March 4, 2013

“Florida legislature rejects ObamaCare Medicaid expansion”

This is the only way left to win:  if you elect a “conservative” Governor who sells you out, you’d better make sure your legislators do not.  Here in Colorado, some of our legislators have that lesson ass backwards.  As they’re going to find out come election time, I suspect.

May Florida’s Governor Scott share their fate.  Attempted veto or not.

From Reuters:

On the eve of convening of the 2013 session, the House Select Committee on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act rejected the expansion. A Senate counterpart committee postponed consideration of the issue, which is sure to be one of the biggest controversies of the session.

Scott, a Republican who bitterly fought President Barack Obama’s national healthcare plan as a candidate and in his first two years as governor, stunned conservative supporters on February 20 when he endorsed a three-year expansion of Medicaid, provided the federal government picks up the full cost for the first three years as promised.

“There’s definitely a fight between the governor and the (state) legislature over this. The Republicans in the legislature are much more fiscally conservative than his actions have shown him to be,” said Susan MacManus, a Tampa-based political scientist at the University of South Florida.

Republican legislative leaders have been openly hostile toward the plan, emphasizing that state lawmakers will make the final decision in drawing up a budget for next fiscal year.

The truth is — and every GOP Governor who has folded knows this, as well — the federal subsidy money is largely illusory, and neither the ObamaCare Congress nor Obama nor most of the current Governors who are adopting these state exchanges for the promise of future subsidy money will be around when the cupboard goes bare.

They are out for themselves, not their constituencies.  We expect this from the Democrats and their kept, dependent low-info voter base.  We might even expect it out of phony conservative like Chris Christie.  But when those who campaigned as conservatives sign on to what is so clearly a short-term windfall — in exchange for attracting more “centrist” support — they have violated a public trust for which  constitutional conservatives / libertarians / classical liberals / and even some principled Republicans and Democrats should rightly hold them to account.

The Florida GOP-led legislature deserves kudos.  And other GOP legislatures that were swept to power by TEA Party conservatives should take note — and follow the people, not the governors who’ve suddenly gone wobbly or succumbed to the temptation of federal payouts.

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  1. Generally speaking, your “representatives” represent the government, not you.

    You are the product, not the seller or buyer.

  2. Yes, Yes,


  3. A small flicker of hope on an otherwise dark day.

  4. Will Scott try a veto?

  5. Scott will be a one-termer, I predict. Who expected Scott to be Charlie Crist in Skeletor drag?

  6. If only the Ohio legislature would similarly treat Kasich’s episode of fail…

  7. Gov. Scott had just about convinced me it wouldn’t be worth it to change address on my voter’s registration. Now maybe, I am starting to think I might have to change it so that I can vote against the bugger.

  8. porky porky chris christie lurvs him some obamacare too

    cause of it’s so spendy!

  9. “See, Amanda Collins was overpowered, disarmed, and left to be a victim. By Nevada lawmakers. Not her rapist. Just what Hudak said would happen, though not exactly,” Loesch writes.

    BAM! I like this Dana Loesch. Going to have to read her more often.

  10. She’s more fun to watch.

  11. *Will Scott try a veto?*

    I don’t think so – he’d be tarred and feathered. I still have no idea why he’d do a 180 on the Medicare expansion/Obamacare, considering he was elected based primarily on his opposition. The rumors here in Florida, unfortunately, is that since Scott made his money in healthcare, that he plans to go back to doing that when he leaves the governor’s mansion and this is his way of setting himself up for success. Its pretty cynical but considering the drastic change in his stance, its about as logical as anything else.

    I don’t think he’ll be governor after 2014 though – his hardcore conservative base (that got him elected- the other republican candidate was an establishment squish and it cost him) will not support him this time around. For my part, I’ve written several reasonably toned emails to the Governor’s office about the Obamacare expansion and have never gotten a response, though I have gotten responses to my emails on other topics.

  12. Mitt Romney: “Obamacare was very attractive”

    Yeah, he’d have been all over repealing Obamacare.

  13. We really need to stop sending our money to Washington to get laundered.