December 13, 2013

John Boehner earns admiration of Reid, Pelosi, Matthews, and the GOP establishment and its corporatist cronies

Which means — despite his ardent insistence that no one is more conservative than he (the man who, as Speaker, has presided over the single greatest explosion of debt in American history, despite the GOP having control of the purse strings) — he’s probably not doing the whole opposition party thing correctly.

Too, it bears noting that when the GOP leadership is working hand in glove with the progressive left to attempt to marginalize and destroy the TEA Party “purists” and “terrorists” (and it’s not just them engaging in such pointed and repulsive behavior, as those who’ve followed the trajectory of my blog well know; it’s their sycophants and cheerleaders, the parasites that cling to the bloated Beltway beast like Pam Anderson to an erect dick) — in an effort to, as Nancy Pelosi once let slip, return DC to the days when Party didn’t really matter — then the entire base of the GOP, along with the newly-aroused erstwhile Reagan Democrats, have no representation, and are in fact being classified as dangers to the State, potential domestic terrorists, and crazed fringe saboteurs who lack “credibility”, a diagnosis Harry Reid found “valid” and Nancy Pelosi declared “refreshing,” coming as it did from the GOP Speaker of the House.

As Mark Levin noted last evening, one of the reasons the Roveans and their corporatist network is working so hard right now to marginalize the very people who put the GOP in power, is to lay the groundwork for a narrative that addresses conservative opposition to the amnesty that is right now being worked on, again in “secret meetings”: these “racist,” “xenophobic”, “nativist” fringe actors have no credibility, Speaker Boehner, the GOP establishment, the Chamber of Commerce, and their newly-impressed allies on the Left will remind us, having lost what remained of their rational minds when they decided to come out against a bipartisan budget deal that was all about debt reduction!

Problem is, those who that shames into folding aren’t fighters to begin with. So it won’t work. And it’s just going to piss off the rest of us who know the game that’s being played, who know how scapegoating works, who understand — and have long understood — that we don’t have a representative two party system any longer, but rather only the mirage of one.

And we aren’t going to surrender to a despotic, calculating, coercive, and manipulative ruling class — no matter what they do to try putting us in our place.

The time is drawing near. The convention of the states has to happen. Because if it doesn’t, we WILL see a civil war of sorts, whether it involves secession movements or nullification or a simple decision to ignore federal regulations, court rulings, etc., and withhold revenue at the state and local level.

Because it’s either have it out soon, or have it out after the collapse. And nobody really wants Thunderdome.

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  1. We might suppose that Squeaker Boehner’s mental state is somewhat relieved to be able to speak his mind for a change, not to mention to be able to try out that new set of brass knuckles the Chamber of Commerce gifted him. Enjoy the moment, Johnny. Savor it, make a treasure of your hubris. It’s surely good to have something to look back on with pride when you end up groveling for a few more moments of uselessness.

  2. I look forward to his “Checkers Speech”, sdferr.

  3. meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi gave cover to Boehner by telling her people to “embrace the suck.”

  4. Notice how much that “must be done” must be done in secret, Iran, Cuba, China?, budget, amnesty, because any input from us just fouls their nest.

  5. - Yes, all of that is true. But, as always, the great equalizer will come at the ballot box (or bullet box), and there is simply no way Bonerhead and the Left can avoid it.

    - Of course theres always rigging elections, so theres that.

  6. *** BREAKING ***

    ….School shooting.

  7. - The Denver area school shooting seems to be over at this point going by the current info from the live video feed from the area.

  8. Cops are making the kids submit to pat-downs out on the running track where they are all standing with their hands up and not wearing jackets. Snow all over the place and no one looks upset. Some kids are texting.

  9. Cops are armed with riot guns.

  10. I think we need to outlaw Denver and the surrounding area.

  11. Important distinction: We aren’t going to submit to a ruling class that is so obviously, embarrassingly lying to protect their own reputations and feathered nests.

    It’s not bread, circuses, and lies. It’s just bread and circuses. Learn that, “opposition” party.

