February 11, 2013

Tautology 101: “Biden: We’re counting on ‘legitimate media’ for successful gun control effort”

With ‘legitimacy’ defined as that media which helps the government push its gun control agenda by ignoring how “mental health” provisions and “universal background checks” prepare the ground for government registries and defining “crazy” down.  Or, if you prefer, what comes to count as legitimate, per Biden,  is that media that backs the efforts of the state against the rights of the individual.  Whereas any media that acts as a check on state authority — part of the impetus for the 1st amendment, incidentally?  Illegitimate and inauthentic enemies of the children.  Not to mention lying liars who lie and lie.

I want to write something here like “you can’t spell ‘Pravda’ without ‘legacy media’ — and even if you could, the legacy media would just lie and call you a racist for challenging it,” but honestly, it’s just too damn depressing.

They don’t even hide who they are anymore.  Pimps with their stable of kept media whores.   And yet for as many times as a tarted up Piers Morgan in stiletto heels leans inside their passenger side window and offers them CNN’s version of “around the world” for $50, too many still people can’t or won’t see it.

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  1. all the other kids with the pumped up kicks you better run better run I think

  2. All my lefty friends go into full auto-rant mode any time Palin or Paul Brouns names are mentioned about what blithering idiots they are, yet will solemnly testify that Biden is actually a really intelligent guy.

    Legitimate medias can do things like that, I suppose.

  3. This is the part where I celebrate Brownell’s for having come through with my backordered buttload of PMAGs.

    Some people just ain’t right.

  4. I was looking over the ammo selection at the store this afternoon and joked with some other dudes that we used to warn folks away from odd ball caliber guns because it was hard to find ammo for them. Now that is the only thing you can find ammo for, lol.

  5. Why would the media want to legitmate Obama’s war on women?

    “Women’s participation in shooting sports has surged over the last decade, increasing by 51.5 percent for target shooting from 2001 to 2011, to just over 5 million women, and by 41.8 percent for hunting, according to the National Sporting Goods Association. Gun sales to women have risen in concert.”

    (as seen on Instapundit)

  6. When financial questions arose regarding the Mountain Pure Water Company, Washington did not send a few staffers to inspect documents. Instead, last spring, some 50 armed Treasury agents breached Mountain Pure’s headquarters in Little Rock, Ark. They seized 82 boxes of records, herded employees into the cafeteria, snatched their cell phones, and refused to let them consult attorneys.

    “We’re the federal government,” Mountain Pure’s comptroller, Jerry Miller, says one pistol-packing fed told him. “We can do what we want, when we want, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”


  7. outlaw pope

    We might have to part with the notion of a popular Church. It is possible that we are on the verge of a new era in the history of the Church, under circumstances very different from those we have faced in the past, when Christianity will resemble the mustard seed [Matthew 13:31-32], that is, will continue only in the form of small and seemingly insignificant groups, which yet will oppose evil with all their strength and bring Good into this world.


  8. No true Scotsman, you.

  9. Pablo, I will happily take 4 PMAGs today and send you back 5 when Brownell’s fills my order.

  10. Only $100 for a 30-round magazine?


  11. South Carolina is currently considering protections for the unorganized militia (via Mike Vanderboegh).

    Senate Bill 247 was introduced on January 16, 2013 by state Senators Tom Corbin, Tom Davis, Kevin Bryant, and Lee Bright and sources indicate that a companion measure will soon be offered in the South Carolina House of Representatives.

    The bill reads:

    (A) Pursuant to the provisions of Section 25-1-60, an able-bodied citizen of this State who is over seventeen years of age and can legally purchase a firearm is deemed a member of the South Carolina Unorganized Militia, unless he is already a member of the National Guard or the organized militia not in National Guard service …

    (2) A militia member, at his own expense, shall have the right to possess and keep all arms that could be legally acquired or possessed by a South Carolina citizen as of December 31, 2012. This includes shouldered rifles and shotguns, handguns, clips, magazines, and all components.

