May 17, 2013

BREAKING: The Scandals are Falling Apart!

So says Ezra Klein, who may turn out to be one of the stupidest people ever to be given column inches in a printed medium of any variety.

After reading Klein’s desperate attempt to map onto reality his own desires, written in the form of a serious news piece, I’m tempted to say something like “fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”

But then, the movie that comes from is, like, 35-years old. And back then, slave owners were still running things, and men in tri-cornered hats were acting all pissy and dumping perfectly good tea into a harbor when asked to by the Crown to pay their fair shares.

The fact is, Klein is right, but not for the reasons he wants us to believe. That is, his premise — that a scandal is only a scandal if high-level political figures fall — is true. But his implication — that because Obama and Holder and Hillary Clinton likely won’t fall, we aren’t in the midst of any scandals — is cynical, disingenuous, and largely exactly what you’d expect out of a useful idiot who fancies that he’s respected by those whose approval he so longs for.

The truth is, Obama and Holder and Hillary Clinton likely won’t fall because they will find protection in the arms of the ruling class, while lower-level functionaries will act as fall guys and scapegoats. And that’s because it is, as I’ve been saying, not a real two-party system any longer, but rather the ruling class vs. the rest of us.

Congress never pressed the IRS issue. Boehner is resisting calls to impanel a special committee on Benghazi, and the AP, once they get over the butt hurt of realizing that, for all the cover they’ve given progressives, ObamaCo just really isn’t all that into them, will go right back to fluffing up the President, rationalizing to themselves that they are making a sacrifice to the greater good. There has been no special prosecutor called for in the House to look into the IRS; the Senate is giving us Carl Levin and Max Baucus as investigators — two men who themselves engaged in the very conduct that politicians are now pretending to be outraged by.

So let’s not be coy: if the scandals fall apart it won’t be because no scandals existed, as Klein wants to pretend. Instead, it will be because the ruling class and their parasitic fluffers like Klein care more about the furtherance of big government statism than they do about truth or justice or the people they ostensibly represent or keep informed while working diligently to do neither.

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Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:27am

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  1. I’m ahead of my time. By about 2-3 days, so no big deal.

  2. So says Ezra Klein, who may turn out to be one of the stupidest people ever to be given column inches in a printed medium of any variety.

    Sure, but he’ll be one of the very smartest of the dumbest sons of bitches ever to waste print space, the cream of that idiot crop.

  3. here is what National Soros Radio thinks is a compelling argument for to report

    About an hour into the hearing, Republican Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas asked “is this still America?” and whether the federal government has become “drunk on power.” Democrats, while expressing shock over the agency’s actions, also made several references to the man who headed the IRS until last November, Douglas Shulman, who was an appointee of Republican President George W. Bush. Their point: The targeting happened while a GOP-appointee was in charge.

    then, National Soros Radio, isn’t the question then why wasn’t anyone targeted til food stamp and his piggy little whore holder at the “department of justice” flounced upon the scene

    it’s worth noting I think that the propaganda sluts at National Soros Radio are paid from the same till what pays the piggy piggy IRS stormtroopers

  4. Boehner is not only “resisting calls to impanel a special committee on Benghazi”, but has taken this opportunity, while the nation’s and particularly conservatives’ eyes are focused elsewhere, to encourage House repubs to come up with their own amnesty bill – which they have.

    Elite ruling class, indeed.

  5. Sheer terror that the sheep are learning about the abattoir, exceeded only by the shock of some of the pigs in discovering only after they have crossed the threshold of the abattoir that they are really sheep.

  6. roobs wants to shove his backroom immigration monstrosity up the nation’s cloaca and then say ooh look at me i’m sorta kinda hispanic and I heart fetuses you should make me fucking president (the presidency of the rat-fucked united states being primarily a simple and powerful whore magnet anymore)

    and meghan’s coward geriatric daddy will say yes yes make him president

    but me I can’t help but notice this is the exact same “you have to pass it to find out what’s in it” bullshit what produced the job-raping obamacare regime

    and i will sigh like peggy noonan and we will all diminish and america will fade from the west but roobs will have several talking points with which to appeal to many many millions of newly minted far-more-genuinely-hispanical-than-he voters

  7. Clinton served out his full two terms, but I wouldn’t say he didn’t fall. He left office as a punchline written on a bathroom wall.

