December 14, 2013

“Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe on the High Cost of College” [Darleen Click]

Well worth the 41 minute investment …

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  1. These movements, therefore, always affect the power structure as
    such indirectly, as a part of society as a whole, for they are primarily
    addressing the hidden spheres of society, since it is not a matter of
    confronting the regime on the level of actual power.
    I have already indicated one of the ways this can work: an awareness
    of the laws and the responsibility for seeing that they are upheld
    is indirectly strengthened. That, of course, is only a specific instance
    of a far broader influence, the indirect pressure felt from living
    within the truth: the pressure created by free thought, alternative
    values and ‘alternative behaviour’, and by independent social selfrealization.
    The power structure, whether it wants to or not, must
    always react to this pressure to a certain extent. Its response,
    however, is always limited to two dimensions: repression and adaptation.
    Sometimes one dominates, sometimes the other. For
    example, the Polish ‘Flying University’ came under increased
    persecution and the ‘flying teachers’ were detained by the police. At
    the same time, however, professors in existing official universities
    tried to enrich their own curricula with several subjects hitherto
    considered taboo and this was a result of indirect pressure exerted by
    the ‘Flying University’. The motives for this adaptation may vary
    from the ‘ideal’ (the hidden sphere has received the message and
    conscience and the will to truth are awakened) to the purely utilitarian:
    the regime’s instinct for survival compels it to notice the
    changing ideas and the changing mental and social climate and react
    flexibly to them. Which of these motives happens to predominate in
    a given moment is not essential in terms of the final affect.
    Adaptation is-the positive dimension of the regime’s response,
    and it can, and usually does, have a wide spectrum of forms and
    phases. Some circles may try to integrate values or people from the
    ‘parallel world’ into the official structures, to appropriate them, to
    become a little like them while trying to make them a little like
    themselves, and thus to adjust an obvious and untenable imbalance.
    In the 1960s, progressive communists began

  2. In the 1960s, progressive communists began to ‘discover’ certain
    unacknowledged cultural values and phenomena.

  3. Which is why my father insisted that each of his sons learn a trade as well as get a degree.

  4. Your father was a wise man.

  5. Harvey C. Mansfield: Science and Non-Science in Liberal Education (the paper), (the paper delivered in mp3, or flash video [Keynote address])

  6. Peter O’Toole, dead at 81. Seems he attended Drama school(s), not exactly College — a vocational school, we might say — and did alright.