January 9, 2014

Another one of those Republicans we have to elect in order to win back power sends money to Democrat campaign

You remember Dick Lugar, right? — the guy who, after 30-some-odd years of representing his state refused to endorse the conservative, Richard Mourdoch, who thumped him in the GOP primary? The man who repaid loyal Republican voters, who consistently fooled themselves into believing he was even mildly concerned with the interests of the GOP’s conservative base rather than in his own perks and power (pro tip: when your Senator doesn’t like your state enough to live there? Find another one to do the job), by helping the Democrats take over his seat?

Well, like the other Rockefeller Republican squishes who have engaged in similar behavior — even as we’re told our only salvation as conservative constitutionalists will come by way of electing such creatures, who we know would rather support big government Democrats than small government constitutionalists, whom they outright deplore — Lugar is at it again, this time donating $5000 to the Democratic Senate candidate from Georgia.

And this is not an anomoly, as this partial list from Matt Hoskins from the Senate Conservative Fund (whom, you’ll recall, Mitch McConnell, among others, has worked to kneecap by threatening private businesses that engage in work for these horribly unnuanced Hobbits, with their quaint dreams of a reined in federal government and a new-new math that points out that the old-new math isn’t really so much “math” as it is “numbers that can be added up, but aren’t really attached to anything actual“) makes clear:

There’s a pattern of liberal Republicans abandoning the Party.
Arlen Specter switched parties when he was challenged in a primary by Pat Toomey (R-PA).
Charlie Crist left the Party to run as an Independent when he was challenged in a primary by Marco Rubio (R-FL). Crist later endorsed Barack Obama and is now running for Governor in Florida as a Democrat.
Lisa Murkowski abandoned the Party to run as a write-in candidate after she lost the primary to Joe Miller (R-AK) in 2010.
Dick Lugar refused to support Richard Mourdock (R-IN) after he lost his primary in 2012. Now Lugar is openly backing a Democrat in Georgia who could cost Republicans the majority in the Senate this year.

The Republican establishment accuses us of being anti-Republican when we try to replace incumbents with true conservatives, but our candidates actually believe in the Party’s platform and they don’t leave it when they lose an election.

The establishment only cares about the Republican Party to the extent that it gives them power. Once it no longer serves that purpose, they take their marbles and go home. Their ideology is power.

The establishment keeps telling us to just elect more Republicans, but what good is that if the Republicans we elect don’t share our values?

Republicans have a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives today, but they have helped the Democrats raise taxes, increase the debt limit, and pass full funding for Obamacare. And now they are planning to pass a bloated farm bill and amnesty for illegal immigrants.

This is why the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF) works so hard to elect true conservatives who are grounded in their support for limited, constitutional government. Establishment Republicans simply aren’t committed to our principles and they can’t be counted on to change Washington.


If we want to stop the liberal policies that are destroying this country, we need to send principled leaders to Washington.

Please support these five outstanding U.S. Senate candidates.
Chris McDaniel (R-MS)
Matt Bevin (R-KY)
Ben Sasse (R-NE)
Rob Maness (R-LA)
Milton Wolf (R-KS)
These candidates are full-fledged conservatives and they’re equally or more electable than their establishment competitors.

Now, will all of them be elected? Of course not.  But it’s important to know that behind the scenes, the GOP — joining with Democrats and labor unions, along with crony capitalists who benefit from government contracts and regulations that kill off competition — are working together to kill the TEA Party movement and constitutional conservatism / classical liberalism itself.

Because the truth is, they stand for the status quo — for either the full-scale move to Big Government system in which the economic units are managed by the ruling class, or a slower, more measured approach to taking us to that same destination, albeit with lower taxes, mostly for big business — which is why Nancy Pelosi’s now infamous lament, that Congress — and the GOP especially — needs to remove the blight of a fringe rightwing element that so upsets the daily compromises that move the country ever more leftward, so that our betters can return to the business of ruling us, picking and choosing winners and losers, dispersing our “enhanced revenue” to their preferred clients, and essentially returning us to the theater of a two party system that was being interrupted by the non-cynical True Believers who actually tried to represent the interests of those who elected them.

And as we’ve now seen — in ways more and more blatant — the GOP agrees, and has worked harder at combating the TEA Party and “rebranding” its Kennedy Democrat mindset as “conservative” (and conservatism and classical liberalism/libertarianism as “fringe,” “terroristic,” “anarchical,” “arsonistic,” and of Middle Earth) than it has at repealing a ObamaCare, or fighting for its base’s position on a host of issues, including border security and an immigration overhaul that benefits citizens and not those who’ve come here illegally to loot our already unsustainably indebted entitlement system.