    I think the little god-king will leave office in still a much dimmer light.

  8. As for Shulman, I’ve read that someone pivotal in one of these dozens thousands trillions of Obama scandals was, though appointed by GWB, nevertheless a lifelong Democrat. One of 43’s attempts to be a uniter.

    Not really sufficiently interested in whether it was Shulman to actually, like, Google it. I have Things To Do™.

  9. It’s a neat trick they pull McG, one where inserting the name of the hideously evil George Bush isn’t a politically motivated point but merely a statement of fact, whereas citing the political-philosophical disposition of Shulman is grotesquely politicizing the inquiry. A kind of unity indeed, if we squint just right through progressive lenses.

  10. Thursday, an administration official who was part of the Benghazi response told CBS News: “I wish we’d sent it.”

    “It” being the Foreign Emergency Support Team.

    Ah, if wishes and blue-dress jism splooge were candies and blue-dress jism splooge, what a wonderful scandal-less world it would be.

  11. There is still plenty of time for “scandal fatigue”. That’s where we, the people decide a government that follows the law is neither as important, nor as interesting as this season’s prime-time lineup.

  12. Ah, but the prime time stuff is over and it’s almost a month before summer replacement shows and pilot series start. Hockey playoffs are on, but unless you’re a hockey fan, I guess you watch Netflix or start watching the news.

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  14. English Premiere League wraps up this weekend, too. Fortunately, the ice is finally off Lake Harriet, so I can spend my weekend mornings sailing. Whew!

    As far as Shulman goes, I’m curious as to how the identity of the guy who appointed him years ago is supposed to be more important than the guy who manifestly failed to supervise him for the last five years. Perhaps one of our brave journalists could ask that question the next time it comes up.

  15. The hockey playoffs have been great. There have been many overtime games, which is exciting when I’m trying to forget that my country is going down the crapper.

  16. I could have sworn these scandals were reruns as we’ve been repeatedly told there is nothing new here.

  17. Here’s a video: Some lousy actors overdubbed talking angry shit about Muhammed and his followers mistreating people.

    And boy howdy, seeing it, are the Muslims pissed. Killing pissed, sez they.

    Here’s another video: Some grainy live action footage taken from the sky by a UAV, images of Muslims killing Americans in Benghazi.

    And boy howdy, never seeing it, are Americans completely non-plussed and apologetic for that lousy Muhammed video.

  18. Hockey has been epic, cranky. Pens are on fire!

  19. Ezra is just typing what he is told and paid to type. I noticed the same talking points on the one liberal blog that I have to twist my mouse to check ….I am also sure that this is what will be parroted on the weekend news-speak TV propaganda outlets.
    Why did POTUS claim that the IRS IG report was leaked?

  20. – If you thought the ferocious infighting between the Clintonesta’s and clan cult Bumblefuck wings of the Commiecrats was over, you’re just not paying attention.

  21. Based upon Ezra’s character, habit, and history, I think it is safe to dismiss the assertions and arguments made in the piece as not those proposed by Ezra in good faith, but rather as a result of careful messaging in consultation with other likeminded “journalists” and political operatives in the service of the White House and OFA (as if there was a difference). We really should be analyzing this from the perspective of what narrative the White House is trying to push rather than something that should be engaged and refuted on its face.

  22. Off topic? Maybe, but I don’t think so, as it talks about the unspoken relationship between the press and the current President. Klein is just more good prog journo who needs to make sure the first black president’s legacy is not tarnished.

    Seen it already? If so my apologies.

  23. – Maybe he could have used a plumbers helper…. Warning: GraphicWarning: Graphic.

    – Planned Parenthood should change their title to Planned Pedocidehood.

  24. Yet another rogue abortion provider.


    If you are already fine with murdering the unborn, I guess you really have no lines left to cross.

  25. Funny how we have to go to London to find out what’s happening here.

  26. Shulman is absolutely a Democratic donor. Check any of the campaign finance sites.

  27. Is there any instance of Dubya trying to show some cooperation with the other side that hasn’t bitten him on the ass?

  28. Remember how George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and John Woo were responsible for Lynndie England?

    Good times.