  12. I have instructed my kid to GTFO if there is a situation like this at his school. It’s all ground level and has easy to remove screens on the windows to the student parking lot.

    To hell with playing sitting duck.

  13. *** The Golan Heights regional municipality warned tourists not to cross fences and walk into fields due to the risk of stepping on mines. ***

    On account of the obscuring snowfall, you see.

  14. I think we need to outlaw Denver and the surrounding area.

    Deporting the majority of the Denver-Boulder Axis of Leftism back to California would be a good first step…

  15. …But, yeah, I think it’s time to move down to Colorado Springs.

  16. Those new laws do not seem to have worked.

  17. the days when Party didn’t really matter

    Yeah. About that. It’s really disconcerting that everyone in D.C., Republicans included, seem to believe that the natural order of things is for the Democrats to be in charge.

    Or at least it ought to be.

  18. No true Californian shoots up schools and and little kids.

    ( I do not know really, it just always seems they were born somewhere else)

  19. Littleton again?

    What do you suppose set this asshole off? Friday the 13th, or all the bloody-shirt waving on the idiot tube this week?

    And just when 5.56mm & .223 rem was starting to show up in almost decent quantities on the shelves.

  20. Speaking of Levin, it sounds like his new BFF is none other than Glenn Beck.

    Who has always been on the same page as Levin, except word on the street is that Levin accused Beck of stealing his material during Glenn’s FoxNews days and was therefore loath to give him the time of day.

    OTOH, Glenn is so stoked about the Article V convention he can hardly contain himself, and Levin can only appreciate the hell out of that. Plus, Glenn’s new book about the little-known miracles and massacres in American history can’t help but inspire. I don’t usually get Glenn’s books because they’re written for people who are in a different place than I — and I’m a bit squeamish about the dramatization aspect — but I really want to know the stories.

    Also, the book provides details on which aspects of the dramatization come from documented sources and which are artistic license.

    Anyone read it yet? Worth the bux?

  21. Wow. My brother’s kids went to that school. Thank God they’re now in college.

  22. - Notables of the day: Hikenlopers crack staff, monitoring media outlets and police scanners 24/7 show political accumen by getting the Gov. to the photo-op quickly where he can bloviate and add nothing ofr value to the discussion. Well done.

  23. - As for intent it is the anniversery of Sandy Hook, but that could be just coincidence like all things connected with Progressive minded children that perpetrate these actions and then have to be covered up quickly least even more people take it on themselves to gain protection.

  24. - From the book “Why don’t they just fucking cut to the chase and force the insurance companies to give every person a free policy that covers all illmess with zero deduction and be done with it” book.

    - I’m beggining to love ObamaCare, the incredibly stupid move from the Democrats that keeps on giving.

  25. - Link.

  26. My plan is to pay the medical bills of anyone who asks. The twist is that you have to ask your congressman. They have to personally be in contact with you at some point (no additional staffers) and they have to write out the check.

    Do it for the children.

  27. - Maybe we could all just volunteer our Congress criters to pay everyones premium. I’d get behind that.

  28. Out of their own checking accounts, too… it’s not like they are at all concerned with whether there is any money for the Government to spend, so why should they be concerned if they themselves have none to spend?

    They can just borrow it from China, like they do the rest of the time. Spending cuts? Bah humbug!

  29. This could work with all gov’t hand outs.

    Every since we came to this country we dreamed that my daughter would some day go to college but, we are so very poor. You know we named her “Nancy” after you Mrs. Pelosi

  30. Out of their own checking accounts, too.

    Bring back the pre-94 House Bank and they can just put it all “on the cuff” like they do all else.

  31. Colorado, 3 students injured, 1 critical in surgery, shooter kills self.

  32. Wait, Colorado passed universal background checks and magazine size limits. This is unpossible.

  33. Yeah, didn’t that shooter know that schools are a gun-free zone? Why, it’s almost as though criminals don’t obey the law or something!

    I wonder when the screams for taking away property from all the people who didn’t do anything wrong will come?

