January 25, 2013

a note on guns

we defend


Here’s what I’ll tell Sen Feinstein and all the Democrats and Republicans who support any cosmetic bans on weaponry or any bans on my capacity to carry ammunition useful to that weaponry:  if you disarm us, I and millions like me will make it our mission to bring you down to the same level.

Because all you are is a servant of the People.  Which position doesn’t place you above them or above the laws you pass.  If ordinarily law abiding citizens are to have a natural right infringed upon, than the same must go for private security firms; for ex-military; for retired law enforcement officers, or any law enforcement officer not on duty.

And even then, all you would have done is made criminality more tempting and criminals more dangerous.  The fact of the matter is, I don’t care what you think I “need”; I don’t care what you think about what is “enough” ammunition; I don’t care what you think about the self-loading function of a semi-automatic system.

I only care that you have a platform and just enough power to try to rob me of my ability to best protect my family — all because you presume that I, as an adult and a free man who pays taxes and votes and trains with his weapons, and who has no criminal history, can’t be trusted with either a threaded barrel or a folding stock or a 15 round magazine, and that it therefore your job as my sovereign, my self-appointed nanny, to relieve me of my rights.  For my own good.  And for the good of the children.

And yet you know next to nothing about firearms — though you once held a conceal carry permit yourself and somehow managed not to commit mass murder.

But then, that’s you, right?  And, well, you’re just a better breed and all.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:14am

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  1. Dianne’s just looking to exploit those dead connecticut babies is all. Otherwise they not good for nothin.

  2. Charlton Heston said it best: From my cold,dead hands…

    For myself, I would only add “Bitch” on to the end there.

  3. Edmund Burke said all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

    That’s why the evil bitch is trying to disarm us, so good men can do nothing.

  4. You’re using logic but those on the other side have a way of viewing the world which doesn’t work that way.

  5. Over the years I’ve owned a litany of evil black rifles – FN FALs, AK variants, AR types, you name it. Currently I don’t own any, mainly because I don’t see the need for one and cannot justify the expense of owning just for the sake of owning.

    Sadly, this means I’d have to go out of my way to violate any of the proposed bans. At which point I might as well go the full Monty and satiate my desire for what I really do need – a true military grade PDW, like a shorty AK, FN P90, or most likely a shop made sten – maybe in a better caliber like .40 S&W. I also have lust in my heart for an M3A1, but they are few and far between.

    If the past decades have taught us anything it is that modern insurrections quickly devolve to a sniper’s game, and I’ve got that angle covered. At which point acquiring an AR or M4 is simply a matter of patience and persistence.

  6. Maybe I need to get that 22in NM barrel with a set of 1/2 MOA sights for the gun-I-no-longer-have-after-the-tragic-boating-accident.

  7. If there were a Republican with half a brain, he’d bring the measure up for a straight up-or-down vote today. Make the fuckers show their colors.

  8. ThomasD, in the typical urban environment, a .22 LR is a perfectly effective sniper rifle, as the Chechens proved.

  9. If there were a Republican with half a brain he would be kicked out of the party for being a know it all.

  10. Is it correct to speak of the Bible speaking of rights (in the modern sense of rights, not in the ancient sense of ‘right’ or justice), let alone natural rights? So far as I can recollect, it never does.

  11. “Dianne’s just looking to exploit those dead connecticut babies”

    I think “late-term fetus” is the accepted nomenclature.

  12. highly leveraged late term fetuses