  29. Pen(guin)s are on fire!

    That must make it hard to skate.

  30. That’s what makes them so awesome, McGehee.

  31. Degree of dfficulty, eh?

  32. But they make it look easy. The true sign of professionals. You watch them and think, “I could do that.”

  33. IRS planted the question in order to get the story out ahead of the release of the IG report.

  34. Treasury Dept. knew of the irregular screening of politically active organizations in 2012, well before the election.

  35. A lead post on Memeorandum.

  36. Don’t you winguts get it? There was NOTHING more important than re-electing Teh Won!


  37. The Washington Post editorial board chooses to embrace a full-on leftist retard style (seems to be a quirk going around these days). Steve Hayes chooses to take a reason-bat to the head of The Washington Post editorial board.

    The bludgeoning won’t help The Washington Post, to be sure, but has in compensation the virtue of sticking to the facts.

  38. the sandals are falling apart? i blame bush and toe nail fungus.

  39. Some good news; Colorado groups sued the State today for their enacting those heinous gun laws, those passed in the heat of grave-dancing.

    The NRA joins the party.

  40. i got those expensive flipper floppers with the bottle opener in the bottom and my sister’s dog ate them

    what can you do the dog was a rescue

    so i got new ones at Dillard’s, which is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas

    if i ever went to Benghazi I would for sure pack them cause except for getting slaughtered by terrorists I don’t really know what else you do there except go to the beach

  41. The poor animal was bored. Chewing on your expensive sandals (or extension cords, or garbage can lids, or whatever else is within reach, including nice life jackets) just means you haven’t supplied the furry beast with enough chew toys.

    Hie thee to a hardware store and buy mass quantities of chews. Your surviving penny loafter will thank you.

  42. Fuck Maryland in the ass with the remnants of Connecticut. Then make it swallow Rhode Island for good measure.

  43. oh serr8d i thought that too

    so I bought chew toys galore at walmart

    and all the dogs could chew chew chew (she has 6-9 of these creatures at any given time)

    well one of the dogs, a Great Dane, felt as if he were more or less by default in charge of the chew toys

    so when lil chihuahua boy went and nosed at Mr. Great Dane’s chew toy, Mr. Great Dane quick as a bunny tore all the flesh of lil chihuahua boys back

    well not off

    he had two huge flaps, but all you saw of course was a lil ball of red meat scurry behind the couch

    What happened next was kinda cool – I called the emergency vet line and our vet was on his way to his hospital just like that

    I went out to the garage and got a pet carrier, and brother in law helped me coax the freaked out ball of meat into it

    within 15 minutes of the attack the lil guy was getting patched up and today he’s fine just even more neurotic than he already was

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    i felt responsible cause of I had bought all the chew toys

    I picked up all the toys when I got home and put them in a bag for the animal shelter to have

    the Great Dane stays in the side yard now I am told

  44. *off* lil chihuahua *boy’s* back I mean

  45. Six dogs ? She needs a parade permit to take ’em for a walk.

    Oh, on Maryland, I might’ve been a tad harsh. Good things in Maryland.

  46. Speaking of danes imbibing chihuahuas, Chris Christie gets ready to eat a couple kids in New Jersey.

  47. So Journ-o-list is back. Didn’t really think it ever left, and this kind of proves it.

  48. why can’t the bastard prince ponce around his own country

    is it cause it’s a squalid dreary socialist cesspool?

    if so then he needs to harness the vast powers of his royal brain cells and work towards rectifying that

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  50. I thought having Prince Harry here was a nice contrast between actual royalty and our boorish ruling class. There are some pictures of him at a luncheon at the WH with Mechelle and a bunch of children. He is standing and listening to a child telling him something and Mechelle is standing next to him, hunching over the kid with her arms spread out and her mouth wide open.

    Plus he plays polo and looks dashing.

  51. “Pens are on fire!”

    Drizzle, drazzle, druzllle, drone, time for…

    Silly penalties, poor passing and froggy netminding are the maggot sprinkles on our Stanley Cupcake.

    I’ll say, ‘smoldering.’

  52. Vokoun, his mojo: long may it flop.

  53. Well, if he’s half the goalie Tony ‘0’ was, then he’s…

  54. Hat trick. Done by the guy with the fractured jaw.

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