January 19, 2013

We interrupt your Day of Service in honor of The Second Coming of Obama to bring you this message [Darleen Click]

h/t Smitty

Posted by Darleen @ 1:06pm

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  1. i give up on voting for stagnant porky porky chris christie appeasers with weirdo lifeydoodle fetishes

    besides, optimism is not a good investment thesis

  2. off course, griefer, nihilism looks so good on you.

    You should sign up for the Liverpool Care Pathway.

  3. if you’re going to play in texas darleen what you have to have in the band is a fiddle

    a very self-reliant widdle fiddle

    people need to stop looking towards washington for relief from the fascist depredations of washington, and they especially need to stop looking towards self-indulgent lifeydoodles who think they’re the second coming of poor doddering reagan

  4. hah I did all the spellings right in that whole comment

    look at me go

  5. Now, if only you’d had something to say.

  6. So, Benghazi? The dead American Ambassador? Dead hostages in Algeria? Another Not-war in Mali?

    Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

  7. a lot of that’s the whoopsidental consequences of Meghan’s coward daddy’s Libya adventurism leigh

    he’s not the sharpest foreign policy tool in the toolbox but good lord he’s 90 years old

  8. Why are you worrying about that foreign crap when we have the life of a single child to save? We have to save that child!

    No matter how many other lives it may cost.

  9. Blame John McCain. That’s smart.

  10. he was the biggest cheerleader of the whole tuna fish sammich

  11. How about Fast and Furious? It makes me rather furious. Me and Brian Terry’s family.

    Why is Algeria an act of terrorism and Libya not one? How about Fort Hood being work place violence? What gives?

  12. As for the Obama administration’s handling of the crisis, McCain was almost entirely positive. “I think it was fine. By the way, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton gave a marvelous statement today,” said McCain. He did not offer such praise for the Romney campaign’s statements on the events.

    what a dipshit huh?

    If I were someone what ever endorsed him I’d be like omg that was dumb of me oh good heavens I’m a bleeding retard WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME

  13. Aren’t cheerleaders on the sideline?

    And leigh, you know damn well what gives.

  14. Of course I do, Ernst. I’m tired of the thread-jacking. That’s all.

  15. Ah. My mistake. Do carry on.

  16. If the title of the thread is the second coming, I figured we should explore all the reasons why this is not true.

  17. one reason food stamp can’t be the second coming is cause of Jesus wore sandals everyone knows that

    oh crap

  18. I’m outta here.

  19. me too can’t let the day get way from me

  20. That’s all right, we’ll be here cheerleading your tuna sammich, or something.

  21. leigh

    I expect it depends on what Left-libs want as the Second Coming. If you saw Michelle’s video, we are “on the right path” of “changing America” so yeah what a few broken ambassadors, military corpsemen and dead Mexicans along the way.

    Omelets for everyone!

  22. Darleen, pardon my language, but fuck them and what their ‘vision’ for America is.

    Everyone I talk to is pissed off at Washington. So, unlike Bloomburg who knows no one with guns, everyone I know is buying ammo.

  23. I overheard a salesman lamenting to a customer at our local gun shop today that if he had a broom chambered for 223 he could get a grand for it.

    Place was packed, and sold out of everything I was looking for.

  24. it can’t be a good feeling, overpaying for guns what you need to protect your family in barack obama’s america

  25. Whittle: “we once dreamed of colonizing the moon and mars… and now in Obama’s America have to hitch a ride to our own useless space station”

    I’m sorry, or not, but that’s complete crap, on the other side of some kind of fantastic. Even accepting the “dreamed of”, and discounting the fact that NASA’s troubles began back in what, the 70s (if not upon its inception), at the far end, I see no difference between financing space weenies and banning hand guns. Either way it comes out of my right to ride my own balloon. The same porkers are making the same choices that I don’t want.

  26. it can’t be a good feeling, overpaying for guns what you need to protect your family in barack obama’s america

    Actually, from what I’ve seen in perusing a few firearms forums from time to time, the only unhappy people are the ones who can’t find anything they want for any price they can afford to pay. People know they’re overpaying, and they don’t care.

    What does that tell you?

  27. If democrats really want to destroy the gun industry they should come up with a package of gun purchase subsidies and a sweetheart loan program and price controls. Like they did with real estate, food and drug production, college education, public education, and health care.

    It’d kill the gun makers off a whole lot faster that stirring up near-black market fear juices and trying to natter guns out of popularity like smoking, friend meat, pot, Jesus, or monogamous heterosexual missionary position sex to slow music in your own bedroom.

  28. ” friend meat” should be fried meat. Thanks auto-correct. You turned a reference to fritters into #@#$ing cannibalism.

  29. Only slightly OT. Read this excerpted paragraph. Without knowing the context of the scientific study it’s discussing, can you guess what’s being discussed?

    “Although popular and scientific understandings tend to portray ignorance as a lack of knowledge, this work emphasizes that ignorance itself is a form of knowledge that makes it possible to ignore or remain unaware of things that might otherwise be obvious,” say the researchers.

    If you can’t, then you’re obviously a RAAAAACIST!.

  30. Be sure to note the ‘new’ designation for non-African Americans. Seems I have a new label fitted to me. No one ever tells me these things!

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