February 17, 2013

“Washington State Proposed Gun Law Calls on Sheriff to Inspect Homes of Assault-Weapon Owners”

The Constitutionality of such introduced measures is no longer even considered.  Big Brother is here, and he is working to make sure law enforcement joins his fascistic team.  But it’s benevolent fascism.  For “public safety,” you see.  And Big Brother will get what he can done before the courts catch up to him.

In Colorado, for instance, while the Sheriffs association is holding firm, the police chiefs association supported a ban on magazines over 10 capacity (the bill was eventually amended to 15 rounds, still short of many rifle platforms), using as their argument that the police are often outgunned by criminals, transparently failing to note that most of the criminals who “outgun” the police tend to get their weapons outside the system of background checks and legal sales used by law abiding gun owners; more, the kinds of weapons most likely to be affected by such a ban are rifles that accept detachable magazines — which are used in a statistically insignificant number of crimes:  one can buy smaller magazines for 9mm semi-auto handguns.  But for the SCAR platform or the AR-15 platform, standard magazines exceed the ban’s limit, and so should be unconstitutional. Unless and until Obama can get the court configured in his favor; at which point the kind of settled and controlling law conservatives refuse ever to revisit will be egregiously and with political motivation overturned by leftist activists on the Court.  Bank on it.

The very idea that the 2nd Amendment sets out to assure that only the rights of some select people — governmental functionaries and civil servants — shall not be infringed, is a rather obvious and odious misreading of a text that makes clear that the right of THE PEOPLE, a singular, all-encompassing set, to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Creating a class of governmental agent who is not only better armed than the people, but who are then charged with making sure that they are better armed, flies directly in the face of the Second Amendment’s intent.  That many police chiefs are willing to trade the liberties of law-abiding gun owners for a measure of their own safety is, frankly, abhorrent and cowardly.

Similarly, as I learned last evening from a presentation by Dr John Lott put on by the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners and sponsored by my House Rep, Lori Saine, the Obama Administration is looking at the passage of a universal background check in Colorado as a way to push the issue nationally.

But from testimony and debate on that measure — to which Colorado Democrats in the assembly were impervious (many of them didn’t even stay in the chamber), passing the voice vote on a near party line count (3 Dems from rural areas split off) —  it was clear that there is no workable enforcement mechanism for the proposed law, and that the Democrats know this.  And because that’s the case, Dems will then insist down the line that, for their law to actually work — for public safety and for the children —  it must be tied to a gun registry.  That’s just “common sense,” we’ll be told.

This is the real and actual trajectory gun-control advocates are working from, with the ultimate end being a registry and then, when the time is ripe, confiscation or a massive coerced or mandatory “buy-back.”

Watching this unfold, I’d like to say to people like Joe Scarborough — a key speaker at the National Review’s “Conservative Summit” — that their dismissal of gun owners concerns that the government is after our guns, often done in ways that mock us and call us fringe conspiracy buffs and extremely extreme extremists, is actively aiding the left’s long-term gun grab plans, the very clear contours for which are easy enough to see once one drops the faux-sophisticate stance that keeps him in the good graces of a progressive media.

These “conservatives” are nothing of the sort. They are Trojan horse statists, and the fact that they are being pushed as the party’s future shows that the establishment and the base are miles apart.

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  1. ready?


    gimme a D!



  2. As the NRA president pointed out in a recent speech, a “Universal Background Check” is not universal since criminals won’t be undergoing it. The sheer gall of the progressives in their deception on this issue would be breathtaking if I had any breath left for them to take.

  3. I really don’t like where this is going either:

    While a national debate has erupted over the Obama administration’s lethal drone strikes overseas, federal authorities have stepped up efforts to license surveillance drones for law enforcement and other uses in U.S. airspace, spurring growing concern about violations of privacy.

    The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday it had issued 1,428 permits to domestic drone operators since 2007, far more than were previously known. Some 327 permits are still listed as active.

    Operators include police, universities, state transportation departments and at least seven federal agencies. The remotely controlled aircraft vary widely, from devices as small as model airplanes to large unarmed Predators.

  4. Thank God I’m living in a State that’s less fascisty than most

    Amid talks of more gun control and restrictions, one local state legislature is looking to expand where folks can take their guns.

    Tennessee law could soon allow loaded guns on college campuses. “This bill is most likely to become state law,” says ETSU police chief Jack Cotrell. “We’ll watch it closely over the next few days within the House.”

