December 27, 2012

“EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson resigns”

What they tell you:

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson says she’s stepping down after nearly four years on the job.

Jackson announced her departure in a statement Thursday. She gave no particular reason for leaving but said she was ready for new challenges, time with her family and new opportunities to make a difference.

Jackson’s tenure was marked by high-profile brawls with industry and congressional Republicans over such issues a global warming pollution, the Keystone XL oil pipeline and new controls on coal-fired plants.

She says she’s leaving the agency, in her words, “confident the ship is sailing in the right direction.”

Jackson is expected to leave after the State of the Union address in late January.

… and what they don’t:

[…] the timing was no accident. She claims to have told President Obama shortly after his re-election she planned to leave in early 2013, but her announcement went public just days after the Justice Department agreed – as a result of a lawsuit filed by CEI – to begin producing 12,000 emails from her “Richard Windsor” alias account. The emails relate to the war on coal Jackson was orchestrating on behalf of President Obama outside the appropriate democratic process.

Unchecked, her use of an alias email account to conduct official business – which CEI Senior Fellow Christopher Horner exposed in his book The Liberal War On Transparency – could set a dangerous precedent in which those who administer massive public agencies attempt to do the peoples’ business using  secret names.

But this scandal cannot end with Jackson’s resignation. She appears to have illegally evaded deliberative procedures and transparency requirements set in law – as did the federal appointees and career employees with whom she communicated through her alias email account. She must be held to account, as must those others – both to assure the peoples’ business is done in public and to send a signal to other high-level government officials this conduct cannot and will not be tolerated.

Meanwhile, CEI will continue to try to get to the bottom of Jackson’s efforts to evade public scrutiny of her actions. We have and will continue to pursue what we have determined to be widespread similar behavior including private email accounts, private computers and privately owned computer servers used to hide discussions that, by law, must be open to scrutiny and be part of the public record. The administration has admitted the agency has destroyed documents in apparent violation of the federal criminal code, and we intend to continue to investigate and expose these attempts to hide the agency’s actions.

So, what’s a corrupt, disgraced, decidedly anti-transparency, anti-democracy liberal fascist czarina to do, now that she’s stepped down from Head of Industrial Policy in the US?  Why, contemplate a run for NJ Governor, naturally!

And just to give you an idea about the state of GOP establishment politics these days?  Were I living in NJ, I might consider voting for her over the massive phony competition.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:07am

Comments (10)

  1. But how will Christie become Jeb’s Veep nominee if he’s voted out of office?


  2. They have gotten people beaten down to the point that John fucking Kerry is going to be the next Secretary of State and nobody has said a word.

    A confessed war criminal and traitor, a career built on cowardice and lies, and nobody gives a fuck.

    Its over.

  3. Okay, so Hillary has to publicly not recall anything before the traitor gets rubber stamped.

    There’s some accountability for you.

  4. A confessed war criminal and traitor, a career built on cowardice and lies, and nobody gives a fuck.

    why do I now think floating Susan Rice as nominee was a stalking horse?

  5. The same reason Harriet Myers was a stalking horse for CJ Roberts.

    They think we’re stupid and sadly, they are correct.

  6. How long has it been since Hill fell down and broke her crown? We haven’t seen here since the first part of December or earlier.

  7. I don’t think Myers was a stalking horse. I think Bush would have been happier puting her on the court than either Roberts or Alito.

    Hugh Hewitt too.

  8. In hindsight I wonder if Myers wouldn’t have been a better choice.

  9. I don’t know Ernst. I always got the impression that she was a placeholder to take all the flack from the dems. By the time they got through with her they were out of ammo when it came to Smilin’ John Roberts.

    I don’t have any proof of course, but it just struck a wrong chord with me from the giddy-up.