May 19, 2013

Shorter White House Spokeshole: Shut-the-f***-up, peasants … [Darleen Click]

… how DARE you question Us!

King Barry’s toady, Dan Pfeiffer is making the rounds of Sunday shows and is clearly demonstrating the abject contempt this administration has towards anyone who does less than lick the King’s ankles.

“Republicans owe Susan Rice an apology”

“the law around the IRS targeting of conservatives is irrelevant.

“I can’t speak to the law here. The law is irrelevant. The activity was outrageous and inexcusable, and it was stopped and it needs to be fixed so we ensure it never happens again,” Pfeiffer said.

Stephanopoulos asked Pfeiffer if he really thought the law is “irrelevant.”

“What I mean is, whether it’s legal or illegal is not important to the fact that the conduct doesn’t matter. The Department of Justice has said they’re looking into the legality of this. The president is not going to wait for that. We have to make sure it doesn’t happen again, regardless of how that turns out,” Pfeiffer said.

Then there’s that word irrelevant again, when it comes to where and what the King was doing while Ambassador Stevens and three others were being murdered, and non-umbrella-holding military personnel were told to Stand Down!

WALLACE: with all due respect, you didn’t answer my question. what did the president do that night?

PFEIFFER: kept up to date with the events as they were happening.

WALLACE: he didn’t talk to the secretary of state except for the one time when the first attack was over. he didn’t talk to the secretary of defense, he didn’t talk to chiefs. the chairman of the joint who was he talking to?

PFEIFFER: his national security staff, his national security council.

WALLACE: was he in the situation room?

PFEIFFER: he was kept up to date throughout the day.

WALLACE: do you know know whether he was in the situation room?

PFEIFFER: i don’t know what room he was in that night. that’s a largely irrelevant fact.

WALLACE: well —

PFEIFFER: the premise of your question, somehow there was something that could have been done differently, okay, that would have changed the outcome here. the accountability roof board has looked at this, people have looked at this. it’s a horrible tragedy, and we have to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

WALLCE: here’s the point, though, the ambassador goes missing, the first ambassador in more than 30 years is killed. four americans, including the ambassador, are killed. dozens of americans are in jeopardy. the president at 4:00 in the afternoon says to the chairman of the joint chiefs to deploy forces. no forces are deployed. where is he while all this is going on?

PFEIFFER: this has been tested to by —

WALLACE: well, no. no one knows where he is, who was involved, the —

PFEIFFER: the suggestion of your question that somehow the president —

WALLACE: i just want to know the answer.

PFEIFFER: the assertions from republicans that the president didn’t take action is offensive. there’s no evidence to support it.

WALLACE: i’m simply asking a question. where was he? what did he do? how did he respond in who told him you can’t deploy forces and what was his president?

PFEIFFER: the president was in the white house that day, kept up to date by his national security team, spoke to the joint chiefs of staff earlier, secretary of state, and as events unfolded he was kept up to date.

The chutzpah is breathtaking.

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  1. One has to admit that this stance makes sense in a magisterial administrative State, so at least it has the virtue of consistency. That is, it’s only chutzpah if you think of the United States as though it were still a Republic. Which, of course, it isn’t.

    So sit down, be quiet and do what you’re told.

  2. ” if you think of the United States as though it were still a Republic. Which, of course, it isn’t.”

    In that case, Barky-O should maybe be a little more careful about treating the Praetorian Guard as menials.

  3. I find the president and his entire administration’s suggestion that I and my fellow Americans should STFU offensive.

  4. That’s a good point SBP, assuming, I guess, that the Praetorian Guard would view themselves as a Praetorian Guard. Which I doubt they do — as yet — that is, they haven’t discovered their new function, nor been told in specific. Perhaps it’s “irrelevant” that they should understand themselves this way?

