January 31, 2013

If Ezra Klein were any more stupid we’d have to elect him to public office

I mean, honestly. It’s like they’re not even trying any more.  Klein, “Government is hurting the economy — by spending too little”.

Now, ordinarily, this is the place where you’d find an extended quote from the linked piece , followed by my rebuttal of whatever “progressive” argument it strains to make.  But I’ve come to conclude that my time is just too precious to waste on these kinds of rhetorical trial balloons (incidentally, Jay Carney made a similar argument yesterday, before blaming the state of the economy on the GOP), so I’ll just say this:  the baseline budget that keeps automatically renewing itself contains the “one-time” stimulus money that Obama was going to pour into “shovel-ready jobs” — and each year puts us into trillion dollar deficit spending territory.  As a country, we are now literally printing money in order to keep spending it — and as a result, our credit rating has been downgraded, any new “revenues” from tax increases on the “rich” are already spent in a matter of days, and it is only the artificial control over interest rates that is keeping the whole thing from collapsing utterly.

Trustees have told us Social Security and Medicare will soon go bankrupt, leaving those who spent a lifetime paying into the system completely fleeced.

If we had any dignity left as a nation, we’d put people like Klein into stocks, strap a dunce cap to his head, and sell rotten tomatoes to toss at him.

That we give him a platform in a major national newspaper and proffer him as some intellectual wunderkind instead is, frankly, just embarrassing.

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Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:59am

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  1. If we had any dignity left as a nation, we’d put people like Klein into stocks in the public square and sell rotten tomatoes to throw at him and his kind.

    Hell, I would be happy if we would just ignore him.

  2. “We’re not spending enough” floats up at the same time that the Senate is going to take up the “temporary” debt ceiling suspension? Coincidence?

    Just how fast can they print money ease quantitatively?

    I think we’re going to find out.

  3. It’s just possible Klein would make a more articulate Secretary of Defense than the current prospect, howsowevermuch a stooge as young Ezra may be. The worse consideration is simply that the Democrats sitting on the Senate Armed Services Committee see nothing objectionable in the least in Chuck Hagel.

  4. Klein is just a guy looking at the appearance of things, noting the size and shape of the outside, but completely ignoring how or why the outside got that way.

    Plus, he’s making a fucking stupid post hoc argument, and should be laughed off the public stage for doing that. Instead, he’s adored as some kind of overaged child prodigy. Isn’t he so very smart for a 29-year-old boy?

  5. If he were any more stupid he would be a former U.S. Senator with a senior Cabinet post in the Obama administration.

  6. This is beginning to resemble the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot, with the Democrats rooting for the Japanese.

  7. The US Treasury should just print a $10,000 check each month for each man, woman and child in the country and send it to them. GDP will rise and we will all be saved! Saved! SAVED! And with the Keynesian multiplier it will be boom times like we have never seen before! Who could be against that?

  8. If he were any more of a child prodigy, they’d be giving his name in months.

    Isn’t he clever? And not even 345 months old yet!

  9. age in months, forfucksake.

  10. If he were any more stupid he would be a former U.S. Senator with a senior Cabinet post in the Obama administration.

    Give him time. He’s only just begun.

  11. hagel’s making biden look rhetorically sure-footed

    — Peter Beinart (@PeterBeinart) January 31, 2013


  12. I wonder which would offend Klein more? The rotten tomatoes to the face, or the raw capitalism of the tomato vendor?

  13. Wunderkind Ezra eats his own boogers. Good Allah, how fuckin stupid can one person be? He should stick to lying about ObamaCare, his stupid is less overt, though omnipresent.

  14. This is beginning to resemble the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot

    More like the WKRP turkey drop.

  15. Obama and Hagel are the bestest of best buddies, minds welded together as one, we’re told.

    As one.

    Well, if and only if we would grant that together, their individual 1/4 minds added up to get half-a-brain and yet can count as one whole brain. For myself, I’ve no doubt: there is no whole brain there to be counted. Two more imbecilic strategic non-thinkers would be impossible to create in a fiction and be believed.

  16. Sept 15, 1787 [emphases added]:

    *** Art: II. Sect. 2. “he shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offences against the U. S. except in cases of impeachment.”

    Mr. RANDOLPH: Moved to “except cases of treason.” The prerogative of pardon in these cases was too great a trust. The President may himself
    be guilty. The Traytors may be his own instruments.

    Col. MASON: Supported the motion.

    Mr. GOVr. MORRIS: Had rather there should be no pardon for treason, than let the power devolve on the Legislature.

    Mr. WILSON: Pardon is necessary for cases of treason, and is best placed
    in the hands of the Executive. If he be himself a party to the guilt he
    can be impeached and prosecuted.

    Mr. KING: Thought it would be inconsistent with the Constitutional
    separation of the Executive & Legislative powers to let the prerogative
    be exercised by the latter. A Legislative body is utterly unfit for the
    purpose. They are governed too much by the passions of the moment. In
    Massachusetts, one assembly would have hung all the insurgents in that
    State: the next was equally disposed to pardon them all. He suggested
    the expedient of requiring the concurrence of the Senate in Acts of

    Mr. MADISON: Admitted the force of objections to the Legislature, but the pardon of treasons was so peculiarly improper for the President that he should acquiesce in the transfer of it to the former, rather than leave
    it altogether in the hands of the latter. He would prefer to either an
    association of the Senate as a Council of advice, with the President.

    Mr. RANDOLPH: Could not admit the Senate into a share of the Power. The great danger to liberty lay in a combination between the President & that body. ***

  17. More like the WKRP turkey drop.

    Well played!

  18. If someone had to say whether Jay Carney (or his boss ObaZma, for that matter) actually could distinguish legitimate government from illegitimate government, what would they say? From this clip of Carney, we might well think he simply doesn’t have a clue how to make such a distinction — whereas he would probably tell us he simply doesn’t want to make that distinction here.

    Then we are made to wonder why? Why wouldn’t he relish laying out how an inveterate enemy state like Iran is thoroughly opposed to the views of the United States in every respect? Why not call an illegitimate tyranny what it is, and explain in plain language why the United States would see Iran in that light? What, in other words, is wrong with these people we call our administration? How have we put such worms in power?

  19. I think the word illegitimate is probably racist.

  20. She is/was part of the living proof of her own assertion. Proof is everywhere.

  21. I second what beemoe said at 11:02AM.

  22. islam is a foreign and domestic enemy see jefferson tom