February 21, 2013

Kathleen Parker, wagging her tail for Democrat-lite RINOs [Darleen Click]


Fluffy Pomeranian, Kathleen Parker, wearing the sparkly rhinestone collar given to her by her Democrat masters at WaPo, bears her tiny teeth and demands RINOs “take back their party.”

Take a cue from the tea party, RINOs. Embrace your alienation. Slap a bumper sticker on your angst and rally that dispassion. Witness how bloggers turned others’ insults into a movement. What were random basement bloggers in terrycloth bathrobes and Uggs are now the respected and influential Pajamas Media, a.k.a. PJ Media.

Own your insult, in other words. Why should RINOs hang their heads in shame and be relegated to the fringes of their party? The party is the fringe. Isn’t it time to reclaim the salt lick? RINOs need to be defiantly proud, aggressively centrist and unapologetically sane.

Maybe Eliott Spitzer will give her a cookie and tell her the next socialist she is to vote for in 2016.


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  1. I just heard the Lt. Governor of Virginia on the radio just now, and it sounds like he’s contemplating running for Governor as an Independent. Based on the interview it sounded like he was heeding Parker’s advice. It was such a frustrating exchange that I broke my Lenten vow and yelled openly in the car at this dunce. All he is doing is guaranteeing that Terry McAuliffe will be the next governor of the state. And why? Because we have to take back the party from the extremists. Granted, like all of these people he offers absolutely no substantive arguments outside of the vague complaints of extremism, but he’s happy to guarantee a Democratic victory just to assuage his own ego.

    What I find even more galling is that we keep hearing how conservatives want to enact purity tests and yet time after time it’s the moderates who pick up their ball and go home every time they don’t get their way.

  2. And here’s more about Lt. Gov. Bolling here. Convenient change of heart, huh?

  3. this makes for pretty weak tea in terms of marshaling people to rally for the “real” republican party

    the base is so trailer park anymore

  4. Very good Darleen. You should do one on Florida’s governor too.

  5. the base is so trailer park anymore

    nice to know that actually believing in the Constitution is what defines trailer park people, as opposed to, you know, the gungrabbing cocktail party Beltway types.

  6. The problem with telling RINOs to turn the insult into a badge of honor should be obvious.

  7. the base doesn’t believe in the fucking constitution the base wants to amend it for trailer park jesus six ways to sunday

  8. I’d sooner trust someone who lives in a trailer park than someone who thinks he, in his Beltway ivory tower, knows better and cares more about my home and family than I do.

  9. I move that chirpyfeet be banned.

  10. He’s trying to do to Darleen what Thor did to Karl.

  11. I’m with ‘feets. The world would be better if icky people what we don’t like and who lurves the jeebus in icky public ways were locked into their trailer park zoos so the non-icky people who like turtles and designer cupcakes can point and laugh at their snowbilly hicktarded fetus-fetishizing buttseksfearing ways. For teh tolerances.

  12. why again is it imperative that we rally to the defense of the republican party?

    this kathleen parker is certainly right that this thing called the republican party is fucked up even if her prescriptives are hopelessly vague and not even particularly pointed

  13. I might agree about the need to defend or even continue a “Republican” party, but my tiny trailer-park brain is too full of plans to post Mao-sized posters of Jesus on every building in the US to handle that right now.

  14. “RINOs need to be defiantly proud, aggressively centrist and unapologetically sane.”

    A] They already are proud and aggressively centrist – see McCain, Graham, etc. And, man, wasn’t McCain just embraced by the MSM, low-info voters & moderates during the 2008 election? Electability!!

    B] There’s already a place for these guys: join the “No Labels” gang. What exactly have they done in the last few years since officially coming out? That’s right, they’ve sat on their butts and complained about extremist Republicans, accomplishing…nothing.

  15. kathleen says no labels is a yield without a merge Mr. Libby

  16. We all live in trailer parks now, feets.

    My friends who live in the trailer park don’t believe in Jesus, btw.