  5. It is there one and only strategy, that they have followed forever.

    h/t sdferr in email

  6. food stamp is not very proactive when americans are getting slaughtered

    keep me posted he says

    then he has to send a fascist thug out to lie on tv again

    bitch how’s that working out for you

  7. Pfeiffer was rolled out because the obozo administration thinks conservatives will identify with a dumb looking white guy.
    He has constructively admitted obozo was not doing what he was supposed to be doing and not where he was supposed to be doing it. And now we can be sure because of his evasion.

  8. In that case, Barky-O should maybe be a little more careful about treating the Praetorian Guard as menials.

    I suppose we must still be enough of a Republic for that not to matter. Because we know what happens otherwise, and it ain’t happened yet. His Serene Highness sure sails close to the wind.

  9. The chutzpah is breathtaking.

    You spelled standard operating procedure wrong.

  10. …we have to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    Told ya they’d say that.

    As long as it took for us to all go away.

  11. Underlings beginning to awaken to their fate? Listen to Eric Nordstrom (“You’re on your own.”), did they?

    Hold still, be quiet and take it in the neck like a man, underling.

  12. Re: sdferr 12:39 pm

    Similar to the AP subpoena process too. Or should I say a lack of process similar to the lack of “regular order” in congress when all important legislation is considered rolled out to be voted on without anyone knowing what “it” is really going to affect. Small cabals deciding what is to be done behind closed doors and then by fiat making it so.

  13. “Shut up,” he explained.

  14. The real answer is that he was getting ready to go to Vegas the next day.

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  16. – Bob is unhappy.

  17. Bob is unhappy.

    This is a business where you have to tell the truth and that did not happen here.

    Bob must be thinking of some other business. Or does he think proggy shit don’t stink?

  18. “Circle the wagons, here come the hobbits!”

  19. “StrangernFiction says May 19, 2013 at 2:04 pm
    The blog editor of the American Thinker does not see any evil from Obama yet.”

    The guy probably can’t see anything when wearing his ass hat. But VIDEO GAMES y’all!

  20. “Circle the wagons, here come the hobbits!”

    Doesn’t “dancing” sound so much more elegant and less threatening?

  21. The letters in the NY Times are an exercise in denial. If I weren’t so used to progs and the way they act and react, I’d be livid.

    I’ll save you the trouble of going there and let you know that they all boil down to a “Bush did it first!” attitude. Which is nonsense, but there you go.

  22. Tu quoque, the first and last refuge of the argument challenged, leigh.

  23. Tu quoque is interesting, though, insofar as it seems to imply something actually matters to judgment, whereas the general run of progressive nuance these days is more akin to “What difference at this point does it make?”, where judgment simply isn’t possible for lack of grounds.

  24. They become right enraged when that little fact is pointed out to them, SW.

  25. Some of them have blown right through the tu quoque barrier and are way out there in Winston Smith 2+2=5 territory.

  26. candy crowley looks to be useless and fat with respect to doing any of the whitewashing duties for zucky zucky CNN

    pigbitch has no credibility

    it’s a problem

  27. borowitz-obama-580.jpg

    WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—President Obama used his weekly radio address on Saturday to reassure the American people that he has “played no role whatsoever” in the U.S. government over the past four years.

    “Right now, many of you are angry at the government, and no one is angrier than I am,” he said. “Quite frankly, I am glad that I have had no involvement in such an organization.”


  28. There are four lights!

  29. There are four lights!

    I got that.

  30. Old time hockey, coach!

  31. OT:

    How hard does a half-white man have to work?

    Seriously. This guy thinks he’s worked hard? Ever?

  32. As far as I can tell, he has not worked a day in his life.

  33. He was out stealing hubcaps again, wasn’t he?

  34. He has the soul of a thief, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

  35. jersey trash senator reduced to incoherent babblings

    Menendez said that the law governing tax-exempt status should be the real focus of Congress.

    “I think there are two scandals here. And clearly what the IRS did in this regard is absolutely wrong and it’s outrageous. It’s a lack of management,” he said.

    “But there’s second scandal, and that fact is, is that hundreds of millions of dollars had been used in C-4s that are supposed to be used a nonprofit social welfare entities for political purposes,” Menendez added.

