February 16, 2013

When taxpayer money for medical research is used for political hit-jobs [Darleen Click]

William Jacobson muses What “medical research” will look like in the age of Obamacare

Had I but world enough and time, I would write something original about the sickeningly stupid argument that the Tobacco industry and Koch brothers began planning for the Tea Party movement over a decade ago and long before anyone had even thought up the Stimulus and Obamacare legislation which actually sparked the movement in 2009-2010.

The theory was developed because a study funded by the National Cancer Institute found that the Tobacco industry and Koch brothers advocated and organized for limited government, and even used the term Tea Party. Because, as we all know, before the Tobacco industry and Koch brothers advocated for limited government and used the term Tea Party, no one had ever done that in the entire history of the United States.

It is so stupid, and such an abuse of taxpayer funding, that one would have hoped it would die in the laboratory, but it was just the sort of crackpot theory to which the left-blogosphere inevitably would be drawn. And it has.

As Hans Bader points out, the sole “evidence” that BIG!!TOBACCO!! and the Evil Evil Koch Bros “created the TEA PARTY” is based on some tenuous linguistic coincidences

The study is based on strange reasoning, such as the fact that one group funded in small part by tobacco companies used the word “Tea Party” in passing in 2002, a group largely unrelated to the groups that later came into being and used it in 2009. (Because, obviously, no one had ever used the words “Tea Party” before the 21st century.) Never mind that much of America’s non-profits get money from tobacco companies, which fund countless causes, such as arts funding, domestic violence shelters, and non-profits across the political spectrum — the family behind Lorillard Tobacco is famously liberal and donates to liberal politicians. […]

The reasoning is based on associating the Tea Party not only with groups that used the word “Tea Party” at some point in time, but also with completely different groups that existed back in the 1980s and didn’t use “Tea Party” terminology at all, but merely happened to share their opposition to big government. As syndicated columnist Jacob Sullum notes, the study argues that supporting “private property rights, consumer choice and limited government” can make you a tobacco-industry tool regardless of whether you get any tobacco money or not.

I’m sure such creative [ahem] use of taxpayer dollars will lead to other groundbreaking studies such as:

National Institute for Mental Health producing a study showing conservatism is a mental disease.
National Institute of Health producing a study showing conservatism makes people “at risk” of health problems due to dangerous ideas like the freedom to eat food of one’s choosing and guns.
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health producing a study showing people suffering from conservatism should be barred from owning businesses because they are prone to protest government regulation, which everyone knows is only done to protect people.

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  1. Amy Kremer is a full-blown cnn propaganda slut anymore is all I know

    who gives a good goddamn what she thinks about the poop boat?

  2. or monsieur dorner

  3. What the future holds is exactly those kinds of studies you mention, Darleen.

    We are in the age of Leftism Unbound and any and every theory dreamed-up in the sterile laboratories of Leftist Minds shall be released.

    This is moment, where Destiny! has called them – once in a life time.

  4. Ach, if only we could smoke them to pleasant effect! Alas, ’tis not to be.

  5. National Institute for Mental Health producing a study showing conservatism is a mental disease.

    That comes later – first step is showing that the desire to own a firearm (i.e. “Gun Fetishism” – no doubt to be included in the next DSM update) is a precursor to violent behavior, and sufficient cause to deny ownership.

  6. of course the names of the ignorant fascist cop thugs go unpublished

    meanwhile it remains a puzzling puzzling head-scratcher why Mr. Dorner was so heralded

  7. Another blog I frequent seems to have become rife with libs constantly yapping about “our crazy gun culture!!!”

    Explanation of what that means exactly are never forthcoming.

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  13. “their our crazy thug gun culture!!!”

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    train bridge where we spraypaint skinner and the gold flakes glimmer in the cinnamon booze

  15. I’m thinking i might have lived those lyrics once or twice in my lifetime.

  16. i can’t wait to go back to america

  17. meanwhilst even cnbc remembers where the tea party came from

    president food stamp are you listening?

  18. Glenn Reynolds the Instapundit lays it down straight.


  19. skinner should be skynyrd btw i blame the bombay sapphire

    it’s pernicious!

  20. With this kind of logic, imagine what associations if you use the term “people’s party” ?

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  22. If wanting to own a gun comes to mean you are mentally ill, then what exactly would that say about the government itself since they want a monopoly on guns.

  23. I would say that our betters are held to different standards than we are.

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