  20. Too bad “None of the Above” can’t win…

  21. >We haven’t the will to value a counter to Clinton II <

    ax me after nov. 2014 i might agree

  22. once you go half black, you can never go half back

    So the National Enquirer is wrong then? Gosh.

  23. So the National Enquirer is wrong then?

    We aren’t going to have to pay for the divorce, are we?

  24. So the National Enquirer is wrong then? Gosh.

    Of course Black Nixon is really in love with someone other than his wife. Anyone paying attention at all knows his lifelong love has always been the mirror.

  25. michelle gets chitown and baracky goes to the choom gang

  26. >Of course Black Nixon is really in love<

    with reggie

  27. I don’t think it’s fair to compare Obama and Nixon. Nixon had at least some level of shame — enough to resign when he got caught, anyway…

  28. odds are 10:1 Clinton II is the next POTUS.

    Never tell me the odds.

  29. Can never forgive Nixon for signing the EPA bill. Or wage and price controls.

  30. Rocky marriage? Sheesh. Do the Royal Obamabaums have to copy everything the Clintons do?

  31. *shit*shit*shit*shit*

    The two Fullerton pigs are acquitted of the murder of Kelly Thomas.

    F**K the jurors .. nice to know that the ON TAPE beating of a mentally ill guy who hadn’t committed any crime except Annoy A Cop By Existing is perfectly “within policy”


  32. it’s too bad Kelly Thomas wasn’t armed to where he could’ve taken out a couple piggy fuck pension sluts on his way down

    this was a missed opportunity

  33. Who will primary her, is my question. I stay away from the port side of the ship of state, so perhaps someone else has an idea.

    I still think it’s gonna wind up being Liz Warren.

    Think about it – a not-even-one-term Senator that nobody’s heard of, but a darling to the Professional Left. It’s not like that’s ever been tried before…

  34. Fauxcahontas? Princess Lies With The Mouth?

    That ought to be fun…

    But “sexist” will be the new “racist”, with every criticism being projected through that new prism.

  35. >Freedom of public expression is inhibited by the centralized control of all the communication media and of publishing and cultural institutions. No philosophical, political or scientific view or artistic activity that departs ever so slightly from the narrow bounds of official ideology or aesthetics is allowed to be published; no open criticism can be made of abnormal social phenomena; no public defense is possible against false and insulting charges made in official propaganda–the legal protection against “attacks on honor and reputation” clearly guaranteed by Article 17 of the first covenant is in practice non-existent: false accusations cannot be rebutted, and any attempt to secure compensation or correction through the courts is futile; no open debate is allowed in the domain of thought and art.<

  36. >Freedom of religious confession, emphatically guaranteed by Article 18 of the first covenant, is continually curtailed by arbitrary official action; by interference with the activity of churchmen, who are constantly threatened by the refusal of the state to permit them the exercise of their functions, or by the withdrawal of such permission; by financial or other transactions against those who express their religious faith in word or action; by constraints on religious training and so forth.<

  37. fu commies good nite

  38. >The meaningful activity of a citizen as a member of the polis,
    however, consists exclusively in creating change. The civic will to
    create change has, in the past, achieved its purposes in a variety of<

  39. Think about it – a not-even-one-term Senator that nobody’s heard of, but a darling to the Professional Left.

    Fauxcohantas is about as smooth as a rusty bucket of broken glass. No one is going to mistake her for the Messiah.

  40. The extreme length to which the media will have to go to get Hillary elected may just be the tipping point.

    They are already fucking softening the target – that war on women bullshit is being parading out today at the White House.

  41. The newly released transcripts of classified Benghazi communications and lack of action on Hillary and the Wahn’s part are out today.

  42. eCurmudgeon, thanks. I stand by my conviction that they got nothin’.

  43. “- The Hildebeast has much baggage, not the least of which is her own personal Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.”

    ****One early version of the list featured a grade from one to seven for each Democratic member of Congress, with those the most supportive of Hillary marked with a one and those who most egregiously betrayed her having a mark of seven.


    Some of the sevens on the list included Sens. John Kerry, Jay Rockefeller, Bob Casey, and Patrick Leahy; and Reps. Chris Van Hollen, Baron Hill, and Rob Andrews.


    The most fiery level of hate came for Claire McCaskill, who had been endorsed by the Clintons in her Senate campaign in 2006, but said of Bill Clinton in a Meet the Press debate against then-Sen. Jim Talent in October 2006, “He’s been a great leader, but I don’t want my daughter near him.”


    Many years after 2008, Clinton aides exhibited signs of joy joking about those who had betrayed Hillary.

    One said, “Bill Richardson: investigated; John Edwards: disgraced by scandal; Chris Dodd: stepped down.”

    Another said, “Ted Kennedy,” paused, then whispered, “dead.”****


    One source for the book said, “I wouldn’t, of course, call it an enemies list… I don’t want to make her sound like Nixon in a pantsuit.”****

  44. Oh that’s perfect. Eight years of Nixon in blackface followed by at least four more of Nixon in a pantsuit!

  45. I remain unconvinced that Hilda can win.

    Of course, I’m predicting that our 1) taking back the Senate and retaining the House and 2) the country having a moment of clarity about not liking the current state of the USSA that the progs are offering up.

    I can dream, anyway.

  46. Not only will we not take back the Senate, we’ll lose the House.

    Is my prediction.

  47. The GOP in the House aren’t doing anything useful with it anyway. May as well let the Dems have it.

  48. The old heads need to die off or retire, to paraphrase Oprah.

  49. Pretty much why I expect them to lose it cranky.

    That, and that Boehner, Cantor et. al. have a different definition of useful than you or I.

  50. Yeah, their “useful” is my “knock that off!”

  51. ClownDisaster: “I have a phone, and I have a pen . . . ”

    Now this is a very short list, a list intentionally truncated from its relevant parts, for far more significant than a phone or a pen, is a ballistic vest and a Praetorian guard at his disposal, and armored car and an armored aircraft, each of which can help to keep him safe and alive when he attempts to rule by decree through means of his phone and pen.

  52. ClownDisaster: “I have a phone, and I have a pen . . . ”

    “…and nobody on Capitol Hill has a mind of his own.”