    I think his point is that America’s whore congress needs to pass more regulations on free speech

    go fuck yourself, jersey trash

    how’s that sound

  36. Barky’s own lawyer knew several weeks ago, but apparently didn’t see the need to brief HRH on it:

    Or that’s what they say. Anyone here believe that story?

  37. “Among a large class, there seemed to be a dependence upon the government for every conceivable thing. The members of this class had little ambition to create a position for themselves, but wanted the federal officials to create one for them. How many times I wished then and have often wished since, that by some power of magic, I might remove the great bulk of these people into the country districts and plant them upon the soil – upon the solid and never deceptive foundation of Mother Nature, where all nations and races that have ever succeeded have gotten their start – a start that at first may be slow and toilsome, but one that nevertheless is real.”
    ? Booker T. Washington, Up from Slavery


  38. the IRS needs to be abolished

    it’s a virulently jew-hating gestapo

    also it hates freedom

    these used to be bad things in America, before food stamp

  39. OT: the climbdown on “global warming” continues:

  40. Or that’s what they say. Anyone here believe that story?

    I think I could readily believe there’s no paper trail, and quite probably no electronic trail either. Encounters in hallways though, that’s another deal.

  41. x No Fishing! x

    Kinda marks the spot, don’t it?

  42. part of the “give a man a fish” campaigne

  43. you can give a man a fish but the luckless american bastard will still have to pay gift taxes on it

  44. “But there’s second scandal, and that fact is, is that hundreds of millions of dollars had been used in C-4s that are supposed to be used a nonprofit social welfare entities for political purposes,” Menendez added.

    OK Bob, so tell us how you want to put Organizing For America (which you can find at out of the tax-exempt business.

  45. Tu quoque can be pretty easy to shoot down:

    “Bush did it too!”

    “Was it wrong?”

    ” … ”

    “Then it’s wrong when O does it.”

    Unless the answer is “no, it wasn’t wrong,” in which case you’re stuck.

  46. Oh, it’s Organizing For Action now. That’s different from when it was Barack Obama’s totally non-partisan reelection campaign.

  47. ” Menendez added.”

    are the young girls good in domrep bob?

  48. To recap: the administration and the IRS have referred to the harassment of private citizens based on their political views as “irrelevant,” a “foolish mistake,” and “bad customer service.” Riiiiight.

    Note that those targeted have spent countless hours and a lot of money on lawyers defending themselves and their businesses from the IRS, as well as the additional audits & inquiries from other agencies such as the FBI, EPA, OSHA, the DEA, etc. See the stories about how Frank Vandersloot (Romney supporter), Catherine Englebrecht (TX True the Vote), Prof. Anne Hendershott (author critical of ObamaCare), and Dylan Nonaka (Leadership Institute) were all harassed.
    The pattern and the concurrent attention from multiple agencies is very relevant and clearly not a mistake.

    The MSM and the Left that gave us 24/7 flood-the-zone !blame Bush! coverage of scandals such as Valerie Plame, Abu Garib, and even hurricane Katrina can’t now tell us that Obama can’t be held responsible for this, or the Benghazi attacks,.

  49. “Bush did it too!”

    what exactly?

  50. i think “griftergate” would have nailed baracky


    Web definitions
    swindler: a person who swindles you by means of deception or fraud.”

  51. something about fishes and rot

    Justice Department Spied on Fox News Reporter

  52. Scandal-rama.

  53. Welcome to Colorado:

    Daniele Perazzi, president of the Italian Perazzi Shotguns firm, was taken into custody yesterday by Adams County Deputies [see update, below] along with several prototype shotguns. The executive was picked up in the parking lot of the Denver Merchandise Mart, hosting the high-end Colorado Gun Collectors show this weekend, after a taxi driver, likely reacting to a suspicious activity reporting outreach program conducted by law enforcement, told authorities he thought he could be transporting an armed “foreign speaking” terror suspect.

