December 2, 2013

Gun ban surprise — with a complicit (or is it just ignorant and opportunistic) GOP helping lead the way?

Say it ain’t so, Orange Johnnyius!  From Dudley Brown, National Association for Gun Rights:

Will your Congressman vote to let President Barack Obama ban wooden stocks and to allow a massive crack-down on firearms manufacturing?

I hope not, but that’s what the Republican-controlled House may be on the verge of doing in a vote that could come later today.

Let me explain.

Last week, I told you about how Chuck Schumer tried to pull a Thanksgiving trick on gun owners.

Schumer was caught red-handed trying to sneak a massive gun ban expansion through the U.S. Senate.

Schumer’s plan calls for extending the so-called “undetectable” gun ban of 1988.

Additionally, he wants to expand it to crack-down on 3D-printing and outlaw manufacturing certain types of receivers, gun moldings, and plastic magazines.

Fortunately, Schumer encountered a set-back.

It sent the gun-grabbers scrambling to find a new strategy to get this anti-gun legislation passed before a crucial December 9th deadline.

The bad news: Insiders are now telling me they’ve found one.

Republican House Speaker John Boehner is prepared to bring it up for a vote in the House on Monday afternoon.

If Boehner allows it to come up for a vote and pass, it would give Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, and the rest of the anti-gunners in the Senate the vehicle they need to tack on all of the expanded gun control they’re hoping for.

But it gets worse.

If the so-called “undetectable” gun ban is expanded at all, experts warn that the Obama administration is prepared to use it as an excuse to outlaw as many firearm components as possible — even wooden stocks.

With twenty-five gun control Executive Actions taken so far, President Obama and his disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder are holding their breath.

They’re hoping House Republicans will sign-off on renewing the so-called “undetectable” gun ban.

If they do, then Holder and Obama will be free to unleash another tidal wave of Executive Actions and regulations to crack down on as many firearms and components as possible. [my emphasis]


Please contact your Congressman immediately and urge him or her to oppose extending the so-called “undetectable” gun ban.

*** The congressional switchboard can be reached at (202) 224-3121. Ask to be connected to your Congressman.

When you speak to them, let them know that a vote to reauthorize the so-called “undetectable” gun ban is a vote for more gun control and less freedom.Urge them to reject Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer’s anti-gun agenda by refusing to allow the so-called “undetectable” gun ban to come up for any vote.

The left is constantly looking for ways to massage a law – by removing from it its prior historical context and  legislative intent (see my previous post for more of this “fundamentally unserious” carping on our failure to address the systemic perversions of language and hermeneutics that keep moving us ever leftward, but which are not nearly important to discuss or consider as, say, Chris Christie’s potential popularity with overweight Hispanic voters who didn’t like their teachers) — and so it is unsurprising that our feckless GOP leadership, hoping to look “strong on reasonable gun control” and fearing how the press would spin their refusal to support an “undetectable gun ban” (HOW CAN YOU EVIL PUPPETS OF THE PRO KILLING MACHING GUN LOBBY ALLOW ICE BULLETS AND PRINTED PLASTIC ZIP GUNS THAT WILL BE USED TO MURDER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENTS TO BE LEGAL?), either can’t or won’t see the opening this provides the anti-second amendment forces that need the slow and steady repeal of firearm ownership by private citizens if they are, in the end, ever to “nudge” us into Utopia.

Because, well, some people just don’t nudge easy, it turns out.

No worries, though. Bill Ayers had a solution for that and, though he’s just some guy Obama knew from the neighborhood, chances are Obama’s study of subversive leftwing radical groups, inculcated in him during his time as a campus Marxist and critical race theory adept, brought him face to face with Prairie Fire, just as sure as it left him with a well-worn, likely heavily dog-eared copy of the works of Alinsky and Cloward-Piven.

– My mentioning of which is, of course, unhelpful.  But, you know, deal with it.  Pussies.

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  1. Yeah “dealing with it” is exactly, precisely, perfectly what is not happening.

  2. When the police run out of ammo, they better not come crying to me.

  3. - My answer to the whole gun grabbing ploy with the Proggies is simple. Any time one of them wants to take my gun all they have to do is take it. No guarentees on how easy or hard that will be though, they’ll just have to take their chances.

  4. BBH
    Just about a logistical impossibility.
    80 million firearm owners. That we know of.
    200,000,000 firearms. That we know of.
    Suppose the state decides to throw away the rule of law and starts to confiscate all privately held firearms.If only 2% of firearm owners decided to fight back the state couldn’t raise a force big enough.
    They know that. That’s why they try to always back door a gun solution.
    Now if you excuse me I have to order some more reloading components.

  5. ot
    sandra fluke’s fascist friends

    Obama’s corporatist contraceptive mandate

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