March 12, 2013

CNN Erin Burnett: If we want to be liked, don’t we have to just accept and honor the Jew-haters, or something? [Darleen Click]

Now try and imagine some person of pallor on FoxNews taking the same line about honoring a woman who turned out to be a member of the KKK.

Posted by Darleen @ 7:34am

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  1. that black smocky thing doesn’t really show off her boobies so you can tell this is a Serious Interview

  2. One doesn’t become a leader by being liked. One becomes a leader by being respected. Good leaders are liked, but it is not what makes them leaders.

    The pursuit of being liked is the surest way I know of to squander respect.

  3. That absolutely refuses to load for me. Can I get a link, maybe?

  4. Wow. Maybe we can tell these H8ers to pound sand.