April 10, 2013

“Geraldo To O’Reilly: Isn’t Rush Jealous Of Your Success?”

Geraldo and his aging mustache, Bernie, fluff Bill O’Reilly on Geraldo’s show, and O’Reilly, in typical self-serving fashion, responds by fluffing himself, arguing that the left is after him because he’s so damn effective at crushing them, while the right is after him because they’re jealous of his greatness and influence, of his “best-selling books” and his prime slot on FOX. 

Also, his documented success with the ladies, where loofahs are concerned…

Look: O’Reilly and FOX have become in large part a joke to serious movement conservatives. FOX found a niche after 911 and it plays to that niche; and, largely because its the only game in town, many of its hosts have grown rich off the needs of half the population to hear at least some conservative opinion not routinely demonized..

And yet, that’s what FOX is more and more about: the Rove / RINO wing of the GOP is proclaiming itself the new, less strident “conservatives” and marking anyone to their right — which 50 years ago would have included JFK — extremists, fringe players, and Hobbits, unserious people who need to get out of the way and let the big boys run the party until such time as they’re told to go to the polls and vote for the latest “inevitable” candidate.

To which I say this, to O’Reilly, to Rove, to Geraldo, et al.: you’re over. That you don’t yet know it just speaks to your insulated arrogance.

Honestly, if Bill O’Reilly was on fire I wouldn’t piss on him. Though if there was a Bible about, I might try to put out the flames by thumping him with it. Just because I’d enjoy the irony.

Oh. And blah blah blah BIG OIL PROFITEERING!

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Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:51am

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  1. in large part?

  2. I have completely given up on people. People suck.

  3. Fox only has a few conservatives on the air. O’Reilly isn’t one of them.

    I think there is a market for another network that actually caters to conservatives. However, in this economy and anti-business climate, I doubt it will appear.

  4. Seriously: a world in which Russell Brand’s opinion is given any sort of listen, but Jeff’s isn’t actively sought?


    OTOH Ana Marie Cox is given a higher position on the front page than Brand, which should serve to calibrate the source. And it is, after all, the fucking Grauniad.


  5. Mr. Ailes has his aims. His aims are not my aims. Indeed, his aims, more often than not, conflict with my aims. So to that extent Mr. Ailes constitutes — with his decision making — an obstacle to the attainment of my aims. He fights against me, though he may not fight for the progressives exactly. O’Reilly is just a tool.

  6. Bill O’Reilly is simply Piers Morgan with more viewership, less annoying accent (ymmv), and a different set of shibboleths. Both enjoy the smell of their own flatulence too much to interest me.

  7. Ailes seeks to make money. O’Reilly does as well. If he were truly “looking out for the folks” he’d give us an opportunity to punch him in the face.

  8. O’reilly pissed me off when he made up oil pricing conspiracies out of whole cloth and ignored oil market guys because they were in on it and defended his obstinate ignorance by saying that he knows a guy who works at a gas station and that everybody knows that is going on. Eventually he stopped doing reports on it because EVERYONE he spoke to told him he sounded like he knew absolutely nothing about the topic.

    He pissed me off when he would have Paul Fusco under his olf Alf puppet, or Sacha Baron Cohen (as Borat), or Stephen Colbert on for comedic “interviews” were there was no material for those people work with and it was just awkward and awful because the “guest” was lousy and improve and stuck doing a voice.

    He pissed me off when he turned one segment into learning the origins of 7th grade vocabulary works from a Russian lady or turned another into a body language expert looking over video clips. Then he made a pointless trivia contest between other Fox news personalities? WTF?

    He pisses me off when he sends a reporter out to ask dumb questions and then splices the answers with rapid fire movie clips. He does the clips when he and Dennis Miller or Adam Carolla are trying to be funny too. He found Gangnam Style about tow months too late and played some gag related to it everyday for two weeks! Uggh.

    Recently he said that the bible is not to be taken literally in everything. Alright, I’m actually down with that. Some of the bible is clearly leaning into poetry and metaphor. O’reilly presents himself a s a believer and a Catholic. But, what was O’Reilly’s example of when it was not being literal? Jonah and the whale! So apparently O’Reilly just scrubs all supernatural and unlikely stuff out of the bible? No miracles? No resurrection? No voice from an external guide? No prophecy? I’m a Lutheran, but how is that position Catholic? So it’s just a chronicle with commentary and a rich cultural history behind it that is seminal to our past? Meh.