  34. According to the article geoff linked, the shooter took Joe Biden’s advice.

    All except the shooting through doors part, that is.

  35. Arapahoe High gunman held strong political beliefs, classmates said:

    Thomas Conrad, who had an economics class with the gunman, described him as a very opinionated Socialist.

  36. >described him as a very opinionated Socialist.<

    lee harvey oswald jr

  37. a very opinionated Socialist

    Meme squelch, right out of the gate. Good work, Denver Post.

  38. the “narrative” needs better “actors”

  39. - Yeah, they’ll twist themselves in a pretzel tying this ahole to the T Party, and along the way temporize anything that shows what most of these nutcase gunners believe in, Progressively that is.

  40. Nah, BBH, the story will be buried within the next couple of news cycles. MBM will create a squirrel that needs to be chased.

  41. There is another circumstance, however, that considerably
    complicates matters. For many decades, the power ruling society in
    the Soviet bloc has used the label ‘opposition’ as the blackest of
    indictments, as synonymous with the word ‘enemy’. To brand
    someone ‘a member of the opposition’ is tantamount to saying he or
    she is trying to overthrow the government and put an end to
    socialism (naturally in the pay of the imperialists). There have been
    times when this labelled straight to the gallows, and of course this
    does not encourage people to apply the same label to themselves.
    Moreover, it is only a word, and what is actually done is more
    important than how it is labelled.
    The final reason why many reject such a term is because there is
    something negative about the notion of an ‘opposition’. People who
    so define themselves do so in relation to a prior ‘position’. In other
    words, they relate themselves specifically to the power that rules
    society and through it, define themselves, deriving their own ‘position’
    from the position of the regime. For people who have simply
    decided to live within the truth, to say aloud what they think, to
    express their solidarity with their fellow citizens, to create as they
    want and simply to live in harmony with their better ‘self’, it is
    naturally disagreeable to feel required to define their own, original
    and positive ‘position’ negatively, in terms of something else, and to
    think of themselves primarily as people who are against something,
    not simply as people who are what they are.

  42. The story is already starting to be played down.

  43. hey “dreamers” folks

  44. They’re just waiting for Mayor Bloomberg’s hacks to get them copy on the “mental health” angle Bob.

  45. Let me guess: it was a gun free zone and the shooter had mental health issues. Guess I’d better turn in my fire arms just in case.

  46. That funding disclosure is just corporate which is a minor part. Foundations, unions, government grants and other forms of payout from the bureaucracy, wealthy individuals – though most would launder it through places like “Tides” which have as their sole reason for existence the anonymizing of funding for the left- these are where the booty comes from.

    One other source which was active in the past and in some form may still be present. The USSR used to not so much provide funds, as they needed hard currency themselves, but did “in kind donations.” Especially of services which were labor intensive as they had plenty of labor to use. The USSR is gone but there are still regimes which have an abundance of labor that can be thrown at some problem or do research.

    Remember how Iran figured out what was in most of the shredded files when they took the US embassy. They had a large number of women who spent all their time piecing the papers back together. Boring, repetitive, and unpaid work.

    The USSR would write the news articles, reports, speeches, likely even bills to be made into laws in various countries. Design the posters, handouts, the strategies, tactics for organizing groups and for campaigns.

    Others such as the Saudis have used their wealth, which they had/have in abundance instead of free labor, to do much the same. Getting agents of influence placed where they can “nudge” events in a helpful way.

    Enough nudging and anything will fall right over in a jumbled heap. Kinda like a certain set of twin towers did when nudged hard enough.

  47. The Denver Post article eCurmudgeon linked paints a picture not unlike that of one of our trolls

    In one Facebook post, Pierson attacks the philosophies of economist Adam Smith who through his invisible hand theory pushed the notion that the free market was self-regulating. In another post, he describes himself as “Keynesian.”

    “…I was wondering to all the neoclassicals and neoliberals, why isn’t the market correcting itself?” he wrote. “If the invisible hand is so strong, shouldn’t it be able to overpower regulations?”

