February 24, 2013

NYTimes coming up new categories of people who should be barred from Second Amendment [Darleen Click]

Alcoholics and misdemeanor ‘violence’

But a focus on mass murder, while critical, does not get at the broader issue of gun violence, including the hundreds of single-victim murders, suicides, nonfatal shootings and other gun crimes that occur daily in the United States. And focusing on the mentally ill, most of whom are not violent, overlooks people who are at demonstrably increased risk of committing violent crimes but are not barred by federal law from buying and having guns.

These would include people who have been convicted of violent misdemeanors including assaults, and those who are alcohol abusers. Unless guns are also kept from these high-risk people, preventable gun violence will continue. […]

President Obama has instructed the Justice Department to review the federal prohibitions on gun ownership and to make legislative and executive recommendations “to ensure dangerous people aren’t slipping through the cracks.” The answers are already out there.

One of the main things I object to, in this rush to find all sorts of people “unqualified” to own a firearm, is the mercenary use of suicide to inflate statistics of “gun violence.”

Certainly, suicide is tragic and in its wake it leaves devastated family and friends; however it doesn’t belong in any discussion about violence directed towards others.

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  1. so no guns for that white trash kennedy family in massachusetts I guess

  2. Part of a letter I’m putting together to email to my Congressman and Senators though the Senators are both very liberal Democrats.

    “Of all the reasons to deny someone ownership of a firearm the mental health one seems on the surface to be one of the most reasonable. It is however one of the most slippery to define. Having a felony conviction or having been adjudicated as being mentally unstable are things which can be determined to be factual or not. But those cases are not what the proposals I’ve heard of are about. They are setting up a much more nebulous, arbitrary system of what mental states/conditions should lead to denial of firearm ownership. A system which could, and likely would, be bent and abused to the point that connections and/or political clout would be important factors in any determination. This cannot be allowed to happen.

    With the PPACA coming into full effect in 2014 who knows what will be determined by bureaucratic action or executive order to be a mental defect that would prohibit someone from firearm ownership. Making the exercise of a Constitutional right subject to the whim of a bureaucrat would be an outrageous abuse of due process. “

  3. NR

    That’s just more evidence of gun violence! Why if only there was a law against baking cakes on Saturday nights, none of that would have happened.

    someone phone Nanny Bloomberg about the sugar crime

  4. Finally, a real solution to gun violence, raise the minimum wage. Problem solved!

  5. Barack Obama will do whatever it takes to get at gun owners. He took a beating from his far-Left base the past four years for holding back, but quietly he was assembling his responses to whatever ‘lucky break’ might happen that would allow his machinations to commence. These political reactions, none of which were unexpected, are energized by the pent up rage he’s finally unleashing against those of us who kept him ‘caged’ for those four years.

    I’m glad I’m not a conspiracy theorist, or I’d have to question the timing of these ‘lucky breaks’.

  6. Really, the worst crime the NYT can imagine is not reading the NYT.

  7. A site with a complete list of companies that won’t sell to government what a citizen can’t buy.

  8. A succinct description of this NYT article: Trial balloons sent up by Leftist buffoons.

  9. Greetings:

    I’m still serving my deportation to the San Francisco Bay area, living several soviets south of what the locals refer to, for some unknown reason, as “The City”. On the PBS NewsHour program several evenings ago, there was a report about how gun ownership and gun violence is morphing (being morphed) into the latest medical crisis. While the requisite lady doctors emoted their concern and compassion for all the dastardly multigenerational effects of Americans’ obsessions with firearms something occurred to what’s left of my rational mind.

    Just about everything they said about guns applied to homosex.

    I guess that report will be showing up in another day or, perhaps, two.

  10. A succinct description of this most NYT articles


  11. Oh, Good Grief… Nanny Bloomberg Bans 2-Liter Soda With Pizza Order

    NY businesspeople need to tell Honey Bloo Bloo to go pound sand.

  12. We will all know that the Times is on to something when they eliminate anybody who qualify for the “Choom Gang”.

  13. In the Tampa Bay area last night, it was reported on TV news that an elderly father who is confined to a wheelchair shot and killed his violent adult son. The decision has already been made not charge the old man because invetsigators are satisfied that he was acting in self defense.

    I have no doubt that this will be counted to inflate the number of times “a gun is used to kill a family member.”

  14. Let’s give guns to al Qaeda but not allow our own State’s citizens to buy or possess them themselves.

    The top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs panel on Sunday called on the White House to arm rebels in Syria, raising pressure on President Obama to ramp up U.S. involvement in the two-year-old civil war.

    “I will be introducing legislation to allow the president to arm the rebels,” Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) said on ABC’s This Week.

  15. A “list of newly introduced legislation dealing with firearms and firearm ownership.”

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  17. Biden asserts he utterly despises half the country, but then, who didn’t know that?