    I’m tired of him flogging his ghost written externally researched factory-books and his damned mugs.

    O’reilly is nothing but an old pre McGovern democrat. Sure he’s a lot more respectful of conservative ideas but he’s not going to get out in front of a conservative movement.

    And beating Rush? How? Rush pretty much sucks at TV, and O’Reilly sucks at radio. That’s why Rush is out of TV, and O’Reilly is off the radio. They don’t really compete much. Rush tends to keep his comedy bits brief but not ‘lightning round’

    I wish I could watch Hannity but he’s a bit of a bore who gets to the low hanging fruit slower than even I do, and his guests are there to act like twerps instead of make points.

    Lou Dobbs is mostly on the business network from what I can tell.

    Laura Ingram looks disgusted and bored every time I see her.

    Greta is no longer the Murder hawk but she too thinks she is beign funny when she is not.

    Judge Jeanine is a shrill talentless blowhard who seems to be on some kind of Nancy Grace 2.0 track.

    Michelle Malkin is turning up less and less.

    Stossel also seems to mainly be on the business network, but Stossel has taken his whiny nasal “tell me Simplicio, is it true that you actually believe X when in fact every sane and reasonable educated person can plainly see that Y is a better belief? ” Style. It’s as if Galileo was doing a children’s show with puppets based on the Socratic dialogs. Poor Euthyphro was truly the Goofus of his age.

    Anyway, the point is that I find that I like Fox’s format less and less.

  9. because the “guest” was lousy and improve and stuck doing a voice. -> because the “guest” was lousy at improv and stuck doing a voice.

    Thanks auto correct.

  10. Don’t mince words, palæomerus, what do you really think?

  11. palaeomerus says April 10, 2013 at 10:33 am
    Rush pretty much sucks at TV

    Really? When I was in high school I used to stay up super late to watch him. That was my first exposure to Rush, and in most ways still my favorite. I don’t really care for the radio format, which I think has turned into about half an hour of content per hour, and the rest solid advertising and crappy network news feed.

    I was a subscriber for quite a while and I wore those old TV clips out. If you haven’t watched Rush’s “Million Man March” coverage of Louis Farrakhan, you’ve missed out.

  12. I quit watching O’Reilly years ago. He’s one of those hosts who has guests on his show and then doesn’t let them speak. I also don’t like that he calls everyone by their last name like he’s teaching in a British secondary school.

    I used to try to tolerate him since Hubs watches him, but I lost with his ranting about SUVs and trying to tell us we don’t “need” SUVs. No, Bill. You don’t need an SUV. That doesn’t mean no one needs one. You cannot pull a stock trailer with a Prius.

  13. I just lurrrrrrrrve people who want to be able to tell me I shouldn’t spend my own damn money on something because they don’t think I need it.

  14. And beating Rush? How? Rush pretty much sucks at TV, and O’Reilly sucks at radio. That’s why Rush is out of TV, and O’Reilly is off the radio.

    I must respectfully disagree. Rush’s tv show was great, but who the fuck thought it was a good idea to have him on at 2:00 am????

    O’Reilly sucks at Radio and TV. He’s all about his ego (far more so than Rush – whose self-deprecating humor takes the edge off the occasional bombast) and his self-declared “independence”, yet he’s is as genuinely annoying as Piers Morgan at times. He gets (comparatively) high ratings, but I can’t see why.

  15. I don’t really care for the radio format, which I think has turned into about half an hour of content per hour, and the rest solid advertising and crappy network news feed.

    That’s what I love about being able to record SiriusXM. I can get a 3 hour show in in 1.5.

  16. He gets (comparatively) high ratings, but I can’t see why.

    Grumpy old man demographic is at an all-time high, is my thinking.

  17. Beware The View ladies’ couch touchers.

  18. O’Rielly is an “Independent” so he doesn’t have to pull the splinters out of his ass and take a side on anything.