    The state senate approved a bill Monday night that allows concealed carry permit holders to leave their loaded guns in their car in a parking lot.

    The companion legislation is quickly advancing through the house. “This is not about where you are, it’s about your car,” says Tennessee Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, who sponsored the bill in the state senate.

    ETSU police chief Jack Cotrell testified before the state legislature in previous years to block similar legislation from passing.

    We even have some reasonable college-age students!

    “In my opinion gun crime is inherent,” says ETSU student Jesse Reed. “It’s always going to be there, always going to be bad people with guns, always have access to those guns, giving good people access to their guns promotes safety.”

  5. Heh, we will probably see a movement arise devoted to treating surveillance drones as skeet, whether from the ground or from privately piloted aircraft. Should make for some jolly good YouTubes.

  6. Whereas at Middle Tennessee State — home of the Awesome Paella — the local furniture stores are experiencing a run on fainting couches.

  7. hey griefer, can you point out what sign you were holding here

  8. Joe Scarborough is a profoundly stupid man. He knows just enough to act in a manner that keeps him employed at MSNBC.

  9. Wildly off topic, but ya gotta read this Steyn piece.

    The man really has a way of making the depressing entertaining.

  10. Darleen it’s just so shocking

    me I am shocked and ALSO stunned

    the people of Los Angeles didn’t turn out to stand in solidaritah with their ever-watchful popo shepherds who love them and care for them and keep them safe

    not that I could see

    we need to find out how this could be because it makes no sense no sense at all

    and it hurts my heart to see these ones who rally rally rally with scorn in their hearts to spit in the eye of the noble LAPD – the noble noble pension whores who work so hard to defend their constitutional rights and who get them new pickemup trucks after the ones they are delivering the newspapers in get shooted up

    maybe if we work together Darleen we can help change some hearts and minds

  11. Some aspects of the LAPD’s deeds need not go unpunished…

    Protesters also said they were appalled by police mistakenly shooting at passengers in two separate trucks in Torrance, wrongly believing Dorner might be in the vehicles. One woman was shot in the back and is still recovering.

    Crazy LAPD hatched Dorner. I’m guessing many more on that force are nearly as crazy, and definitely as authoritarian.

  12. The behavior of police often belies the notion that they are “professionals” or in any way more capable of enforcing the law and protecting citizens than the average “civilian.”

  13. And, this

    Many said they were angered by the conduct of the manhunt that led to Dorner’s death and injuries to innocent bystanders who were mistaken for him.

    Michael Nam, 30, who held a sign with a flaming tombstone and the inscription “RIP Habeas Corpus,” said it was “pretty obvious” police had no intention of bringing Dorner in alive.

    “They were the judge, the jury and the executioner,” Nam said. “As an American citizen, you have the right to a trial and due process by law.”

    This entire Dorner episode, from beginning to end, is just another blotch on SoCal law enforcement. And Drone Lord Obama isn’t helping Americans get due process, now is he?

  14. I’m only sorry that Dorner had enough ammunition to shoot himself.

    I wanted him to burn alive.

  15. My sorrow and sympathies lie entirely with the families of the evil bastard’s victims. Everything, including the botched shootings at bystanders, are entirely his responsibility.

    May he rot in hell for eternity.

  16. cranky-d

    some cops doing bad things does undermine the public view of them. But we rarely hear of cops doing good things, either in their daily duties or in the extraordinary circumstances when they do heroic stuff.

    I totally agree that cops should be held to a higher standard than others, but the force is still comprised of human beings.

  17. one time this one cop bought the homeless guy some new shoes


    all the propaganda whores did a story

    for so we would all know how much our popo love us

    but obviously there’s still some doubters

  18. geez griefer, how many cases do cops file every day in LA? But one ‘good’ story in years is a BFD, move along?

    This is NOT the LAPD of 20 years ago. Get a grip.

  19. I agree Darleen people are so unfair

    let’s have a poster making/strategy session at your house tomorrow for so we can help the LAPD turn their image problem around!

    I’ll bring this cream cheese spread thingy DRJ taught me plus I have a red magic marker

  20. Darleen it’s just so shocking

    me I am shocked and ALSO stunned

    I ceased being shocked by Dorner fan types when I found out Richard Ramirez had a fan club, and married one while on death row.

