April 22, 2013

Compare and contrast

Somehow, both brothers managed to register to vote.  They also managed to get firearms, despite the very stringent gun-control laws in Massachusetts.

In the first case, the state was negligent — and what should stand as an example of the need to protect our franchise as American citizens will go largely ignored, or even defended, by those whose political power is dependent upon electoral laxity.  In the second case, the state wasn’t negligent, but rather impotent — because had the laws requiring such monsters to undergo background checks before obtaining firearms been at all effective, as the President and many Democrats would have us believe (and if we happen not to believe it, we hate children and want to see them slaughtered, naturally), the brothers wouldn’t have had firearms.  Couldn’t have had them.  And yet they did. Somehow.  As if by magic!

All in all, not a great week to be pushing gun control or comprehensive immigration reform.

— he said, outlandishly politicizing TRAGEDY in a way that should make the woman who spawned such filth feel a puckering in what’s left of her uterus.




Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:08am

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  1. Wait, are you telling me they broke the law? Carrying without a permit is a 1 year mandatory minimum sentence. Also, the Tamerlane dude had a domestic violence conviction, so he wasn’t supposed to be in possession at all. Boy are these guys in trouble!

  2. Don’t worry, I’m sure some selfless politician stands ready to write some stringent new laws for crooks and crazies to ignore/break, for the government to fail to enforce, and the rest of us to try and navigate lawfully.

  3. How dare you call terrorist bombers and cop-killers law-breakers!? You — you — you bigot!

  4. While I hate to politicize a tragedy, since the Dems hate to NOT politicize a tragedy, I shall. Quite frankly, what a terrible week for democrats pushing gun control and immigration. On the gun control front, I cannot even imagine being a unarmed Bostonian, in a city on lockdown, with crazy, death loving terrorists running around, armed and dangerous. Are you really going to push more gun control, government? Do you think citizens not living in blue cities are going to be fine with waiting for half hour while the cops respond to a problem? Hell no. And why do so many shootings and other violent activities seem to be some prominent in cities with the most stringent gun control? Hello? Harry Reid? King Food Stamp? Anyone?

    And immigration -why should we even be issuing visas- student or temporary- to “youths” from heavily Islamic Middle Eastern countries? Doesn’t that seem like a common sense solution to a problem we are obviously having. Its a shame our politicians don’t have the spine to refute the idea that legalizing millions of low skill workers is in keeping with our immigration traditions- we should be extending citizenship to foreigners with something to offer America, not those people who are going to be dependent on government from cradle the grave.

  5. And I called politicians “selfless”, which seriously strained my sarcasm-o-tron.

  6. Clearly Massachusetts needs to tighten up it’s improvised explosive permitting process as well.

  7. Everyone knows that Republican NRA members sold them those guns privately or they got them through the gun show loophole which proves that UBC would so work and you thuglican NRA stooges want more dead children.

  8. What about closing the cookware-show loophole!?

  9. Is this news? (From Fox News main page)


    I figured the DOJ had been burning the midnight oil to try to come up with a “workplace violence” or “cyber-bullying” angle to avoid any actual reference to terrorism since the Muslim connection came up.

  10. In fairness to the younger brother, as a naturalized U.S. citizen, he had the right to register to vote. But that’s the exception that proves the rule, as they say.

  11. with crazy, death loving terrorists running around, armed and dangerous

    …but I kid the police.

  12. And as for the greater problem, we’re simply going to have to pass a new law that makes it illegal for criminals to ignore all the laws we already have. Thereby closing the “law? schmall!” loophole.

    That’ll fix that!

  13. Think of it this way, mondamay, if the present administration thought treating him as an enemy combatant was the best way to expose the hypocrisy etc. of this racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic nation full of capitalist stooge exploiters of the working man and christianist oppressors of the wiser knowing ways of the Other(s), he’d be on his way to gitmo.

    So they must believe they can do enough damage in open court.

  14. I think it’s called the criminal loophole, John.

  15. It’s TOO EARLY to craw conclusions from available facts! We must wait and see what line of egregious bullshit the government will push! Or something like that.

    And, to the un-surprise of, well, ANYONE who was paying attention, John F’in Kerry is a moron. Am mouthy one, which – trust me – does not help.

  16. Sock it to me Smothers Brothers

  17. John F’in Kerry is a moron.

    No way — we would’ve heard.

  18. Clearly Massachusetts needs to tighten up it’s improvised explosive permitting process as well.


  19. He’s a citizen, so he needs to be charged with treason.

    It won’t happen, though.

  20. I don’t know if treason covers it, SBP. He didn’t attack the government.

  21. There’s the other part, though. What they did seems pretty adhery, aidy, and comforty.

  22. Too bad we don’t have a Tarpeian Rock.

  23. Of course it is an illusion that criminals/murderers/ terrorists etc will follow the law. The greater illusion is that by getting rid of all guns this will somehow make it a safer world.

    Hope you can throw rocks better than the other guy.

  24. Too bad we don’t have a Tarpeian Rock.

    What, no? Too soon?

  25. Maybe the Italians would let us borrow it for a couple minutes.

  26. I don’t have all that much dog in this fight, SBP, but there remains the question of what enemy they were aiding and comforting.

  27. – Past, present, and future MO of the Bumblefuck administration says they’ll offer this nimrod a plea to get him to sing, and then they’ll try hard to make sure nothing that undercuts the narrative reaches the public. Holder is already working up the agitprop to cover nixing the death penalty, you can bank on it.

    – The media is already planting the seeds with the “Older brother brain washed sibling” bullshit.

  28. You could be right, BBH, not very good optics for the Great and Powerful O! among his MB constituency if the poor wee bairn gets the spike.

  29. All in all, not a great week to be pushing gun control or comprehensive immigration reform.

    And yet the argument is still made, and doubtless agreed to by many, that a terrorist attack perpetrated by a naturalized citizen and a green-card-carrier somehow highlights the need to pass immigration “reform” ASAP, so that we may bring undocumented, would-be terrorists “out of the shadows”.

  30. Technically, wasn’t his brother the ‘enemy’ that he was adherin’ and aidin’ and comfortin’ and holdin’ and squeezin’ and lovin’…

  31. On April 15, the day the Tsarnaevs set off the pressure cooker bombs on Boylston Street, there were 40 bombings and shootings across Iraq that took the lives of 75 and wounded 350. No one in the outside world knows the names of those who set off these bombs, and no one cares. And Baghdad was not locked down.

    How, then, when these brothers are now as well-known as Timothy McVeigh, if not Osama bin Laden, and they committed an atrocity that mesmerized America for a week, and they forced a lockdown of one of our greatest cities, can it be said that they failed – as terrorists?

  32. Do you have a link to the brothers voting thing ?

  33. All in all, not a great week to be pushing gun control or comprehensive immigration reform.

    Which is why he was riding that water-filtration bike for the press yesterday.

  34. Which is why he was riding that water-filtration bike for the press yesterday.

    Video or it didn’t happen.

  35. There is video.

    And it is beautiful hilarious.

  36. There is video.
    And it is beautiful hilarious.

    I’m a little surprised his Irreplaceableness wasn’t taking more care.

  37. So he’s turning the Office of the Presidency into an episode of “Living with Ed“?

    Kill me now.

  38. Nate vs. The Terrorist was fucking awesome.

    Thanks for the Presnit-powered water filter video, Carin.

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