March 31, 2013

Compare & contrast [Darleen Click] UPDATED



Interesting to note the painting of Chavez Google selected is done in the Heroic Realism style so favored by authoritarian collectivists – required in both USSR and Nazi Germany.

And, oh, Chavez is still dead.


Concerning Chavez, “history” as taught about him has little to with the truth

In fact he’d been a passionate and tireless student of labor relations for a decade before founding the UFW, handpicked to organize Mexican Americans for the Community Service Organization, a local outfit under the auspices of no less a personage than Saul Alinsky, who knew Chavez well and would advise him during the grape strike. From Alinsky, and from Fred Ross, the CSO founder, Chavez learned the essential tactic of organizing: the person-by-person, block-by-block building of a coalition, no matter how long it took, sitting with one worker at a time, hour after hour, until the tide of solidarity is so high, no employer can defeat it. […]

Chavez also practiced the take-no-prisoners, balls-out tactics of a Chicago organizer. One of his strategies during the lettuce strike was causing deportations: he would alert the immigration authorities to the presence of undocumented (and therefore scab) workers and get them sent back to Mexico.

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  1. Well they do have his head egg shaped.


    [S]ocialists gain their strength precisely from their refusal to recognize that no socialist solution exists. “No failure proves anything against Socialism since the latter has become a work of preparation (for revolution); if they are checked, it merely proves that their apprenticeship has been insufficient; they must set to work again with more courage, persistence, and confidence than before” …. it is only by refusing to accept the failure of socialism that one can become a “true revolutionary.” Indeed, for Sorel, the whole point of the myth of the socialist revolution is not that the human societies will be transformed in the distant future, but that the individuals who dedicate their lives to this myth will be transformed into comrades and revolutionaries in the present. In short, revolution is not a means to achieve socialism; rather, the myth of socialism is a useful illusion that turns ordinary men into comrades and revolutionaries united in a common struggle — a band of brothers, so to speak.

    Sorel, for whom religion was important, drew a comparison between the Christian and the socialist revolutionary. The Christian’s life is transformed because he accepts the myth that Christ will one day return and usher in the end of time; the revolutionary socialist’s life is transformed because he accepts the myth that one day socialism will triumph, and justice for all will prevail.

    They are honoring one of their saints and showing the world what they believe in, proudly.

  2. It’s Gordie Howe’s 85th birthday today. If Google is going to go secular, go with Mr. Hockey not Mr. Commie.

  3. Salon: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Must Go.

    Some epiphany about her contempt for the Constitution as written? No, for the good of progressivism!

  4. Quite so, for one wouldn’t want their Supreme Court Justices getting any of that icky Constitution-as-written on themselves. Heavens no. Make the sign of Zarathustra’s Last Man and let’s move on, please.

  5. it puts the ginsburg in the casket

  6. So, admission that courts are nothing but a vehicle to impose policy for the left?

    Not that they care, they’ll lie about it tomorrow anyway.

    I think there is a possibility that she’s hanging on not because she doesn’t want a “liberal” successor, but because she knows the current administration isn’t “liberal” in any sense of the word, but rather far-left control freaks.

  7. “Silver Whistle says March 31, 2013 at 1:17 pm
    Salon: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Must Go.
    Some epiphany about her contempt for the Constitution as written? No, for the good of progressivism!”

    Polarity change

    Useful idiot -> wrecker and saboteur for the bosses who must be stopped at any cost

  8. I can’t recall the last time I used Google for anything 0r even visited that page. I’d rather not have “progressive” Stalinist-wannabes recording my very keystrokes. Fuck’em.

  9. Although I’ve tended to default my searches to Google, I would never know what doodles they put up if not for other people bringing it up.

    I suppose I can go back to Bing for searches, but MS’s mail and contact management systems suck and they don’t offer a VOIP calling service…

  10. I changed all my browers over to Bing. I know it won’t help much but I’m hoping Christians will take similar actions. I was over on twitchy last night on a thread about this and I was amazed how many strident anti-Christians actually showed up to mock and belittle Christians on the most important religious day for our faith. I guarantee it wouldn’t happen on a Muslim holy day – the mockers are usually utter cowards and firmly believe that Christians always turn the other cheek. I’m always amazed at the sheer amount of hostility these people have for Christians, who, for the most part, keep to themselves.

  11. I just had a hell of a time switching Firefox for Android.

    Changing the default search engine on Firefox for Windows is a snap. Changing it on Google Chrome for Android was a snap. Firefox for Android hides the settings, and you have to change several of them.

    And Google still shows up when I’m keywording in the browser. Just not, finally, as the first choice.

  12. I’m always amazed at the sheer amount of hostility these people have for Christians, who, for the most part, keep to themselves.

    I think I take your meaning regarding Christians “keep[ing] to themselves”, as in the sense of *don’t go out of their way to torment others gratuitously as such*, but fell to wondering nevertheless that the core evangelical characteristic of Christians seemed to have dropped out of the picture in the comparison with the leftist-progressive activists. The strident (and ignorant) assertions of the leftists can certainly warrant a response, not in kind, but in firmness of belief.

    Maybe Christians, to say another way, shouldn’t keep to themselves, if only on account of their need to tell their story? Not to say Christians would in any way adopt the hateful behavior of the leftists, but to say a bit of good-natured pestering regarding Christian’s central truths and tenets mayn’t be so bad a thing, insofar as in the assertion of both another’s interests to hear their good news (a benefaction) and in the mere act of this minor aggression pressing outward, the Christians at once stand forward for themselves (and their good news) as well as put the leftist activist on notice of the Christian’s confidence in it?

    Or possibly (not being a Christian) I mistake in this casual usage ‘keep to themselves’ something missing that actually isn’t missing, but simply goes on all the time outside my ken?

  13. I am spectacularly unbothered by Google’s omission. It’s their right to observe Easter as they please, and also it’s their right not to observe it.

    Use Google, or don’t. It’s a free country, purportedly.

  14. Yeah, the “Shut up, he explained” approach on Facebook tried to claim Chavez was a devout Christian.

    I’d agree with the “was”.

  15. Sí, se puede makes another appearance.

  16. That neoneocon is a card. She had me going for a minute there.

  17. On purely aesthetic ground, Bing wins hands down.

    Also, StartPage, which doesn’t track your IP and junk.

    The people what put it together were freaked out by RFID and other surveillance technology LONG before it was cool.

  18. Just changed my search engine (again) to bing.

  19. Brin and Page are both Jewish, so it doesn’t particularly bother me that they don’t put up an Easter dealie.

    I’m a lot more upset when they ignore secular national holidays like Veteran’s Day.

  20. Oh, and put up pictures of communists. That bothers me, too.

  21. I don’t mind the lack of an Easter doodle — but making an idol out of Cesar Chavez? That I mind.