April 10, 2013

“Survey suggests law enforcement united against gun control”

Which, now you know why the Democrat politicians in Colorada, eg., didn’t want to hear from any law enforcement personnel who weren’t political appointees or pure political animals. In fact, they actively froze out the state’s Sheriffs, then pretended they were having a “debate” on gun violence.

I feel silly repeating this yet again, but gun control is not about making anyone safer. It’s about control, and to the government, it is one less impediment that needs removing before the transformation from representative republic to liberal fascism — wherein the ruling class is permanently entrenched, and through crony capitalism, special dispensations, and the buying of votes through government handouts, solidifies its power — can be affected.

Which is why the new mantra of the left is that, once you’ve been elected, you no longer need to listen to your constituencies. After all, they fucked up, they trusted you!

Is it your fault they were so remarkably gullible and genuinely stupid?

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:14am

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  1. At first I thought the poll was mischaracterized, because there’s a significant gulf between “Do you think it would reduce crime?” and “Do you think we should do it anyway?” I’m pleased to see that I’m mistaken, and that there are questions in there relating to officer safety, support for non-compliance with unconstitutional laws, and overall support. Further, a significant majority seems to be on the side of reason.

    My hope is that most of these guys will be on our side, after the organic fertilizer impacts the rotary ventilator.

  2. the exciting thing is that the gun bill is loaded with chris christie-approved porky porky pork

  3. Well they know that in the absence of Biden’s “black helicopters and special forces” straw-man that they will actually be the ones who get to knock on the doors and ask for the guns.

  4. If they’re united against gun control, why are they complying with orders to confiscate the guns of “the crazy people.”

  5. “Just following orders, ma’am.”