Instead, they worked with Democrats to fashion a deal that would allow for more spending — re-imagining the “sequester” that we were called silly Hobbits for condemning in the first place — and are now working with them behind the scenes to affect amnesty, which we’re told is an economic boon, even as real unemployment numbers are abysmal, and the entry into the system of cheap labor, coupled with the populist push to raise the minimum wage, will lead to a lot of out of work, entry-level Americans and a lot of businesses paying cash under the table to its new cheap labor pool.

— While the Democrats use the new logistical advantage to turn targeted red states first purple, then blue, and finally bankrupt.   The whole country as Detroit, ruled from the richest area of our country, the DC corridor.

People who wish to hear only positive news have decided, after a spell, that they can spend their time more comfortably on sites that take aim at the hypocrisy and downright evil machinations of leftism.  Which is fine.  But what they don’t like to hear is that they are, in some ways, themselves complicit, acting as constant cheerleaders for a party that does not represent our interests — while remaining committed to casting those who point this out as “purists” and “True Believers” to their strategically savvy “realism” and “pragmatism.”

Which, to their credit, is why President’s McCain and Romney have kept job numbers steady, and we aren’t all living through a post-constitutional era under which an imperial executive can write and enforce laws on the fly, and the politicized courts are no more a toothy check on the power of the federal government than Hillary Clinton was a buffer against terror assaults on American installations in Benghazi.

This is the world we live in, and for years here I’ve written about the need to take the fight to the leftists by engaging their shibboleths and destroying them with confidence and logical ease.  That is, I’ve made the argument that advancing our principles — fully and without fear of how they would be spun by an activist leftwing media — is, in fact, the best strategy, and that as a tactic it is the only pragmatic tactic that can and will destroy the left’s hold on language, narrative, and epistemological and political framing.

But let’s face it. It’s easier to surrender and then blame the fighters for overpushing the charge.  Canny generals sit back and wait.  And if the whole thing goes to shit in the interim? Well, at least it isn’t on them.

We’re everywhere surrounded by cowards and frauds.  If we don’t beat them out of office nationally, then we simply must by way of the states.

It’s that, or certain death to liberty and individual autonomy. The two major parties, big labor and big business, and the entire entrenched bureaucratic class — they are allies in this effort.  And as such, they are the enemies of our principles and our founding.

This is not overstating the case. This is, in fact, the naked honesty that too many people skirt around.  To fight an enemy — regardless of whether or not it wears a flag pin and sports a ridiculous helmeted hair look and veneers for its rapacious teeth — we have to identify it and be unafraid to point at it, confidently, and without fear of reprisal.

This is precisely what the ruling class and its clients are now doing to us, to We, the People, who are engaged enough with politics to see that it is our subjugation that they require, and that to them we are in fact an enemy in need of destruction.

Return the favor.  And if Roger Simon or George Will or some other “reasonable” “conservative” tries to give you a guilt trip about it, tell him or her to shut up and get out of the way.  Adults are working here.



Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:27am

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  1. There are principles in which I strongly believe. There are no political parties in which I believe even a little bit.

    Ergo, I don’t give a shit about a candidate’s party affiliation. I only care that he believes in the principles I find important, and that he’s willing to fight for those principles as my representative.

  2. Related, from The Right Scoop, Levin responds to an attack by an NRSCman and McConnell chum.

    Mitch McConnell’s National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) hit man, some idiot named Brad Dayspring, does not intimidate me and will not silence me with his sleazy inside-the-beltway tactics. In fact, I am more fired up than ever.

  3. The establishment Republicans are moving to take the political ground and constituency of the, now dead and gone, “Blue Dog” Democrats. It’s a Stupak-Stupid idea, and they will be positioned to be used and abused just as those hapless ones were in 2008-10.

    Meanwhile the “Yellow Dog” Democrats are completely confident that they know exactly where the Overton window is now centered and are pressing to shift it further.

  4. geoffb,

    I find that link refreshing. I believe that the only difference between the Dems and the CPUSA is that the latter is at least honest about its intentions.

    If nothing else, we have confirmation of what we suspected all along.

  5. It was once said that the Communists are merely “liberals in a hurry.”

    Obama seems to have been in something of a hurry, come to think of it…

  6. And don’t forget, kids — if you don’t support and vote for these candidates who support Democrats, you’re helping the Democrats win!

  7. Well, I can’t vote fer ner agin ’em I’m in Texas. We got Cruz in, and I’m not sure where Cornyn stands locally, and we have yet to see if Wendy Davis is a real force in state politics or a sad democrat delusion gilded by the press yet. But we’re doing out part in Tejas…so far.

  8. Pleas imagine a semicolon between ’em and I’m above. Thankee.