December 29, 2012

California Supreme Court channels Animal Farm [Darleen Click]

Where Union animals are more equal than others.

The California Supreme Court upheld two state laws Thursday that permit labor unions to picket on privately owned property at store entrances.

The two state laws, which specifically prevent courts from interfering with peaceful labor pickets on private property, are justified “by the state’s interest in promoting collective bargaining to resolve labor disputes,” Justice Joyce L. Kennard wrote for the court.

Other demonstrators have no free speech rights to gather in front of a store’s privately owned entrance. But California “may single out labor-related speech for particular protection or regulation” as an exercise in the economic regulation of labor relations without running afoul of the U.S. Constitution, Kennard wrote.

The 6-1 ruling overturned an appeals court decision that found the two state laws violated the federal Constitution by giving speech about labor issues greater protection than other communications.

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Comments (15)

  1. So just register as the Amalgamated Brotherhood of Pro-Life Placard Wavers, and start affecting some economic activity at Planned Parenthood (where the abortion mill is a major part of their income)…

    They set the rules, they have to live by the rules.

    Not that civil disobedience would EVER be acceptable with the #OccupyResoluteDesk SCOAMFT and his cabal…

  2. Easy fix – stores create “customer unions” with a $0.01 dues payment. Now its union vs union.

  3. Seems to me SCOTUS ought to overturn SCOCAL on this one.

    Won’t, but ought to.

  4. Coming soon: a union guy decides that he wants to use your pool, your car, and your bed.

  5. The Supreme Court then decides that the Third Amendment doesn’t apply to soldiers from the Gambino crime family.

  6. Bring in the private security, with cudgels and firehoses.

  7. Ya gotta love a strategy that assumes that everyone who has more money than you is making it through sheer evil, and a la serial killers secretly want to be stopped, and everyone who has less money than you knows just how hard you work and wishes you had a bajillion for it (or, secretly, hope that they’ll be able to get access to that bajillion too).

    It’s a real ball buster to polite, transparent society.

  8. Someone explain to me why every publicly-traded company based in California (or with significant operations there) isn’t facing multiple shareholder lawsuits to relocate, pronto?

  9. And, yes, I’m particularly looking at Silicon Valley.

    Heck, at the very least, I’d have figured Oracle would have jumped ship for Texas by now.

  10. You may not understand just how good the weather in So-Cal is. It takes great fortitude to abandon that.

  11. eCurm

    A lot of businesses have relocated; those that have stayed and trimming back to only administrative offices in the state, expanding outside.

    My sister works for Beckman-Coulter, who both expanded operations outside of CA in the last few years and now, with the medical devices tax ready to kick in, is laying off another 500 people.

    f*** Obamacare

  12. cranky

    that’s why this state is going to end up like some banana republic … where you have the very very rich living here and then the lower class that will service them.

    The productive middle class is being squeezed out.

    While the majority of the state still has unemployment over 10% and property values are still 40-50% of 2005 values; property values in places like Silicon Valley are climbing again.

  13. Steyn weighs in, for them what didn’t see it yet.

  14. Boy, I remember equality under the law. Good times, good times.

  15. You may not understand just how good the weather in So-Cal is. It takes great fortitude to abandon that.

    Proving yet again just how right George Orwell was about almost everything.