    Pierson also appears to mock Republicans on another Facebook post, writing “you republicans are so cute” and posting an image that reads: “The Republican Party: Health Care: Let ‘em Die, Climate Change: Let ‘em Die, Gun Violence: Let ‘em Die, [emph. add.] Women’s Rights: Let ‘em Die, More War: Let ‘em Die. Is this really the side you want to be on?”

    Poor confused kid. Who filled his head with such terrible ideas?

  48. They are hedging around what he was like they do when it is a Democrat who is caught in a crime.

    The 18-year-old gunman who wounded a fellow student at a Colorado school before taking his own life Friday was described as a bright, politically opinionated young man who had a beef with a teacher.
    “He was very outspoken — always involved with class discussion,” she said. “So it was kind of odd to see that he was the one who did this.”

    Abbey Skoda, a junior, told The Denver Post: “He had very strong beliefs about gun laws and stuff. I also heard he was bullied a lot.”

  49. At least on NBC that is.

  50. - We always find ous the shooter was a social misfit who was Progressive on the issues, but strangely they never seem to follow their own ideas of giving up their firearms. Weird.

  51. The coming line will be that if we had just banned all guns he would not have gotten ahold of one and this would never have happened when he got angry. It is the fault of the gun and our continuing inability to just do away with the infernal things.

  52. - From which I suppose follows that “When citizens give up their guns only nutjob Progressive misfits will have guns.”

  53. We gonna ban gasoline and glass bottles too?

  54. - What we need is “Progressive nutjob free zones”.

  55. I’d say put all the “Progressive nutjobs” in their own zone but we already have universities and capitals and that hasn’t helped.

  56. “They are hedging around what he was like they do when it is a Democrat”

    Yep. Just like it’s never mentioned that Democrats made up the KKK, that a Democrat tried to filibuster the Civil Rights Act, and that the Japanese internment in WWII was under a Democrat President (FDR) and was carried out by a Democrat who was later appointed to the Supreme Court (Earl Warren).

    OT: Boeing makes further preparations to bail on the Left Coast:–finance.html

  57. That was a good piece geoff.

    It’s hard to escape the conclusion that lockdown/shelter in place is the more hazardous version of zero-tolerance: a policy instituted for the convenience of the policy makers rather than the well-being of those subjected to it; primarily for the purpose of evading responsibility for having to make decisions that will have to be accounted for at a later date.

    In this case, the law enforcements responsibility to engage the correct target in an active shooter situation.

  58. - The teacher that the gunman was after immeadiately left the school when he became aware that he was after him, “which was the right decision to try to draw the gunman away from the school”. To which I couldn’t say BULLSHIT loudly enough. Fortunately in spite of the teachers cowardice only two people were injured.

  59. I’m not quite prepared to call bullshit on that just yet. Maybe it’s Sheriff’s Dept. spokesperson happytalk, maybe it’s self-serving justification couched in a witness statement, or maybe the teacher really hoped the kid would leave the school to come after him.

    And the fifteen year old girl is still critical.

  60. Okay. Looks like you’re instinct is right.

    The student fired once and nearly hit Murphy, who managed to escape the building[.]

    Not sure I’d go so far as to call getting out of the line of fire cowardice though.

    Sounds like he was after his debate coach for kicking him off the team.

    Assuming the information is accurate (which???)

  61. a Democrat who was later appointed to the Supreme Court (Earl Warren).

    I was surprised to see this claim, but apparently he won both parties’ nominations for Attorney General in 1938 by “cross-filing.” He “ran as” a Republican for governor in 1942, but again he was also the Democrat nominee.

    So it’s hard to argue that he was legitimately a Republican, but I think calling him a Democrat isn’t entirely correct either. It appears he was A Party of One.®

  62. That’s a good article, geoff and speaks to why we had a talk with Sonny about bugging out if something like this happened at his school, rather than “sheltering in place”.

  63. Another good article on the epic FAIL that is Der Wahn.

  64. The ClownDisasster speaks lectures us about our behavior and stupid Constitution.

    President Barack Obama marked the anniversary of the Newtown school shootings today by calling for tighter gun control and expanded mental health care.