    (3) The unorganized militia may not fall under any law or regulation or jurisdiction of any person or entity outside of South Carolina.

  12. The true problem, as yet unaddressed by any Republican standard-bearer, originates in the ideology of modern conservatism. When the intellectual authors of the modern right created its doctrines in the 1950s, they drew on nineteenth-century political thought, borrowing explicitly from the great apologists for slavery, above all, the intellectually fierce South Carolinian John C. Calhoun. This is not to say conservatives today share Calhoun’s ideas about race. It is to say instead that the Calhoun revival, based on his complex theories of constitutional democracy, became the justification for conservative politicians to resist, ignore, or even overturn the will of the electoral majority.

    This is the politics of nullification, the doctrine, nearly as old as the republic itself, which holds that the states, singly or in concert, can defy federal actions by declaring them invalid or simply ignoring them. We hear the echoes of nullification in the venting of anti-government passions and also in campaigns to “starve government,” curtail voter registration, repeal legislation, delegitimize presidents.

    Tanenhaus of Blues

  13. Who knew Weaver and Kirk were “the intellectual authors of … modern right … doctrine?”

    Who knew the right had any doctrines other than the so-called Reagan commandment and the so-called Buckley rule, for that matter? The only time I ever hear about doctrine is when some moderate is trying to tell me what I, as a so-called purist, am supposed to think. Followed, naturally enough, by an invitation to shut up.

  14. It’s so good to have an ideology. We should keep it.

  15. The Forward looking never looking back one is already taken. Which is why Tannenhaus can doublthink his way through Calhoun.

  16. Can I have principles instead, sdferr? I find them easier to bitterly cling to.

  17. One only need look at forums [like here at PW] to see that conservatives and Classical Liberals are not Ideologues.

    The breadth and depth of small disagreements and approaches to problems on display points to a group of people who are not in the thrall of a system of ideas, which requires an unquestioning loyalty.

    That damned apologist for mean doctrines, Russell Kirk wrote:

    The attitude we call conservatism is sustained by a body of sentiments, rather than by a system of ideological dogmata. It is almost true that a conservative may be defined as a person who thinks himself such. The conservative movement or body of opinion can accommodate a considerable diversity of views on a good many subjects, there being no Test Act or Thirty-Nine Articles of the conservative creed.

    Those who in Elysian fields would dwell
    Do but extend the boundaries of hell.

    [if anyone knows who composed this, please let me know – thank you]

  18. Michael Oakeshott, Bob. It’s from Tower of Babel in On History and Other Essays

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  20. Jeff,
    It’s apparent that the nation’s executive branch (currently occupied by Socialists) is able to wield media against American citizens’ Congress.

    And it’s equally apparent that the Congress, as a distinct Branch, can not. The result is an evergrowing tyranny of the Executive over the People.

    I’m wondering, can the Congress (as a body) legally expend monies to evangelize its majority’s opinions in paid media outlets? And, if not then, Is it safe to vest such a monopoly power-to-publicize in our nation’s Chief Executive’s office?

    If No and No are the answers, then, with an unethical elected executive presiding, such as the one we got in Obama, we’re living under a Monarchy already.

  21. Thanks, Pablo.

    I have it in my link/quote file, but I forgot to list the author.

  22. When Biden says “legitimate media,” he’s talking about people like Suzi Parker.

  23. Jeffrey Lord: Rove Email Leaks: Ideological War Opens in GOP

    Karl Rove was not happy.

    The conservative base of the Republican Party is not happy.

    The Ford/Bush-Reagan battle of ideology decades past suddenly renews.

    What’s going on with Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell?

    And yes, to wax Carvillian, it is the ideology, stupid. In fact, it is an ideological war.

    Yeah, and I’m not happy for other reasons. But hey, whaddaya gonna do when people want to eat paste? Take it away from them?

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