  54. ” Adams County deputies were in his office at the time of the incident and knew nothing about it, meaning if this bears out, it was Denver PD — whether this could also result in jurisdictional issues is not known at this time.”

  55. Wrong “Perazzi”, Examiner.

  56. Silver Whistle says May 19, 2013 at 2:23 pm
    Tu quoque, the first and last refuge of the argument challenged, leigh.

    Tu quoque isn’t a fallacy if the other guy is doing it, too.

  57. Canadian singer-songwriter Alexis Normand from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan was all set to sing ‘O Canada’, Canada’s national anthem, before the Portland Winterhawks took on the Halifax Mooseheads at the 2013 Memorial Cup. Two hours before the event, Normand was informed she would also be singing the America’s national anthem, ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’, a song she had never sung before. Normand gave it her best shot and stumbled on a few lines before the crowd helped her finish. Immediately after the song Normand apologized on Twitter and thanked the crowd for backing her up.

    Old time hokey, coach!

  58. Scandal-rama.

    I usually see the “-orama” suffix including the O.

    But if we’re including the O let’s replace the R with a B.

    Scandal-obama. — “Oops, I meant to type an R there but I think that works too.”

  59. Tu quoque isn’t a fallacy if the other guy is doing it, too.

    Fallacy refers to the validity of the argument, not the truth of the accusation.

  60. I was making a self-referential fallacy, McGehee. But I am nearly always a lot less amusing to others than I am to myself.

  61. A correction to my 10:53

    It was Daniele Perazzi the son of the founder Daniele Perazzi who was arrested by the Denver PD.

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  63. I am nearly always a lot less amusing to others than I am to myself.

    I know the feeling.

  64. I could write a book about being less amusing to others than myself, but no one but I would read it…

  65. Sure, I’ll give Sizy Rice an appy-polly-logie: right after YOU BLOW ME, dickhead.

  66. Oh, sorry.

    For the Proggies:

    Dickhead: a six-foot walking penis capable of speech.

  67. PS:
    Always wears a tie, to keep the fore-skin from covering it’s face.

  68. So, an uncut dickhead.

  69. “non-umbrella-holding military personnel were told to Stand Down!”

    I really hate the use of passive voice here. Saying they “were told” conveniently omits a very important fact: WHO told them to stand down? Someone gave that order, and I’ve yet to hear exactly who the fsck it was. I don’t want to hear “we were told”; I want a goddamn name.

  70. Congratulations to France! You’ve officially become a tax tyranny.

    More than 8,000 French households’ tax bills topped 100 percent of their income last year, the business newspaper Les Echos reported on Saturday, citing Finance Ministry data.

  71. Pfeiffer doing the ‘5-show-ricing’ was funny and I’m not sure if the Democrats want an apology for pointing out she allowed herself to be used or because she is tragically stupid.

  72. The way I figure it is that in order to “Stand Up” they would need orders from the POTUS because the “standing orders” were written to not allow any missions into another nation’s territory without orders from on high.

    So no one high up had to order them to “Stand Down” as that was the SOP which would put lower level managers, officers, in a bind. One of them, the Chief of Mission of the annex operation, when put in the bind by those who demanded that they be allowed to go to the consulate/mission to rescue those who were under attack, relented or at least turned a blind eye to the effort.

    That rescue mission was the one thing which threw a monkey wrench into the the coverup by the administration. Without it all the witnesses to the attack would be dead and the blame on the video would have worked well.

    The idea of using the video as blame was circulated by the terrorists before the attack, overheard by our intelligence people, and put out as a reason by officials of the Libyan government who had ties to the terrorist groups right after the attack in a story to the New York Times. Along with an account of the “protest” and description of the attack which were not in anyway factual but could have been plausible if there were no witnesses left alive.

  73. “But I am nearly always a lot less amusing to others than I am to myself.”

    Dunno about anyone else, but I think you are quite funny. As my Mom used to say; “Good looks aren’t everything.”

  74. “Bush did it too.”

    Ok, if that’s true we can go after him too.

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