    ‘We haven’t yet done enough to make our communities and our country safer,’ the president said in his weekly address. ‘We have to do more to keep dangerous people from getting their hands on a gun so easily. We have to do more to heal troubled minds.’

    He also said that real change won’t come from Washington, but from the American people pushing for change.

    Let the Soviet style mental health healing begin!!!!

  65. Shotgun!


  66. He also said that real change won’t come from Washington, but from the American people pushing for change.

    You’d think he would have had this thought in mind before screwing up the entire health care industry. But NOOOOooooooooo…

  67. He lies in everything he says and about everything he’s doing but the glorious plan marches on to achieve victory. Or so the liar-in-chief hopes.

    The administration’s preliminary January strategy? Blaming insurance companies after giving them vague approvals:

    HHS said it would “strongly encourage” insurers to take other “transitional” steps over the next month as well—steps like accepting partial pre-payment for coverage that begins on January 1 as a “down payment” in lieu of full payment prior to the start of coverage and allowing people who sign up after the December 23 deadline to begin coverage on January 1. HHS also said it hoped insurers would accept out of network providers as in-network for “acute episodes” or in cases in which a provider was listed in an insurer’s enrollment directory but dropped out after an individual’s enrollment date.

    On an afternoon conference call about the changes, the administration even suggested that insurers should consider accepting as enrolled anyone who has signed up for a plan by December 23—even if the person in question has not paid the first month’s premium at all. Payments could be made after January 1, and after coverage kicked in.

    Kinda torn on this. On the one hand, the insurance companies (more specifically, the people running the insurance companies) invited this upon themselves by working with the administration in the first place. On the other hand, the fallout from a White House smear campaign will fall on the deserving and the undeserving alike. On the gripping hand… it’s not going to [expletive deleted] fix the actual problem, which makes the White House’s strategy both evil and useless.

  68. Evil and useless = ClownDisaster.

    May the stink from this administration stick to all that are in it and support it forever.

  69. Paul Ryan’s handiwork, in collusion with Sen. Patty Murray [27:15-30:51]:

    Sessions: One of the things that we’ve lost in this was a budget point of order that I used three times, and we’ve stopped new spending three times in the last year or so: that got stripped out in this package, which, if we’d been more– I think there was probably error, somehow, that happened, and people didn’t realize it had happened . . .

    Levin: Wait, I don’t understand what you just said. I don’t understand that.

    Sessions: . . . except those pushing for it, and I’m concerned about that too, and others are.

    Levin: Alright, I don’t understand what you just said, I’m not an expert — What just happened?

    Sessions: In the legislation that came over, it would eliminate a 60 vote requirement when you spend more money than the Budget Control Act approves for spending. Even if you off-set it with a fee or a tax. And, I used that three times and three times the Republican Senate stood firm and voted not to waive the budget, and kept them from spending more and taxing more. So that has been eroded, it appears, in this legislation. I think there’s no question about it. And I wish this hadn’t happened.

    Levin: Senator. That’s a big deal!

    Sessions: It’s a pretty significant deal, and it could be some legislation even bigger than the one’s we were able to block that could involve even more money than we were able to block, in the future.

    Levin: So, by changing the procedure in this legislation, which the House voted in favor of, with overwhelming Republican support, you’re talking about potentially future votes for further increases in spending! Correct?

    Sessions: It will make it somewhat easier in a number of circumstances, yes.

    Levin: Wow, I mean, this .. . . why would we agree to that? Why would the Republicans in the House agree to that?

    Sessions: I don’t think the Republicans in the House understood the significance of it. It’s a rule that would only impact the Senate, and we — I think if I and my staff had been aware of that we could have perhaps have pushed back and kept that from–

    Levin: Well why weren’t you and your staff given this information by Paul Ryan and his staff? This is what I want to know. I’m very serious about this.