  17. Who said anything about rallying to the defense of the GOP?

    What Parker is doing is cheerleading the people who already control the GOP in their effort to silence and disenfranchise the only people who ever believed in anything. You know, those trailer park christerloons you fear and loathe.

    You’d be right at home in the RINOpublican Party, chirpy.

  18. I’m guessing that Happy feet doesn’t actually KNOW anyone who lives in a trailer.

  19. I’ve never had a designer cupcake, btw.

  20. In fashionable southern California they’re called Manufactured Home Communities.

  21. And, my one flirtation with red velvet cake was disappointing.

  22. Same here. It didn’t even taste red. Black Velvet would have been better — with or without Elvis painted on it.

  23. trailer parks have been priced out of the los angeles real estate market

    the fascists hate hate hate affordable housing here they’re always doing everything they can to encourage a housing shortage

    it’s a thing

  24. I’m glad it isn’t just me, McGehee.

  25. But you, chirpy, only hate the people who live in affordable housing.

    You’d be a poster child for cognitive dissonance if you showed evidence of cognition.

  26. designer cupcakes are just tasty and i love them so much carin I really do but we weren’t good for each other

  27. Here in Detroit, we’re going to start housing them in shipping containers. It’s sort of a ruse, though. It’s like shabby chic.


  28. i do not hate teh people mcgehee i love the people i hate the litmus tests

    the narrow narrow wholly arbitrary litmus tests

    because they are too many

  29. that looks like a tornado magnet carin

  30. but we weren’t good for each other

    The cupcakes finally wised up and told feets what to do and how to get there.

  31. Parker talks a lot about RINOs’ sanity and being normal, but she can’t quite put her finger on what they actually stand for. They’re so darn independent and mature to don silly hats and actually believe in something other than their superiority over the rest of us. Maybe it’s because deep down they’ve lost their ideology in place of ego; putting more effort into positioning themselves for power and acclaim than offending people by sticking with an unpopular position that might get them dropped from the Sunday news show guest lists.
    It’s no fluke that the most prominent RINOs, such as McCain, are the ones who have been in DC for decades. They have become part of the DC elite and are more concerned with securing power and about what their fellow Congressmen & their DC media and lobbyist friends think than representing the people back home.

  32. RINO’s are Republicans who have lived in DC too long. They may still, occasionally mouth conservative thoughts, but the reality is that they’ve made friends with the Dems and don’t want to stop the invites from pouring in.

    Plus – the status quo works in their favor.

  33. if you showed evidence of cognition

    Not much danger of that ever happening.

  34. I think we should push the meme : RINOS – LOSING MORE SLOWLY.

    Because that really sums it up for me.

  35. “i do not hate teh people mcgehee i love the people i hate the litmus tests

    the narrow narrow wholly arbitrary litmus tests

    because they are too many”

    As you apply your own litmus test.

    Can you at least ban it’s gravitar; truth in advertising and all that jazz.

  36. factionalism is not gonna help I don’t think that’s why dividey litmus tests are so silly

    the bipartisan spending orgy and food stamp’s vicious rape of prosperity provide a fertile common ground

    you could plant marigolds or cucumbers or ficus trees or hayberries or anything you want

  37. Cupcakes despair of feets’ cognitive skills.

  38. “factionalism is not gonna help”

    Then stop already.

  39. the base doesn’t believe in the fucking constitution the base wants to amend it for trailer park jesus six ways to sunday

    Sometime you should stop and listen to yourself . If they didn’t believe in the constitution, why would they want to go through the constitutional amendment process?

    You, my little fascist behind the mask, don’t believe in the constitution. Is why you are fine with using the courts to skirt it, and for something so frivolous as the “right” to make other people consider your sexual relationships something special.

    We see you…

  40. little fascist friend behind the mask…

  41. i believe in the constitution what we have now except for the part about how taxes are fees and fees are taxes depending on whether or not John Roberts is satisfied with his morning bowel movement

    plus this commerce clause thing is fucked up pretty bad

    the bill of rights is my favorite part if I had to pick

  42. “And, my one flirtation with red velvet cake was disappointing.”

