January 31, 2013


That’s the contemporary leftist intelligentsia summed up in a single word.

Sure, they’ll protest, become sneeringly indignant and makes a show of histrionic outrage when you point out that their current attempts to label gun-rights activists “crazy” is quite clearly just that, Stalinesque — and creates the very Catch-22 that they’ve long desired, namely, that to disagree with the State (when it’s run by progressives, that is; when the State is run by a Republican, dissent is the highest form of patriotism) is proof of mental deficiency, and therefore disqualifies one from offering a “rational” opinion — but the fact remains:  they aim to ostracize and stigmatize in order to delegitimize.  The want enforced homogeneity of thought.

It is who they are.  It is what they do.

And in the end, they want the individual conquered, compliant, re-educated, or — if all else fails — incarcerated or eradicated.    Their sneering denials notwithstanding.  Every day they show us this. And every day those of us who point it out are dismissed, both by the very raving leftists we identify, and by those on our own side whose hubris rests in projecting comity onto tyranny and self-righteously pretending that to do so is in some way noble.

The left are hyenas.  Opportunistic pack animals.  Who, let me stress again, are only a danger if we continue to allow them to lay claim to authority that isn’t theirs to take.

A simple “fuck you” from a goodly number of states puts an end to all of it.  And the time has come.  Sorry, National Review summit.  Sorry David Brooks.  But I won’t be shamed.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:26am

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  1. You would have to be crazy to want to keep a gun in your house, much less carry one on your person. Crazy people can’t be allowed to have guns.

    Q.E.D. -22

  2. Some of them will take that as a compliment.

  3. They all take it as a compliment. Not all of them will admit it.

  4. In a world that has the Secretary of State saying it doesn’t matter what they said was the cause of Ambassador Stevens death, we have to find out what caused Ambassador Stevens death, selling cognitive dissonance is job one.