December 18, 2012

“Gun Maker’s Stock Soars More Than 700% Since Obama’s Inauguration in 2009”

That’s a lot of betting on just the teabagging black helicopter crowd, as Josh Marshall called us in so many words the other day.

And by “us,” I mean me.  But you get the idea.

If money talks, a lot of people seem to think that, for whatever the reasons, the last nearly 4-years is a good time to invest in guns.  And in gun makers.

Go figure!

Posted by Jeff G. @ 8:35am

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  1. B-b-but Robin Meade on CNN this morning told me that the big gun manufacturing companies are losing money and their stocks are down! Right after telling me that 62% of the American people want gun control.
    You’re not being very helpful to the children, Jeff.

  2. There was a Fox Butterfield-type story on the local news this a.m. about weekend recent guns sales in CO, “…despite the Sandy Hook massacre, background checks for gun sales over the weekend were up 400%.” Imagine that. They just assume that everyone accepts the Obama/Democrat/MSM narrative, so why on earth would people still be buying guns?

  3. My FFL dealer said there were 2160 people waiting in the background check queue last night at around 7-ish. Normally that number is 0-50. The highest he’d ever seen it before was 150.

    Yet my progressive friends tell me the tide is turning their way on guns.

  4. I want a gun for so if a crazed autistic killboy tries to shoot me I can say not so fast bucko

  5. Wow – that’s a lot of background checks, which explains why they had to report it, despite the narrative.

  6. yeah that’s the thing about these gun grabs. The lefties are pussies and they are terrified of guns, so they won’t be going door-to-door to confiscate all their neighbors’.
    They will be depending on the police/government/military? to go door-to-door confiscating how many guns? millions?
    and if that happens… I just don’t know if Americans will roll over quite the way that the Australians did.

  7. Australians were distracted by the toxic octopus menace


  8. plus platypusses

  9. Cone snails, too. Also: box jellyfish.

    Guns are no good against any of those.

  10. So are we going to have a gun bubble now?

  11. I really thought I over did my stockpiling when I had to move around a bunch of ammo while re-flooring one of the bedrooms. Hah! I am buying more when I visit Idaho next month.

  12. YouTube has lots and lots of helpful videos on making PVC pipe gun caches if you’re ever in the mood to bury some newly illegal firearms.

  13. I’m doing my part to help out the folks at Sturm, Ruger & Co. Just bought a 10/22 as a starter rifle.