December 6, 2013

“What prevents the president from ignoring election laws?” [Darleen Click]


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  1. Some libs are evidently fine with election cheating. Wholesale ignoring of the law, e.g. Two-term limit for prez, I think(hope!) would be a bridge too far.

  2. Egg zakly. Bending the arc of the moral universe toward justice and all that is a dirty dirty business sometimes.

  3. Jerry Brown in California ignored a two term limit and no one tried to stop him.

    he also did not qualify to be Attorney General and no one challenged him there either.

  4. Well, anyone who would try to stop our Fearless Leader from running for a third term would unsurprisingly be found to “lack standing”, it really doesn’t matter what anyone thinks any longer.

  5. Here, have a “since”. I’ve got one left over.


    “A mentally disturbed man is wandering through traffic outside New York’s Port Authority Bus Terminal. Naturally, the NYPD open fire. They miss the guy. However, the sidewalks being full of people, they manage to hit two female pedestrians, one of them already using a walker, which comes in handy when the coppers shoot you in the leg.

    So the DA charges the guy with assaulting the women:

    “The defendant is the one that created the situation that injured innocent bystanders,” said an assistant district attorney, Shannon Lucey.

    Ah, yes: the “situation” injured the innocent bystanders. If you outlaw guns, only situations will have guns.

    The defendant is looking at 25 years in jail for the crime of provoking law enforcement into shooting random citizens. If this flies in New York, then there is no law.”

  7. Firing at will into a crowd of citizens going about their business is SOP?

    Who knew?

  8. heh, just yesterday somewhere, though I’m sorry to say I can’t recall where, I saw someone commenting that there are a great many people ‘reasoning’ when they see a wet pavement (after a rain) that the wet pavement had caused the rain — though this commentary was in a context of current health insurance controversies.

  9. - Just waiting fpor that time when “the arc of history” falls down on the heads of the fucking Progressives.

    - They do not possess the sense to quit while they’re behind.

  10. If the Dems take back Congress, they won’t have to ignore election law.


  11. - The future for the Dems and Proggs looks something like that month old pumpkin sitting on my neighboors patio table.

  12. - The Pelosi insanity continues on; “You all need to pay a premium to a provider so you can see if you have a policy and coverage”. What a herd of fucking morons.

  13. With great power comes great careless incompetence.

    Watchdog Wire in Nevada notes that Harry Reid designed the Obamacare statute to concentrate practically every lever of power into the Executive’s’ hands.

    Basically, the legislation said, “We here in the Senate have some ideas on how to rejigger one-sixth of the American economy, but we’ll be leaving the details to you and the White House.”

    That’s why — within the approximately 2,700 pages of the bill put together by Reid, his lieutenants and his staff — the phrase, “the Secretary,” appears 3,120 times.

    Among them are 953 appearances of the phrase, “the Secretary shall,” and 348 appearances of the phrase, “the Secretary may.”

    “As determined by the Secretary,” appears 84 times, and “As the Secretary determines,” appears 81 times. Fifty-five times the bill states, “the Secretary shall ensure,” and 28 times it either says “the Secretary shall specify,” “the Secretary shall promulgate regulations,” or “the Secretary shall develop standards.”

    According to the ranking member on the Senate Committee on Finance, U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, the Reid bill on 1,697 occasions authorized the HHS Secretary to write additional regulations beyond those already specifically requested in the legislation.

    The necessary corollary to the liberal belief that government can do everything is the requirement to actually do it.

    Yet once they had gathered the controls into their hands, the White House appeared to have forgotten completely about it and moved on to the next distraction. Sebelius herself told the public that the president was unaware of the Obamacare website problems until he read it about in the papers.

  14. - Which, being O’bumblefucks ultimate and only excuse, total ignorance of whatever disaster has been spun on this fine day, Progressives would lack an iota of the self awareness it would take to see the irony in that.

  15. - The future for the Dems and Proggs looks something like that month old pumpkin sitting on my neighboors patio table.

    You’re forgetting about the Democrats’ secret weapon:

    the Republicans.

