June 2, 2013

IRS agent indicates Washington DC, not “rogue agents”, directed TEA Party targeting … [Darleen Click]

WOW, like, we didn’t see this coming!

Interviews with IRS employees have established that the Washington, D.C. headquarters of the Internal Revenue Service was engaged in targeting tea party groups and other conservative organizations for unfair levels of scrutiny when they applied for tax-exempt status. […]

One of those interviewees said it was ‘impossible’ for a few IRS agents to have orchestrated such widespread partisan targeting on their own.

‘Did [your supervisor] give you any indication of the need for the search [for tea party groups], any more context?’ one IRS witness was asked in a closed-door interview.

‘He told me that Washington, D.C., wanted some cases,’ came the reply.

The employee, who said he or she was evaluating 40 such applications for tax-exempt status from conservative organizations at the time, said ‘some went to Washington. D.C. … I sent seven.’ […]

‘[The] allegation has been made, I think as you have seen in lots of press reports, that there were two rogue agents in Cincinnati that are sort of responsible for all of the issues that we have been talking about today.,’ the investigator noted. ‘What do you think about those allegations?’

‘It’s impossible.,’ the employee replied. ‘As an agent we are controlled by many, many people. We have to submit many, many reports. So the chance of two agents being rogue and doing things like that could never happen.’

Asked whether the problem ‘was originated in and contained in the Cincinnati office,’ as some Obama administration officials in Washington have claimed, the agent replied that ‘I still hear people saying we were low level employees, so we were lower than dirt, according to people in D.C. So, take it for what it is.’

‘They were basically throwing us underneath the bus.’

OHNOES!!1! Say it’s not so!

Another Cincinnati IRS employee, whom the oversight committee described Sunday as ‘more senior,’ told the investigators that he or she applied for another job in July 2010 out of a desire to avoid connections with a program that targeted certain Americans because of their political beliefs.

‘It was the whole tea party. It was the whole picture,’ the senior agent said.

‘I mean, it was the micromanagement. The fact that the subject area was extremely sensitive and it was something that I didn’t want to be associated with.

It is ‘what happened now’ that the employee said he or she was trying to prevent involvement with.

‘I mean, rogue agent? Even though I was taking all my direction from EO Technical [the Exempt Organizations technical office in Washington, D.C], I didn’t want my name in the paper for being this rogue agent for a project I had no control over.’

Most honest, transparent Administration, EVAH!


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  1. Amazing! Who knew?
    Powerline has a source, a former member of the IRS Criminal Investigation (CI) Division, who described the organization structure and how this indicates direction from higher up: http://tinyurl.com/k3cmcm5

    “What this means, though, is that policy was spread over five groups. This isn’t just something that happened with one or two people in one group, or even a “rogue” GM. Somebody set a policy for an entire office, and made sure at least five Groups got the word. That could only have happened in writing, and must have come from at least two levels above the GM.”

  2. ‘Community Organized’ from the top down. Nice dog whistle you’ve got there, Mr. President. Shame if you get impeached for it.

  3. Paraphrasing Greg Gutfeld, the IRS doing Barry’s bidding has unwittingly dug Big Government’s grave . If only we had enough balls to push it in…

  4. we got da balls mr. orange not so much

  5. “Pardon me sir. Yes, you sir. . . . right, you carrying the Donkey on your back. Yes. You. Would you mind if I ask a question of you before you move off on your way?

    Oh, good.

    Well then, here it is: wouldn’t you like to give the Donkey something to do as you lug it down the path there? It’s only right the Donkey should do some work. You know, it’s only fair.

    Very well then, here’s what I suggest . . . we let these two union workers here ride that Donkey while you carry it, so that way the Donkey is providing a service rather just being a mere lump of Donkey flesh.

    Right then. Just bend down a bit and let’s get them up.

    Good. Now, off you go.”

  6. – Issa cranks it up another notch:

    WASHINGTON – The IRS agents in Cincinnati who were involved in the targeting of conservative groups were “being directly ordered from Washington,” Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., said today, and he accused the White House of lying about the involvement of IRS headquarter officials in the scandal, calling White House Press Secretary Jay Carney a “paid liar.”

  7. “Paid liar” is pretty much the definition of a press secretary.

  8. Just to be considered for the job, you must have some years of prior experience as a paid liar. One that has managed to get the press to reprint his paid lies, a little bit.

  9. Just to be considered for the job, you must have some years of prior experience as a paid liar. One that has managed to get the press to reprint his paid lies, a little bit.

    Yeah, but some can carry it off with aplomb. Jay Carney has all the aplomb of a 3 year old throwing a tantrum.

  10. Oh yeah, Carney is quite bad at it. The only reason he survived so long is that the press have mostly been lapdogs up until recently.

  11. I’d thought it was the mirror effect. When the 98% of the scribes in the White House Press briefing look at Jay, they see themselves, and they would hardly accuse themselves of lying. Rather, they’d accuse themselves of being deeply (hoopti-doopty) knowledgeable, suave, nuanced and sophisticated, nodding sagely along with Jay. Until maybe the day comes Jay alienates them, when they remain as they are, deeply knowledgeable, suave, nuanced and sophisticated, whereas Jay will have descended into an ape-class.

  12. A wise bureaucrat, in such circumstances, might make themselves a little cache of documents and start requesting orders in writing.

  13. The word “wise” has a meaning, and the word “bureaucrat” has a meaning, but…

  14. When the 98% of the scribes in the White House Press briefing look at Jay, they see themselves

    They see somebody serve a function that they themselves would gladly perform.

    But we can’t transplant folks directly from the press corpse, because that would be a giveaway.

  15. Chuckie Todd propounds the line preparatory to the banishment: Eric Holder is held in contempt by the (upstandingshininggenius) political types in the White House (which is merely to say, all of the people in the White House). “See ya, Eric, wouldn’t wanna be ya.”, say the WhiteHousians.

  16. – It’s Panic Time on Pennsylvania Avenue.

    – The trick is to stay ahead of the narrative, but which one.

  17. The senior Senator (Mafia – N.J.) Frank L. has passed, necessitating Gov. Christie’s nomination of a ‘replacement’ to fill the seat. Never fear, there are plenty of Orcs yet in N.J. from whom to choose.

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  19. Say it with me: Senator Cory Booker.

  20. Snooki. She and Boehner could meet at the tanning salon.

  21. McGehee, Snooki would probably say working in the Senate is beneath her dignity. And I’d have a lot of trouble disagreeing with her assessment.

  22. What’s worse is that Snooki probably knows how to make an honest buck better than most of the Senate.