    Sessions: Well I’m disappointed at that. I think that it ceased to be operating as a Conference Committee: it began to be operating in really sort of a negotiation between the two Chairmen. And the members, the Senators who were on the Budget Conference Committee were never consulted about the details of the agreement, or never saw the legislative language until the deal was done.

    Levin: So even beyond the numbers we’ve been told, now we have a loophole in the Senate for the big spenders, and rather than with a supermajority procedure, now they can go through with a simple majority? Do I understand that correctly?

    Sessions: That absolutely is a factor. Our ability to block spending has been reduced, and it amounts to that. That votes we were able to force 60 votes on a budget point of order would be eliminated.

    Levin: That’s just uh, I don’t know how people can call that an ‘oversight’, that’s, that to me, I’m a little slow on the uptake here, I don’t know all the rules, but that to me is a huge issue and how any Republican in the House or Senate can vote for this is amazing to me. ***

    Secret negotiations have consequences. Who knew?

  70. ‘We have to do more to keep dangerous people from getting their hands on a gun so easily.

    Not so. Quite the opposite in fact.

    That solution to a dangerous man with a gun is another dangerous man with a gun.

  71. The Denver Post piece that eCurmudgeon linked at 6:45 pm was:

    Thomas Conrad, who had an economics class with the gunman, described him as a very opinionated Socialist.

    Has now been changed to read:

    Thomas Conrad, who had an economics class with Pierson, described him as very opinionated.

    Without any mention of the change. Since I don’t have a copy of the original I can’t say what else has been dropped down the memory hole and what has been added for political cover.

  72. I see headlines saying Paul Ryan says conservative groups are indispensable. Absolutely, since without them, who else would Ryan have to sell out?

  73. “It appears he was A Party of One.®”

    Yep, I was wrong. He was, however, a “progressive”.

  74. “Since I don’t have a copy of the original I can’t say what else has been dropped down the memory hole”

    Mediaite has it.

  75. He was, however, a “progressive”.

    No argument there, SBP.

  76. So who is teaching who? Is the Denver Post learning from the North Korean media, or is it the other way around?

    *** In an eerie echo of George Orwell, the Korea Herald reported on a December 7 rebroadcast of a North Korean television documentary in which Jang Song-thaek had been deleted from 13 scenes. The uncle had been filmed side-by-side with his nephew during an autumn inspection of a military unit, but now, suddenly, he was airbrushed out of the scene. ***

  77. Sharon Attkisson, beware, someone’s comin’ for ya.

  78. Rule one. Never have your business in a state like California. Move it or lose it.

  79. “Thomas Conrad, who had an economics class with Pierson, described him as very opinionated. ”

    Well of course. We see nothing in the shooter’s policies that indicate an ideological adherence to true socialism. You can’t take a high school classmate’s word for these things. He ess na true Scotsman .

  80. Huy Fong Foods factory in Irwindale, Calif

    The city of Irwindale (last on the radar for trying to get an NFL stadium built there) should suck it up. This is classic NIMBY behavior by someone who decided sriracha fumes were toxic (read: yucky) and is now getting Huy Fong Foods tossed out of town and the jobs along with them. The sriracha plant hasn’t even been in town that long, five years maybe?

    I grew up next to a lot of vineyards and sugar beet plants and they were no bed of roses. I’d take a pepper sauce plant anytime.

  81. You don’t suppose somebody at the Post decided that there must be some confusion about whether a self-styled Keynesian could also be a Socialist, do you?

    Any port in a storm and all that.

  82. Guess I need to revise my earlier comment to: gun-free zone, mental health problems, lefty. Of course, Mr. Venn might point out some overlap.

  83. Students said Pierson held communist views and liked to discuss current events and issues, offering his own solutions. None said Pierson was bullied for his beliefs.

    “He would speak for himself. He would not be afraid to tell someone how he feels,” said Zach Runberg, 18, a fellow senior who had an English class with Pierson.

  84. Considering the damage it’s doing and the malice recently evident, I would spell that “Unaparty.”

  85. Nr, I expect that to be the NY Times lede tomorrow.


    Joan Crawford Has Risen From the Grave by BOC

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