  16. go boner/mcconnell 2014

  17. I think the most important question from this video clip is, “Can we clone Trey Gowdy?”, and the second most important question derived from this is, “Does Trey Gowdy clang when he walks?”

    I wonder what pertinent points Ms. Jackson Lee was about to explore?

  18. That was one epic smack down Trey did.

  19. “You’re forgetting about the Democrats’ secret weapon: the Republicans. ”

    Secret the same way that a guy with a baseball bat’s secret weapon is the bat he’s gripping and brandishing?

  20. I guess it’s kind of a secret from Ace and the fine folks at Hot Air. And Peggy Noonan. And…

  21. Since he won’t run against Maverick’s poodle for the Senate, Trey Gowdy (God willing) should be the next Attorney General of these United States. Unless, of course, Holder winds up incarcerated in the next 3 years.

  22. onward tea party soldiers. smash the boner/mconnell fuzzy zipper

  23. Man, back from vaca, rested and ready to do Thunderdome, and steve takes a powder. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

  24. whether peeps sucks

  25. - Must be MIA due to Global warming……or is it Global cooling…..or maybe just “Global climate thingy”.

  26. Cooling, warming, staying the same — what difference does it make? In each case, the obvious solution is more government control.

  27. *** His detention only increased diplomatic tensions and was culminated when North Korea released a video of him reading a confession to war crimes. It was not clear if his confession was coerced. ***

    The Associated Press writes a huge pile of stupidity every day of the week, every week of the year, every year of its existence, but honest, that bolded sentence ought to win a prize of some sort for infamy.

  28. A very simple reason why Obama wouldn’t dare ignore election laws.


    Based on production data from firearm manufacturers, there are roughly 300 million firearms owned by civilians in the United States as of 2010. Of these, about 100 million are handguns. There are an estimated 50 million households in the US that own at least one gun.


    Roughly 2.28 million people either on active duty or reserves, all of whose oaths are to the Constitution, not the Administration. They all have to eat and sleep at some point, and not all would be willing to defend Duh Won. Many of them are actually out of country on deployments or foreign duty at any given time. (And the Praetorian Guards won’t be stupid, either. Suicidal, yes; stupid, not by a long shot.)

    Of course, that doesn’t mean he won’t TRY. Let us not forget that false flag operations are a long-standing tactic of desperate governments. “Fundamentally transform”, after all…

    But rope is cheap, and trees are plentiful.

  29. Drum, look for the return of “repeal the electoral college rule”. This is a favorite of cheaters who want to circumvent the will of the people.

  30. No worries about that. I look forward to reading how they phrase the Constitutional Amendment enabling such repeal. (The relevant parts needing to be addressed will be Article 2, Section 1 & Amendment XII.)

    They can’t even legally enforce the “winner takes all” format that seems to be the most popular, and trying to get the citizens of ANY State to subsume their collective political will (by trying to get laws passed that say “all of our States electoral votes will go to the guy who gets the most votes in the National Election”) to that decided by people living somewhere else won’t be very popular. AT ALL. Even California and New York would refuse, because that would mean all of those liberals in LA & SF & NYC losing their electoral votes against people like Dubya, who DID win a popular majority in ’04.

    If this nation ever does become a “democracy”, then it boils down to winning just a handful of States (CA, NY, TX, FL, et alia), while ignoring all of the low population States entirely, and the low population areas even within those States.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing discussion about each State splitting up the votes like Nebraska and Maine have done, with each Congressional District deciding for their own Elector, and two additional for the overall winner of the State, but that would have probably cost Obama his re-election, too (popular vote be damned), so I don’t think they will try that, either.

  31. so I don’t think they will try that, either.

    I don’t think they’ll try it either. They just like to squawk about it. It’s one of Canckles favs.

  32. “Icelanders Overthrow Government…”


  33. “it’s important that president elect Obama is prepared to really take power and begin to rule day one.” — Valerie Jarrett

  34. Praetorian Guards will be selected for certain qualities. Arrogant stupidity will certainly be in the top three selected for.

