January 28, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood: how deep is the infiltration into our government

I know, I know. McCarthyism! I’m OUTRAGED! Blah blah blah.

Look: Let John McCain and the left posture and preen. Me, I’m interested in learning the truth. I’ve heard Andy McCarthy speak to the extent the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government, along with his dismay at how politicians on both sides of the aisle circle the wagons to deny the problem. Now, take a look at this, from the Investigative Project on Terrorism, which translates an Egyptian newspaper article that names names. Beginning with “Not Huma Abidin alone.”

Will our politicians wake up? Or will they continue to pretend they’re champions of freedom, protecting against racist “anti-Muslim sentiment” by excoriating those in our government who really are eager to explore the extent of the MB’s influence?

(h/t Sarah R)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 4:05pm

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  1. In the most general terms, I believe the United States (but not solely the United States! We share with others, like good little children would do) has an awful naming problem in these days and times, spread across many concerns, many boundaries, many dangers even. And this is but one among them.

  2. The fact that anyone treats CAIR as anything but a terrorist front is appalling. This is even more so.

    When all cultures are equivalent, and the US oppresses the other constantly, I would expect the Muslim Brotherhood to have the president’s ear. He believes this anti-American shit is true.

  3. They will continue to marginalize anyone who calls the truth to their attention.

    We’re doomed. This cannot continue.

  4. Identifying gubmint officials as being members of the Muslim Brotherhood is rude. It harshes the mellow multi-cultural thing we got going on here.

  5. He believes this anti-American shit is true.

    Mostly because it provides him with the opportunity to Save His Brown Brothas from his grandparents.

  6. Ha! What does it matter!!

  7. I just want to say that scaring the jews in desperate times is NOT a wise idea. They might punch back an order of magnitude harder if pushed. Existential threats taken seriously can unlock a LOT of doors with scary scary shit behind them.

  8. It seems we are now participating in the military action in Mali.

    Hey, what difference does it make?

  9. In other words Obama might not be able to outrun the whirlwind he’s helping to stir up.

    God might show him that he’s just another ape in the grotto and that his figs can be smashed like anyone else’s.

  10. keep an eye on the hummus contracts by the fed gov’t

  11. US Military to trim 60,000 due to budget constraints.

  12. Oops. That should be 20K. Sorry.

  13. Best hustle those girls to the frontlines then, since everybody knows one girl is worth twenty men.

  14. 20,000 Marines and 60,000 Army, so I was kinda right. I need to leave those damned windows open for reference.

    sdferr, there are several articles on memeorandum scoffing at the idea that wimmins aren’t up to the job. Me? I remain unconvinced.

  15. You know who’d probably have some valuable insight into whether the wimmins are up to the job? Firefighters.

  16. The only reason women are able to be firefighters is that the standards were lowered for them.

    On the other hand, at my gym, there is a 115 lb woman who can squat over 300, dead-lift more than that, and bench around 250 (this is from memory, and I low-balled the numbers). So, it’s possible that a few can meet the standards set for men.

  17. “there is a 115 lb woman who can squat over 300, dead-lift more than that, and bench around 250”

    I wonder how long she could do that on a diet of MRE’s combined with all of the other living conditions a combat soldier endures. In other words; a (much) less than optimum environment.

  18. I have never met her, I have only seen her accomplishments written on a whiteboard. So, I don’t know what she has had to do to herself to get there.

  19. Cranky,

    Says here: that the world record bench press for 114lb women is 231 and the three lift total is 815 so I’m betting your gym’s record isn’t legit.

  20. Off-topic-ish, the immigration business:

    The commission is being touted as the enforcement side of the Gang of 8?s deal, to make sure that the border is secure before the amnesty process goes into full swing. So the enforcement mechanism in this “tough” bill is a joke. Or a lie. Whatever. It’s Washington.

    It is curious why Sen. Marco Rubio has put his name on this lie, though. Sens. McCain and Graham take part in these shams all the time. They’ve made a career of it. Rubio is new to the game.

  21. Rubio wants to be President. And he’s probably listening to the same assholes who cost us the last two elections.

  22. The United Nations will be forced to cut already reduced food rations to hundreds of thousands of Syrians unless a huge cash injection is found, a top humanitarian official warned Monday.

    UN agencies have already cut the nutritional value of rations by a half over the past two months because of money shortages, UN humanitarian operations director John Ging said ahead of a donors conference in Kuwait on Wednesday.

    “We are putting it squarely to the donors, more cuts are likely,” Ging told reporters.

    About four million Syrian rely on international assistance to cope with fallout from the 22-month old conflict in which the UN estimates more than 60,000 people have died. Many of them get daily food rations.

    UN leader Ban Ki-moon will seek more than $1.5 billion in new cash pledges at a donors conference in Kuwait on Wednesday. About $500 million is needed for operations in Syria and the rest for more than 650,000 refugees in countries around Syria.

  23. I’ll check the next time I’m at the gym, Danger. My memory could be off. However, they are very serious lifters there.

  24. Cranky –

    The fact that there are women lifting at the very far end of the bell curve is not something that should inform general policy.

    If we’re not starting from the question “Will this result in a more effective fighting force?” then I think we’ll get good men and women killed needlessly.

    Of course, some folks will be able to feel good about themselves, so there’s that.

  25. I liked Andrew McCarthy better back in his ‘Pretty In Pink’ days.. .. but he was still kind of a Nellie boy even then and Molly would have been better off with Ducky. No, Ducky was not gay.. That’s just how they dressed back in the day.

  26. Rubio wants to be President. And he’s probably listening to the same assholes who cost us the last two elections.

    Based on the carefully couched politspeak his office replies to me with, I’d tend to agree.

  27. The fact that there are women lifting at the very far end of the bell curve is not something that should inform general policy.

    I never said it should.

  28. In fact, I think allowing women in combat is a very dumb idea, even if they were qualified.

  29. – Just one more tile in the Feminazi dream-wall of Uber Butch.

    – Molly was hot. Just as Downey Jr.

  30. – *ask*

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