    Interestingly, Ramirez wasn’t apprehended by the LAPD, LAPD arrived at the scene of a mob beating Ramirez to death, and saved the man.

    Stupid LAPD…

  21. sorry griefer, I’m booked up and I don’t measure my moral worthiness by making posters or Giant Puppets.

    I do refuse to lend any credence to evil bastards who murder innocents because they lost their job.

  22. Everything, including the botched shootings at bystanders, are entirely his responsibility.

    I have to disagree with you there Darleen.

  23. I mean, this wasn’t a high speed car chase, Dorner wasn’t even in the same county when cowards in blue thought they saw him, wet their pants, and started blasting away at a target they were unsure of.

    I would love to hear their story, how they mistook two brown ladies delivering newspapers for a large black man threatening them with a gun.

  24. Makes me suspicious too, of the $1,000,000 bounty and the instructions (lottery rules) police were given.

  25. more cream cheese spread thingy for me then

  26. Everything, including the botched shootings at bystanders, are entirely his responsibility.

    Bullshit. That is every bit as wrongheaded as blaming it on the guns themselves.

    And how is torching the cabin any different than a drone strike without due process?

  27. I finally heard someone ask the question that I had back when Dorner was still on the lam. That being, was he an affirmative action hire? Clearly, the man had issues that should have precluded his being hired in the first place.

    Honestly, harking back to his supposedly racist first grade classmates in his ‘manifesto’? Get over it. By all accounts he spent less than a year on patrol before he got fired. That was four years ago. Most people would have moved on. If he was going to go on a rampage, he was a piss poor planner since he didn’t manage to kill off any e-vil LAPD at. all.

    The LAPD does indeed have a terrible reputation, but in their defense, they are understaffed and have gigantic largely ungovernable areas of the city to patrol. The NYD has many, many times more officers to police fewer citizens and NYC isn’t exactly Eden. For the Gold Standard of corrupt police you probably want to take a look at Chicago and Philadelphia.

  28. the Obama Administration is looking at the passage of a universal background check in Colorado as a way to push the issue nationally.

    I mentioned the other day that Barry gets what he wants — scratch that; Failshit Urban Nation gets what it wants — when the momentum at the state level turns. They don’t need to do this federally when they can do it locally.

    Folks better not get complacent thinking that because it can’t pass in DC it can’t pass. Folks better get on the horn to the statehouse and folks better do it now.

    As for the GOP erecting an only slightly shorter monument to the central state, they’re doing it to stay in power and this owes to the muddle-headed plebes who have consumed at the progg teat all these years.

    I have to say it worked. For us to have become Rome we first had to saunter cockily thru any number of self-righteous collectivist indoctrinations. Whether actively from the left or passively from the right, we are increasingly a nation of cowards.

  29. They’re doing what they’ve done in the past.

    They did it will banning advertising of liquor on tv.

    Took them years but with Hitlery in the WH, they finally banned Tobacco and used fake science to do so.

    We’ve been on the slippery slope for years and it’s past time to say NO to anything no matter how reasonable it can be argued.

    The Left is like the Terminator; they will not stop they will not sleep they will keep coming after us until we’re dead and they rule over all.

    They do not care about rules, constitutions, rights or reason.

  30. Meghan’s coward daddy lurvs him some universal background check

  31. stupid forest whitaker stole my yo-yo

    no worries though LAPD is on the case!

  32. “Should”? Consciously or not, the president is telling us his State of the Union show is a crock, and he knows it. Under Magical Fairyland budgeting, Obama-sized government “shouldn’t” increase our debt. Yet mysteriously it does. Every time. Because, in a political culture institutionally incapable of course correction, that’s just the way it is.

    Steyn is right, Barky does know it. And despite what the GOP would have you believe so do the rest of his comrades.

  33. beemoe

    the fucker was firing at anything that moved towards him. No one is under any obligation to be his next victim, whether or not cop, ranger or firefighter.

    evil crispy critter knew what was going to happen. He had no intention of giving up.

    burn baby burn

  34. Lee

    it was a very bad shoot and the ppl involved should be fired. No argument.

    But exactly why were these cops guarding the house the truck with no lights approached?

    minus manifesto by one evil m*****f**ker and dead bodies, no cop would have been on the street at 4 am.

  35. geez griefer do you need a geography lesson? and the difference between a cop and a sales clerk?

