January 10, 2013

Remind me: does Piers Morgan’s absolute right to free speech give him the absolute right to disseminate false “facts”?

Evidently so. And the national media won’t correct him on it, because as I noted earlier — an assertion, yes, but one that would be proven correct with the right kinds of studies — they have become, through training and self-selection, nothing more than the propaganda arm of this attempted soft coup being carried out by progressives.

But some in local media markets are having none of it. To wit, here’s Ben Swann, Cincinnati Fox affiliate, speaking Truth to Power:

Unfortunately, none of this matters. The facts are what they are, and many of us have spent countless words relating them over the years, to no avail. The gun-control lobby knows the facts. They just don’t care. And that’s because gun-control is about control, not guns — just as environmental regulations are about regulatory molestation, not the environment.

The Left uses occasions and ginned up crisis — which they themselves often create or enable through prior failed policy — to call for ever more control. Though not over criminals: I mean, don’t illegals commit violent crimes at a high rate? Don’t they add to the carbon footprint and pollute the air and water as much as any suburban Republican?

Of course. But they are a client group of the left, necessary to the securing of power. So they are exempt. As is David Gregory. It’s a quid pro quo arrangement, made possible by a breakdown in the rule of law.

The left studiously ignores the facts while working to create images and emotional appeals. It offers appeals to authority by calling on leftist experts or timid Republicans who’ll back their cause. When in power, it uses the levers of power to “nudge” big corporations to back its plays. And it creates theater, intended to demonize the opposition, in which Alex Jones, rather than say, Glenn Reynolds or John Lott, becomes the face of the pro-2nd Amendment movement.

Later fact checking is irrelevant to them. They run on image, perception, and a manufactured consensus that allows them to argue what isn’t so repeatedly and without fear of reprisal. The ends justify the means — and the means to this end, neutering the second amendment, requires a repetition of lies, and the tethering of legal gun ownership among non-criminals to the criminal behavior given wide media optics.

They operate on mirage and demagoguery. They prey on the low information voters and those who believe they’re in on the con — but who will later be cut lose, recognizing too late their useful idiocy. History has shown this over and over again.

And it was our Constitution alone that kept us immune.

Which is why we no longer hear much about a “Living Constitution”; instead, we hear calls to scrap the Constitution all together. Presumably to replace it with the “We’ll do what we please” Declaration of a Return to Tyranny favored by the New Left.

Liberty needs to be fought for. And the time is coming when we might have to make a decision similar to the one made by our own founders. Which is not a call to violent insurrection. But it may include such things as states rejecting politicized SCOTUS rulings, embracing their own State constitutions, and denying the federal government jurisdiction or authority over, for example, border control, or education.

In a way, I feel ripped off. At least when the last counterculture protests took place on a wide scale, there was plenty of hedonism. But then, I guess we’re a more responsible countercultural force. And I can live with that.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:43am

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  1. The hedonism came from the “hippie” footsoldiers. The true believers all had pinched faces and Mao jackets and tried always to emulate such movie versions as

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  3. It’s like the wild west on cable

  4. heh.

    Sometimes it more resembles a kindergarten civics class.

  5. Oops, my mistake. Utter wild west hell on cable.

  6. King Troofer Alex Jones does himself, and all other supporters of the 2nd Amendment (and the Constitution as a whole) no favors whatsoever. The Left needs no help. He “demonizes” himself.

  7. Jeff’s now-familiar coda requires frequent repetition. It’s a brainXercise for new recruits. And some of us ol’ timers like the work-out.

    This Suburban Republican (or as the Sultan calls’em, “Progressive Republican”) cohort first came to my attention when a client of mine from Orange County, CA confessed that, without the Federally-maintained Central Valley Project, his entire right-sounding voting-bloc would dry up under the desert sun.

    This revelation landed just after I (a registered Republican) had researched a one-page take-down of the CVP and TVA for a Libertarian blog I frequent. Got me to thinkin.’

  8. steveaz? Your first paragraph was worthless. Chop that (and future iterations of the same sort) and you’ll get a better grade.

    The remainder tends to meander in a mazy motion. Tighten it up.


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