  35. I wouldn’t mind seeing discussion about each State splitting up the votes like Nebraska and Maine have done, with each Congressional District deciding for their own Elector

    There was a push to do the same here in PA a while back, which would be interesting, turning the state from a “purple that always votes blue” to a reliable 50-50ish distribution of EVs. Which would be a net -20 EVs to a D candidate (they’d get 10 instead of 20, and their evil R opponent would also get 10).

    So needless to say, that will never happen.

  36. That’s too bad, John. Pittsburgh was getting redder when I lived there 13 years ago, even with Mayor Smurphy in office. Such a ruling would be proof (as if it were needed) that Philly is an outlier.

  37. Yeah, California would tend to go from “55 EVs for whoever is in the ‘D’ column” to 38-15 (in favor of the Dems, plus the two for the State), which means a net -30 for the Dems (-15 for the Dems, +15 for the GOP).

    CA & PA doing it together would basically guarantee a Republican in the White House for the foreseeable future.

    Never happen.

  38. ” “Icelanders Overthrow Government…” Dramatized.”

    Just once I’d like to see a celebrity charge a reporter and get punched in the throat or have their knee kicked right out from under them. Headbutted, tased…something.

  39. Beaten like a rented mule would be good too, pala.

  40. Hot damn! The Bedlam game was epic!

    Boomer Sooner!

  41. I’m about to watch Baylor behead UT Greenknight style.

    And I hope Baylor wins since UT has had a mediocre year and it’s too late to start gathering glory now. And the game is in WACO. UT is in the visitor’s white.

    Baylor is thankfully back to yellow gold helmets instead of polished metal old. They looked like freaking wanna be Hoplites.

    UT got the ball and so the band played the Imperial March. Classy.

  42. The Iceland story got ignored because the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda weren’t secretly running the revolution, which means the Unicorn Prince didn’t see a reason to tell the American media what an important revolution it was.

  43. Baylor’s colors are indeed hideous. Green and gold? Blech.

    Imperial March? That there is funny.

  44. I think Iceland is about 350,000 people anyway with a third of them living in Reykjavik so their national government would be on a middle sized city mayoral or urbanized county scale. I think their last election was won by a populist reform party that was headed/created by video game developers who sarcastically promised to pay $100,000 to everyone if elected. At one point in 2008 they nationalized their banks to prevent them from participating further in the Eurozone (they blame UK and Dutch money printing for their woes). In 2012 they got the whole parliament to resign and appointed an assembly to amend their constitution to prevent a repeat of the banking collapse scandal from 2008.

    So is this reporting on 2012 or have they had ANOTHER bloodless popular protest driven revolution with new constitutional fiddling about this year too?

  45. It looked to me ike griping because the one success of an #Occupy-themed movement has been ignored in the U.S. Which is way less important of a country than its people think anyway because they haven’t banned guns and imposed single-payer medicine like all these civilized countries that overthrow their governments every six to eight weeks.

  46. I looked for a Tennessee game on my TV schedule and couldn’t find one. Who’s carrying it?

  47. Oops. Wrong UT. Emily Litella, would you care to do the honors?

  48. I have the same problem when people say OU.

    Ohio? Okay then.

  49. Wow. That’s a pretty good barb.

    University of Texas at Austin…the wrong UT.
    Baylor is playing the Wrong UT in Waco today.

  50. I hope this barb never falls into Aggie hands or it might shake the bar and grill scene up in the SEC.

  51. The University of Texas has been creepy lately. I’m losing my sense of loyalty. They have their own local digital cable channel. They are starting to talk about firing Mac after any two losses and a row. That just ain’t right. I’m liking Austin and their way of doing things less and less lately.

  52. What fun is it if @hughhewitt isn’t tweeting his misery in real time?

  53. “What prevents the president from ignoring election laws?”

    I believe he already has. Anybody remember this:

  54. Andhere’s the video should one of the steve and dalek chumpmunks drop by needing proof.

  55. There are several videos floating around on the interwebs of that Shabazz character carrying weapons and threatening white people, including our babies.

    Nice fella.

  56. hughhewitt is an environmental lawyer: mr. statist if you will or hugh the party line.

  57. - Well, someone finally beat Ohio State, and their initials are OSU.

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