April 8, 2013

“You don’t know what freedom is because you never lost it!”

A survivor of the communist takeover of Cuba schools Democrat gun-grabbers in Oregon who, like their Democrat peers across the country, are following in lock-step with the national party and hoping to use the tragedy in Newtown to rob law-abiding citizens of their natural right to self-protection — be it against predatory criminals or a tyrannical government.

Reached for comment, Maverick Republican Senator John McCain called Mr Martinez a “weird-sounding wacko bird” and asked if we couldn’t maybe trade him back to Cuba for one of the good kind of Hispanics, like the ones who live in the shadows and only come out to pick our lettuce or wash our dishes. He even offered to throw in Ted Cruz to “sweeten the deal.”

Then he tried to fart quietly and accidentally pissed himself instead.

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Posted by Jeff G. @ 3:48pm

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  1. I’ve known plenty of Cubans over the years. I’ve been to their homes, and went to school with their kids. They’re one of the most heavily-armed, and pro-freedom Hispanic sub-groups you’ll ever find.

    Of course, that’s probably to be expected… considering the fact that they lost their country to the damned Communists, and had to flee for their lives ahead of Che’s death squads.

    They’re more my countrymen than plenty of native-born Americans.

  2. Mr. Martinez is America.

  3. Apropos of semiotics, hermeneutics, and farting . . .

    Our Art Art Hour

  4. Mitch McConnell joins Senate gun filibuster

    Maverick hardest hit.

  5. So, does Mitch see which way the wind is blowing, or is he doing it so he can quit later and bring some others with him in quitting?

  6. Mitch has his finger in the wind and a re-election campaign to run.

  7. I think Mitch is contemplating the fact that Kentucky matters.

  8. lady judd scared mitchy good

  9. Reached for comment, Maverick Republican Senator John McCain called Mr Martinez a “weird-sounding wacko bird”


  10. The response to Mr. Martinez was as follows. (Okay, I know, different state, but lawmakers remain the same)

  11. god i hate communism

  12. oh.

    speaking of half-witted maid-fucking communists

    go home you pitiful kennedy-fucking homo

    just go home

  13. “I will always remember the day I woke to the news that more than 2,000 fires were burning in California. I thought I must not have heard correctly. Two thousand fires? How could that be?”

    Well, it’s dry, windy, hilly, and the EPA won’t let you pick up the brush or use the water lines until it’s too late. I’m glad we had this little talk Mr. Schwarzenegger. BTW your name might be a dog whistle. You’d better ask Chris Matthews what he thinks about it.

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