  36. Everything, including the botched shootings at bystanders, are entirely his responsibility.

    Mmmm, no. For that to be true, LAPD’s rules of engagement were followed correctly, by the book. Were they? Are all LAPD LEO’s responses to a criminal always blamed on criminals, despite creating wounded victims? That’s not working for me, and likely won’t work for any civil court that hears the coming lawsuits against the city.

  37. the fucker was firing at anything that moved towards him

    Who? The cops or Dorner? How many people did Dorner hit unintentionally?

  38. minus manifesto by one evil m*****f**ker and dead bodies, no cop would have been on the street at 4 am.

    Well that is comforting news.

  39. crap now my dental floss is missing too

  40. From what I’ve seen of the LAPD the last couple of weeks, their not being on the street at 4:00 a.m. does actually comfort me. Besides the fact it means they wouldn’t be shooting up the peoplem delivering newspapers in my neighborhood (had I the misfortune to live there) it also implies that the reason for their being on the street at 6:00 a.m. has been resolved.

    And given a choice between being shot unintentionally by the LAPD or on purpose by Chris Dorner, I’d choose not to be in L.A. at all. By which I mean WTF difference does it make whether any of the people he shot were by accident?


  41. blade runner accidentally shot his girlfriend

    and then he shot her again

    and again

    and then also he shot her again

  42. plus his girlfriend was a girl so he also did a gendercide


  43. look behind the couch

  44. i found my yo-yo!

    sorry mr. whitaker my bad

  45. I recall the CHP officer who emptied his gun into a homeless man who was threatening him with a garden trowel, and I think, “California’s finest at work.”

  46. it was a very bad shoot and the ppl involved should be fired. No argument.

    They should also be prosecuted and they and the LAPD will rightly get sued.

    Something on the order of 60 rounds at a target that clearly no one actually saw is utterly ridiculous and beyond reckless.

  47. here we call it “tuesday”

  48. I’d choose not to be in L.A. at all.

    That’s an excellent plan. I’ve expanded on that by choosing to not be in California anymore and by urging my CA friends to get the hell out of there.

    Sadly, the last one went to CO.

  49. My elderly parents live there. If I want to see them, I have to venture behind the lines.

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  51. Eastern Washington needs to secede from the communist west.

  52. “By which I mean WTF difference does it make whether any of the people he shot were by accident?”

    Meh. You’re no Hillary Clinton. (That’s a good thing by the way.)

  53. They should also be prosecuted and they and the LAPD will rightly get sued.

    Well they better reconstitute Dorner then, Pablo, and sue his ass for pulling all their triggers before I hope he burns alive, grrr, the m*****f****r. Because something.

  54. If they try to reconstitute him, JHo, it’ll just look like when you scrape the burnt toast with a knife into the sink. Sort of carbonised sludge.

  55. If they try to reconstitute him

    They’ve succeeded in making a martyr of Bammy’s other virtual son, Trayvon. Shouldn’t be difficult to pedestalize Dorner.

    As for the wildly-firing LEOs who lost their shit and shot up random people and vehicles? Transferred to new jobs. At the city pound. Hose down the kennels, empty the litterboxes. That’s the best they’ve proven themselves qualified to do.

  56. Shouldn’t be difficult to pedestalize Dorner.

    Unless Van Jones is getting paid to clean himself up with Dorner.

    Pretty harmless resume Van’s got there, ain’t it?

    Van Jones, a CNN contributor, is president and founder of Rebuild the Dream, an online platform focusing on policy, economics and media. He was President Obama’s green jobs adviser in 2009. He is also founder of Green for All, a national organization working to build a green economy.

    No Color of Change? No STORM? No Center For American Progress? No Pal of Mumia? No self-avowed Communist Revolutionary?

    Isn’t it racist to whitewash a black guy?

  57. blade runner accidentally shot his girlfriend

    and then he shot her again

    and again

    and then also he shot her again

    But it was justified because LAPD is evil. Is what you were saying last week, fuckwits.

  58. the cops in blade runner are even more hyper-entitled than the ones what murdered chris dorner

    it’s about robots!

    one of the robots looks just like daryl hannah and she dies

    Mr. Rene Descartes is also involved in a nebulous yet pivotal capacity

  59. adios and vaya con dios, daryl hannah robot

    you thought therefore you were, but then all of a sudden you weren’t

    it’s very poignant

  60. NBA Star Amar’e Stoudemire Touts Cop Killer Christopher Dorner’s Manifesto As A “Must Read”…

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