February 25, 2013

Is America becoming Europe? [Darleen Click]

um … becoming??

h/t Smitty

Posted by Darleen @ 10:12pm

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  1. wtF is that lil dude doing on his knees

    I’m not clicking that

  2. He’s just OFA so it’s progressive family friendly.

  3. On the left there is always the refrain which a grand socialism experiment fails that “they didn’t do it right.” What “right” is is never articulated except that this time “we” will do it “right.” I think however they are coming to have an way of saying what “doing it right” will be.

    NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg and Chicago’s Mayor Rahm both have heavy gun control laws in place yet still have huge numbers of people killed by guns. They blame not their own laws but other localities, ones having fewer gun crimes, that have easier access to guns by citizens. Their idea is that if all places had their, NYC’s-Chicago’s, gun laws then all places would have low gun crime. The gun crime problem is because their system doesn’t apply everywhere so they work to extend it to everyone.

    So too the USSR only failed because their system wasn’t applied everywhere and the outside places that were not “Soviet” caused bad ideas and things to flow into the USSR and destroy it. I figure that what the left is aiming at is a total global socialist system where there will be no outside to destroy it. Then socialism will finally be done “right” and never collapse.

    They could be right in this as what they actually build in socialism is a “water empire” and they are incredibly stable until brought down from outside. No outside, nothing to bring them down. A socialism too big to fail.

  4. Add when after which.

  5. A boot kicking humanity in the face. Forever.

  6. That present progressive tense — “is becoming” — doesn’t fit. She’s done curdled already.

  7. The primary form, prepared by the government, had an error. The price was copied from the invoice, but DHS changed the currency from Canadian to U.S. dollars.

    It has language at the bottom with serious sounding statements that the information is true and correct, and a signature block.

    I pointed out the error and suggested that we simply change the currency from US $ to CAD $ so that is was correct. Or instead, amend the amount so that it was correct in U.S. dollars.

    I thought this was important because I was signing it and swearing that the information, and specifically the price, was correct.

    The DHS agent didn’t care about the error and told me to sign the form anyway. “It’s just paperwork, it doesn’t matter,” she said. I declined.


  8. In: prepping
    Out: Fierce Moral Urgency of Change

    Fashion is so fickle.

  9. USD – CAN exchange rate is 1.03. today. Close enough for gov’t work.

  10. Not so long ago (1999) the difference was something like 30%. That was when my wife and I drove across western Canada to move to Georgia from Outer Palintopia.

  11. Buck-sixty for a Looney in Feb of 2002. That was my last trip up before this year.

    I knew back in ’08 the USD went to about .9 against the CAN, but I changed jobs and lost all interest in forex.

    As long as they still have oil and O’Henry the 8ball keeps debasing the currency, it’d be a good idea to rig the snack machines to accept Canadian Quarters.

  12. When I was a kid one of my teachers explained why stores in the U.S. were accepting Canadian coins so readily: the Canadian dollar at the time was worth 99¢ U.S., making the loss from accepting them too small to justify trying to stop them being passed — especially if they could be passed again at face value anyway.

    It also introduced me to the realization that money was whatever a seller would accept from a buyer, period. If the seller believed he could use it as money to someone else, it was just as good as the legal tender, at least for the extant transaction.

    The things you can learn from a nun.

  13. Especially if that nun was wearing garters… oh lord I still have splinters.