    Good red velvet cake is more of a fling than a flirtation. Sort of fling thing. I have an original J.J. Astor recipe that I use occasionally that is spectacular. And I have been coerced into making it in different colors, the last one was blue.

  43. I’m more of a carrot cake person anyway, Gulermo.

  44. Red velvet is a chocolate cake with red food coloring. But to make it correctly vinagre is used, wich changes the physical charictaristics of the cake.I have several recipes of carrot cakes as well, some from family, others you just accumulate as time passes. I have been known to soak raisins in Napoleon brandy for an extra little kick.

  45. RINO’s are Republicans who have lived in DC too long

    FWIW, I’ve lived in this area for 11.5 years and I may be more conservative now. I am the exception.

    Right now I’m working on my next novel, and it’s a satire of the entire DC Establishment. The problem is that DC offers so much zaniness that it becomes difficult to satirize it.

  46. Being a chocolate cake, the quality of the chocolate make a tremendous difference. Swiss chocolate or any indigenous chocolate with out the alkaloids removed will suffice, but the better the quality of chocolate, the better the cake. Ask Jeff for my email and I will send you a recipe for either.

  47. “Swiss chocolate or any indigenous chocolate with out the alkaloids removed will suffice, but the better the quality of chocolate, ”

    Shorter me: Nestle WILL NOT cut it.

  48. Greetings:

    Shouldn’t that be “bares her tiny teeth” instead of “bears her tiny teeth” in your first paragraph ???

  49. gulermo- send both! I let my daughter do all my baking now, though. ;)

    carin dot obrien at gmail dot com

  50. Trailer parks are a stepping stone to becoming a real estate tycoon. Ask my Uncle JD who owns three of them in Bakersfield.

  51. i bet he’s got some stories

  52. Yes he does. His trailer parks aren’t ghetto, well one of them is, but his gun-toting kid manages that one. I digress, JD’s trailer parks are upscale for trailer parks. Nice community centers with pool tables and a swimming pool. Landscaping, lighted roads, double and triple wide trailers on nice sized lots.

    You could raise a family there and not worry about the neighbor’s pedophile kid/brother/ex-husband getting paroled there or the trailer next door going BOOM! from the exploding meth lab on the back porch.

  53. in texas where I come from they have christian ones and they name them like hallelujah village or what have you

    they look very nice and clean and peaceful and far as I know they don’t cause no trouble

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  55. they look very nice and clean and peaceful and far as I know they don’t cause no trouble

    Except when they vote, cuz they vote all hatey.

  56. you don’t have to tell me

  57. Ms. Parker, I’d like to tell you a story: “Once upon a time there was a girl named Katniss Everdeen. And there was a far off place called the Capitol.”
    It gets even better after that.

  58. That’s a terrible story, RI Red. That Katniss chick acts all trailerparky, she’d be better off in Capitol City where the people are pretty and not-icky and have great parties and only the occasional summary execution for pissing off Dear Leader but I bet the snacks are awesome.

  59. Katniss at the end is a very disillusioned lil peanut

    I totally get that

  60. **spoiler alert**

  61. And there are days, DarthLevin, where I daydream about watching happyfeet in the Arena.

  62. Katniss is only allowed to visit the Capitol City. They do send her back home. She can never become one of them.

  63. Though if she were a cute little pikachu and badmouthed her neighbors every day and followed all the latest fashions and otherwise tried really really hard to fit in, just maybe she’d have a shot at becoming part of that beautiful (hollow, meaningless) scene.

    At least, that’s what she keeps telling herself, as she continues to insult and distance herself from her friends and neighbors.

  64. You know, the “entire thread of walking shit back” is unneeded if you don’t drop the shit in the first place.

  65. Oh! Nice ‘shop, Darleen!

    Ok, one for sequestration: back at’cha!