January 17, 2013

“Holder Begs Court to Stop Document Release on #FastandFurious”

They’re all about the transparency, you see.

Besides:  if they’re going to talk about straw purchases and dead children in an effort to take away our gun rights, how would it look if they had to admit that they are the straw purchasers whose programs lead to the death of children, civilians, and border patrol agents?

Or, to put it another way, how would it look if they really are the ones they’ve been waiting for?

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Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:25pm

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  1. remember what National Soros Radio did to Alberto Gonzales?

    they beat his ass and left him for dead

  2. That was because he was a Tio Tomas. To them.

  3. The DOJ committed acts of war against a neighboring allied country by deliberately delivering weapons to narco-terrorists within that country’s borders without that country’s knowledge or permission and over the objection of their own agents with the explicit intent that those weapons be used in crimes in that country.

    But, you know, squirrel. And a completely complicit captured media that shares an agenda with a political party so completely that streets running with blood are nothing to them.

    History doesn’t have its own weight, we weigh it down.

  4. “the DOJ will release a report analyzing information on lost and stolen guns and make it widely available to law enforcement”

    Sounds pretty straightforward, don’t it?

  5. I guess white kids in Connecticut are more worthy of a “national conversation” than Mexican kids or black kids on the South Side of Chicago.

  6. You know they are, Spies. Chicago has been brought up numerous times and


  7. Much as I enjoy the mental image of Holder begging the court for relief, I’d be a lot happier if he were begging the court not to throw him in prison for the rest of his life. These administrative battles just aren’t as fulfilling.

  8. I have to laugh at all the opining by the wizards of smart about Obama wanting to kill the GOP. Well if he does, hopefully he’s successful.

    How many GOPers have you heard mention Fast and Furious in response to this gun grab? Yeah, the death of the GOP would be just horrible.

  9. The States and the good citizens of this country need to realize that they are the only forces that will keep Americans from outright serfdom, not the DCGOP. At best the GOP critters and their ilk are unwittingly keeping the water warming just slowly enough.

  10. “Sounds pretty straightforward, don’t it?”

    First tier lies always do.

    “Obama wanting to kill the GOP.” Works for me. Faster please.

    “unwittingly” Are you positive about this?

  11. Holder’s request doesn’t sound suspicious at all.

  12. Caved on the fiscal cliff, about to cave on the debt ceiling, will almost certainly cave on sequestration when that comes up. Turns out the GOP really is a party of cavemen!

  13. He’ll be here all week, everyone. Let’s give him a hand.

  14. Cavemen and Progglodytes. We are so very, very screwed.

  15. “Let’s give him a hand.”

    Is that code for something?

    “We are so very, very screwed.”

    Is it wrong to read that in Elmer Fudd’s voice ?

    SQUID brand Torches, Tar, Pitchforks and the finest Split Pine Rails…buy early; buy often.

  16. “Let’s give him a hand.”

    Meaning a round of applause.

  17. So you say. Maybe he meant we should give him a backhand slap. Maybe he meant we should give him a monkey’s paw. Are you giving Cranky’s words a fair interpretation, or are you privileging your own meaning over his? Only the egret knows for sure…

  18. Don’t try to put words in my mouth, Squid! I’m the victim here.

  19. Maybe he assumed I was playing cards and that I ought to give someone my hand of cards because its their turn to play the game and I should go put some pizza rolls and open another tub of dip and take care of the guests instead of frittering my life away on card games.

  20. All’s I know is, y’all ain’t been drinking my Scotch.

  21. The Hill: Holder to Congress: Take up gun reform

    In a sane world, Congress would reply “Either give the House Oversight Committee the documents they have requested with regard to the Fast and Furious misdeeds, or get bent, Mr. Attorney General.”

    Or perhaps better, “. . . or we will begin impeachment proceedings to remove you from office immediately.”

  22. If the GOP where a real party and had a nut sack between them someone would introduce a bill banning the sale of assault rifles to foreign drug lords by the Executive Branch.