December 4, 2013

Attempt at University “diversity” indoctrination goes horribly awry

… is criticized — not the intent, which of course was laudable, attempting to highlight, as it does, the racist exclusion of a black Santa Claus from holiday lore; but rather the execution, which was merely, and with the best of intentions, “misguided” — for promoting negative stereotypes of blacks, not all of whom evidently live in poor areas, or find the color of Santa’s skin particularly problematic.

Next up: university blacks, in a shocking development and in an obvious affront to diversity training orthodoxy, don’t seem to mind that Lincoln was white, or that Kenny G plays a horn or dabbles in jazz, or that Barbie was a white chick with a rather flat ass. Though university whites, ironically, continue to worry about their own white privilege, which is of course settled science.

For now.

But, you know. Baby steps.

(h/t Terry H)

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  1. Having failed to maintain their end of the grievance industry, university blacks are sidelined in favor of teh angry wimminz, who question the sexism inherent in a “Father Christmas” who delivers toys around the world, while “Mrs. Claus” stays at home and bakes cookies.

    University “leaders” are relieved that their diversity initiatives continue to bear fruit.

  2. The Netherlands has a tradition of St. Nicholas Day (Dec 6) when St. Nick and his helper “Black Pete” appear in parades and at pubs handing out treats. There is a dearth of blacks in the Netherlands so, Black Pete is a blond in blackface.

    Some touchy-feely types tried to put an end to the Black Petes and got told to sod off.

  3. Funny, we were told Mrs. Claus spent the time while Santa was away making his deliveries on her back with her feet in the air and a couple of elves surfing her Khyber, finally getting some “me-time”, for the jollies — which is hardly a vision of cookie baking. Truth out.

  4. I am going to denounce myself preemptively for the following joke:

    “There is a black Santa Claus, but he is called ‘Mac-Daddy Kwanzaa.’”

  5. “There is a black Santa Claus, but he is called ‘Mac-Daddy Kwanzaa.”>>

    You can recognize him on the freeway because he has the only Escalade drawn by reindeer.

  6. My parents blocked that channel on our cable box, sdferr. I’m curious, though — was your “Christmas special” done in Claymation?

  7. was your “Christmas special” done in Claymation?

    Nah, that was the I Go Pogo movie I looked forward to, but never got to see. The Mrs. Claus thing — rumor had it — originated in a prose rendering by Marilyn French or some such like that.

  8. ***The school tweeted that “the intention was to educate, not offend, but we recognize the problem and apologize to everyone effected.”***

    The effect of that IU tweet affects me deeply.

    I demand an epology.

  9. Hopefully an eep-ology works better than an ape-ology.

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