March 29, 2013

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley supports Gun Control Lite package

I respectfully ask that you contact the offices of both Grassley and Mitch McConnell and politely, but in no uncertain terms, tell them to grow a pair and stop behaving like mewling pussies, afeared of what the popular kids will say about them around the Senate’s “cool” lunch table.  Our rights are not theirs to “compromise” on.   And we’re not going to allow them to do it.

Senator Chuck Grassley: 202-224-3744

Senator Mitch McConnell: 202-224-2541

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:08am

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  1. breaking: orangeman comes alive

    Boehner to Young: ‘Immediate Apology’ Due for ‘Wetbacks’ Comment

    your 2nd amend rights not so much

  2. Grassley is old and weird

    but he’s elected by the same cornwhore simpletons what give us Tom Harkin

  3. same cornwhore simpletons what give us Tom Harkin

    unlike taceowhore simpletons what give us brown, pelosi, boxer, and difi

  4. yes well if we were to be so fortunate as to lose any of our California senate bimbos it’s very unlikely anyone better would take their place

    but if the cornwhore simpletons turn on Grassley it’s very very likely they will put a Vilsack in his place

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  6. be fair, Pelosi is not state-wide (slinks away with no excuse for others).

  7. to be fair grassley isn’t up for election til 2016 the barkin’ harkin retires 2015

  8. “Obama To Lobby For Gun Bans In Colorado Next Wednesday, April 3, 2013″

  9. Jeff, you’ll have to tell us if there is a disturbance in the force on the 3rd.

  10. be fair, Pelosi is not state-wide (slinks away with no excuse for others).

    You know, if a falling meteor were to obliterate the Bay Area tomorrow, CA would actually have a good chance of being a decent state to live. The vast majority of the socialist/nanny state ideas, proposals and legislation originate there.

    Until that happens, BOHICA ad nauseum, until we have a culvert where a squeakhole used to be.

  11. Bay Area idiots couldn’t do it without the help/votes of socal libs ;)

    Funny, California probably has more conservatives than any other state, it is just they are also out numbered.

  12. Maybe now that all of the fools in the entertainment industries are starting to wake up to their 70% income tax burden and decide to move to friendlier environs, things will take a turn for the better. She said wistfully.

  13. things will take a turn for the better.

    Wistful indeed. Not gonna happen. Not until the Fortress of Socialism that is the Bay Area is somehow stripped of their power.

  14. I had hopes of level-headed Japanese taking over many years ago. It seems they have been out-maneuvered by greasy Chinese who were more willing to play ball instead.

  15. Other views of the Grassley bill.

    Meanwhile, Grassley has cleverly written a “gun control” bill that strips out universal background checks, cracks down on straw purchases and puts plenty o’ pork on the plate for school safety measures.

    Equally, it provide awesome CYA for Republicans who don’t want to be accused of “doing nothing” to make America safer from “gun violence” while blocking civilian disarmament legislation.

    Adding “straw purchaser” laws to the ones already in existence is very much a case of gilding the lily, since a typical straw purchaser already faces hefty fines and prison time.
    I seriously doubt that Senator Grassley’s bill will add law enforcement muscle to the “straw purchaser” laws already in force. However, if the Senator wants to add another layer of paint to an already well covered surface, I have no objection. Particularly if it helps defeat the Reid-Schumer bill.

    The Politico report does not specify what sort of school safety measures Senator Grassley will propose. Since active killers avoid places where they may face effective resistance I would hope the bill would repeal the “Gun Free Zones Act of 1995,” and provide assistance to schools that wish to arm teachers and staff.

    I’d like to see exactly what’s in the Grassley bill. The “straw purchasers” are already illegal so adding to that shouldn’t be a problem depending on the what and how. Extra school security sounds nicey-nicey but again the what and how are important. If this bill has nothing to further erode the 2nd and gives the wobbly something to hide behind in order to kill the Schumer/Reid abortion of freedom then so be it. Give it a wonderful feel good name and place it in front of Obama instead of the ones the progressives are drooling over. But I still want to see the text.

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