December 11, 2013

Run run Sarah save Christmas

Because all the polished pols?  They just keep surrendering and dealing and generally fucking things up, kicking the can down the road while they feather their own nests, and expect us to just accept it.

And it looks like we’re through with that nonsense.  “Another conservative group comes out against expected budget deal”:

Another influential conservative group is warning legislators not to support the expected budget deal being hammered out by Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan and Democratic Sen. Patty Murray.

Americans for Prosperity, an economic freedom group, said Monday that lawmakers should oppose any budget deal that violates the $967 billion spending cap for 2014 mandated by sequestration.

Reports coming out of the secret budget negotiations between Ryan and Murray indicate that a deal to prevent another government shutdown next year would increase next year’s discretionary spending to more than $1 trillion, blowing through the spending caps agreed to by both parties in the Budget Control Act.

– I’m going to interject right here, briefly, to ask why there are “secret budget negotiations” in the first place? Think this is what the Founders and Framers intended of a representative republic?

Of course not. But this is exactly what it looks like when you’re being ruled — even as those who seek to rule you work hard to maintain the illusion that they are your public servants, mostly because they don’t want to end up tarred, feathered, and staring at the business end of a pitchfork.


The proposed Ryan-Murray deal, which would fund? the government past Jan. 15, would get rid of some sequester cuts and fund them with so-called revenue enhancements. The Washington Post reports that the deal could include “cuts to federal worker pensions and higher security fees for the nation’s airline passengers.”

The group’s opposition comes as conservatives are starting to speak out against the expected deal. The Daily Caller reported Monday that Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said he cannot support a deal under these terms.

And conservative group Heritage Action also said Monday that they “cannot support a budget deal that would increase spending in the near-term for promises of woefully inadequate long-term reductions.”

A deal is expected to be announced sometime this week.

Oh, stop your carping. You’re going to cost us the Senate and a Chris Christie presidency, you unnuanced Hobbits.

Now sit down, shut up, and get your asses in line. I mean, bipartisan. Which is like magic. Duh!

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  1. Know what else is like magic? It’s like magic when corpses left lying out in the open air pretty much disappear after only a few days. Sure, they stink bad for awhile, but then allasudden, they’re gone.

  2. I don’t understand Ryan’s thinking here, unless he thinks that conservatives have liked him for who he is rather than what he supposedly believes: since we’re ostensibly drawn to his personality, it doesn’t matter if he parlays our support into a betrayal of our principles.

    I don’t think they understand: much as I wish personally Palin was more Thatcher-esque, I believe she’s supported BECAUSE SHE’S TRUSTED. It’s not just that she’s a “chillbilly,” but that she wouldn’t pull this crap on us — and if she did, we’d drop the hammer on her, just as we did Rubio over amnesty.

    Rubio and Ryan see the support Cruz gets for taking an actual stand for sane government. It’d be nice if there were enough politicians in DC that there was some competition for advancing our principles, instead of this footrace to betray them.

  3. From yesterday’s show: Mark Levin Interviews Paul Ryan on the Budget Deal

    Mark to Paul: ‘This is Mickey Mouse”

  4. That reminds me.

    a. Thisphoto’s caption: President Barack Obama waves standing next to the sign language interpreter after making his speech at the memorial service for former South African president Nelson Mandela at the FNB Stadium in Soweto near Johannesburg, Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2013. South Africa’s deaf federation said on Wednesday that the interpreter on stage for Mandela memorial was a ‘fake’, (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

    b. Merry Christmas, people.

  5. Sarah Palin fuck yeah

    best Christmas ever

  6. c. Coal for slewfoot’s stocking.

  7. Palin is looking much better than the current clown posse, eh feets?

    I heard the Levin interview with Ryan and couldn’t believe how dense Ryan was acting.

    I say “acting” because he’s sharp enough to know exactly what Levin meant when he repeated “so the increases are immediate but the cuts are over 10 years.”

    “No! The cuts are permanent! PERMANENT, I tells ya,” Ryan kept insisting.

    He HAD to know how stupid that sounded, and Levin, knowing that Ryan knew, stopped interjecting. Best let the man articulate his own perfidy, in front of God and everyone, than ruin the effect by adding exclamation points of his own.

  8. i wish Palin the best of luck with her new cable show that will be airing on the cable for people who have cable

    i wonder if there will be recipes

  9. I hope not. I watched her make some kind of moose dogs with a couple of pounds of cheese on top.

    I worry about her family’s cholesterol. It explains the chubbiness of the daughters Palin, though.

  10. maybe she could just do a cole slaw recipe

    i’m a big fan of the slaw

  11. She could. They grow a lot of cabbages in Alaska.

  12. that must be why they have so many babies

  13. Probably. I believe they have storks up there too.

  14. In Alaska the storks drive dogsleds. Except in the summer, when they fly on Era Alaska.

  15. Did you have a plane when you lived in Fairbanks? Hubs had a Cessna.

    But no dogsled.

  16. i wonder if there will be recipes

    I have a great one for venison stew. It is exactly like my recipe for beef stew only with venison.

    Sauted lake perch.
    Catch some perch.
    Sautee em.

  17. Sounds like my version of venison stew. I also make venison stroganoff.

    Our lake has no perch, which is okay since they have a ton of bones. We have white bass and crappie.

  18. Bluegill. Don’t have to worry about fancy fishing techniques.

  19. I love them. I like almost all fish, but I hate cleaning them. Actually, I don’t mind gutting them, I’ve cut myself on scale too many times.

  20. You’re going to cost us the Senate and a Chris Christie presidency,

    Well now, we sure wouldn’t want that to happen, would we?

  21. Come on, y’all – striped bass and bluefish. All that other stuff is baitfish.

  22. I don’t understand Ryan’s thinking here, unless he thinks that conservatives have liked him for who he is

    In This Town, Leibovitch characterizes Paul Ryan essentially as Miss Congeniality, the guy that everyone on both sides of the aisle likes.

    No doubt he’s bought into that press. Not from Leibovitch, from Mike Allen’s POPular listerv.

  23. No plane. Paddleboat.

    Wife of Slog thought it would move us up and down rivers like a people-powered Evinrude.

  24. Your wife is so cute that way.

  25. We’re lucky we didn’t wind up in Galena.

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