January 1, 2014

2014 begins predictably

…albeit comically, if you have the right mindset. For instance liberal bohemian oasis of self-delusion and ubiquitous fruit and fish markets, New York City, has been declared a “plantation” during the invocation at the de Blasio swearing in. Which makes all the liberal bohemian sophisticates, social and moral snobs, and Oddities-oogling hipsters the plantation’s overseers, I suppose. The Man. Keeping the slaves in line.

Time for some big white straw hats and some whips, racist liberals! Play up the role. Check out J Crew’s new plantation chic fall line of seersucker jackets and linen pants. Then, properly attired, lett your self-loathing and clamoring for reparations of a sort begin!

In other “it’s always about racism” news (which is proof positive that it’s never really about racism, in this deconstructed world of the left’s linguistic turn), Joan Walsh, who recently proclaimed her above-average knowledge of African Americanism (one pictures Joan having gone all Jane Goodall, shaving her head, decking herself out in a cubic zirconium-encrusted watch of enormous size, and perhaps even springing for a spray tan, before spending a tense but life-changing two hours walking Brooklyn sidewalks boasting hair weave storefronts and chicken and waffle lunch spots, so that she could really come to immerse herself in the Otherness she must now champion) and decried the White Privilege she (ironically) relies upon to maintain her position as grudging critic of White Privilege, bitches about flight delays and rude customer service from Southwest Airlines.

The race of the offenders of such affrontery to Ms Walsh’s travel plans is not broached, which of course in no way bespeaks her grudging critique of her own White Privilege (about which problem of Privilege she is an expert, enjoying an above average knowledge of the African American experience, herself having watched Do The Right Thing, like, 50 times in college, often with actual black classmates), but instead shows — in full illuminated hypocrisy — that such critiques as those offered by “caring” liberals like Walsh are in fact a pose, a professional and often academically-directed affectation she and they use to insulate themselves from their own presumptuous claims to championing the lesser races while continuing to enjoy the White Privilege they so clearly believe they’re entitled too.

Or, to put it another way, in the plantation city of New York, Ms Walsh is set to take her rightful place as the belle of the ball. In preparation of which, I suggest she check out the Spring J Crew Catalog of Antebellum Chic.

Honestly: are we going to continue to allow this nonsensical racialist trope run control public discourse? Or are we going to stop defending ourselves against idiotic broadsides about white privilege and just say what needs to be said: there are racists out there. But the vast majority of them are snooty liberals who treat blacks and hispanics as projects, much in the way Henry Higgins viewed Eliza Doolitle. Their efforts on a large scale almost always fail. But there are occasional outlier success stories, and it is these pets to which the liberals then point to show their charity.

2014 is the year of the unvarnished truth. Ready yourself for it. And that includes you, Roger Simon.

We’ve gone past the time of being cowed and right smack dab into the time of “fuck you.”

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  1. We’ve gone past the time of being cowed and right smack dab into the time of “fuck you.”

    I hope for a more civil disobediance-oriented “fuck you” than rhetorical.

  2. Predictably indeed, with a Palestinian official blowing himself up, and a news media perfectly content to spout nonsense while looking off in another direction, questionless.

  3. palestinians lol

  4. We’re a number of Plantations and we damn well like it that way so fuck you.

  5. 2014 is the year of the unvarnished truth.

    As I mentioned earlier, 2014 is the year the bill comes due for all the “free” shit. Let me also declare it the year that stupid people get what they voted for, good and hard.

  6. I didn’t care for the Reason piece, myself, striking me as itself a bit of strained political posturing.

  7. I didn’t care for the Reason piece

    Snowden was an unexpected bonus that slowed Obama’s forward progress; a knife in the ankles.

    These days I’ll take whatever helps, and be glad for it.

  8. The most interesting part of the piece is buried and presented almost as an afterthought. The rest of it, as I said last night, is just Vogue-ing for the political nerd set.

  9. Reason has been having an identity crisis this past year.

  10. We’ve gone past the time of being cowed and right smack dab into the time of “fuck you.”

    At least five years and counting, I would say.

  11. Reason has been having an identity crisis this past year.

    Their “crisis” stems from their having gone insane sometime after 2001 and now they don’t know which of their splintered persona’s is the real, real, real, really real, Libertarian one.

    It happens when the “Buffalo”-left comes calling and turns you into their own little skin-suit. Just ask the Rinos and the ghosts of Democrats long, long past. They bought into that same notion-lotion.

  12. - I’m with you McGehee – I’ve been in “fuck you” mode since “God damn America”.

  13. I think that about sums it up, geoff. I can practically never make it through an entire article on there before I give up.

  14. A theme that’s running today.

  15. No coincidence that 100 years ago marked the ascendance of the Progressives, although that isn’t stated of course.

  16. A shooting war between China and the U.S., regardless of how it started, would be ended very quickly.

    One way or another.

    And most historians speak of a “long nineteenth” century, usually 1789-1914, and a “short twentieth,” 1914-1989. Unless they’re historians of the U.S., in which case the “American century” runs from 1898-1989, or possibly later. Personally, I think a very good case can be made that we’ve been living through the long twighlight of the American century for the better part of a decade. Of course, that argument’s been made before most famously perhaps by the Paul Ehrlich of historians, Paul Kennedy, who argued the U.S. was in decline as a world power at the exact time the Reagan was winning the Cold War.

    I think Brin should stick to fiction.

  17. >U.S. was in decline as a world power<

    thanks "ruining class" big anuses

  18. Leave Connicticut. Just leave and don’t look back. Leave them with a shrunken tax base and a lot of snow and gun crime.


  19. “I think Brin should stick to fiction.”

    Given what he eventually mutated his own initially excellent Uplift Saga into, I’m rather indifferent on his staying in the sci-fi game. The Postman was kind of a squalid little suck-bomb as well. I would expect it to be the product of a mysterious cloaca rather than an author’s mind. And is it an egg or a turd? Well…it didn’t hatch by the end.

  20. Gonna hang this on a hook over the depths just to see if anything swims up and grabs at it.


  21. Hell, I just heard this morning, in the context of gasoline prices are forecast to be lower in ’14 than in 13, that gas prices were at their highest in ’12.

    H0w come that never came up during the campaign?

  22. Christian Christmas may be passed but there’s a new Progressive Xmas acomin’ and they just can’t wait.

  23. Rope sales up year over year.

  24. Geoff, don’t you and the missus have your Christmas soon?

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