December 12, 2012

“Jeff Immelt: China’s Communist Government ‘Works'”

This crony corporatist (how much did GE pay in taxes again?) is now head of Obama’s jobs council. And, like every liberal fascist before him, he pines after authoritarian control and a police state decked out in the guise of a representative republic — while crony capitalists, working with the government, regulate away competition and consolidate power.

Which, incidentally, was the bridge stage before nationalization of industry in Bellamy’s Looking Backward — the contemporary “progressive” update to that quaint blueprint for socialism being that it makes no sense to push the ideology overtly when you can secure the same effects by keeping the pretense of a representative republic. Plus, the permanent ruling class solidifies its own power rather than having to dissolve to complete the tranformation into a worker’s paradise.

“The one thing that actually works, state run communism a bit– may not be your cup of tea, but their government works.”

As a police state. With gulags. And political prisoners. And one-child laws. All great leaps forward, I suppose!

This is who they are.

I hope your fucking Obamaphone and access to a box of free cheap-ass condoms was worth it, useful idiots.

(h/t Mark Levin)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:58am

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  1. Mussolini must be laughing his fat arse off in Hell.

  2. And Lenin frantically working the phones trying to corner the rope market.

  3. It’s good to be first among equals.

  4. So long as the training takes such great effect as to result in every single individual proclaiming that it was the society which struck Immelt down, rather than that random guy who managed to get through Immelt’s security cordon, we’re cool with it.

  5. I wonder what Immelt’s predecessor, Jack Welch, thinks about this. Probably nothing good.

    It used to be, “Scratch a liberal, find a fascist”, but now, in the Age of Obama, they don’t bother hiding it, do they?

  6. “. . . don’t bother hiding it, do they?”

    This is so, and answerable to the fact that they’ve no idea what they’re talking about, most likely, so ignorant of their roots are they. Which is to say, Immelt (and his ilk) may be clever in some respects, but is far from wise as to his own doings.

  7. The tyrants in Chicago have a comeuppance coming. Good piece by Prof Kopel at Volokh on Moore v. Madigan, and a JCLC paper in support of the good citizens’ right to pack heat.

  8. Unbelievable. Immelt actually endorses five year plans. Forward, comrades!

  9. M. K. Beran:
    ” [Harold Ordway] Rugg pointed to Soviet Russia as an example of the comprehensive control that America needed, and he praised Stalin’s first Five-Year Plan, which resulted in millions of deaths from famine and forced labor. The “amount of coal to be mined each year in the various regions of Russia,” Rugg told the junior high schoolers reading his textbook,

    ‘is to be planned. So is the amount of oil to be drilled, the amount of wheat, corn, oats, and other farm products to be raised. The number and size of new factories, power stations, railroads, telegraph and telephone lines, and radio stations to be constructed are planned. So are the number and kind of schools, colleges, social centers, and public buildings to be erected. In fact, every aspect of the economic, social, and political life of a country of 140,000,000 people is being carefully planned! . . . The basis of a secure and comfortable living for the American people lies in a carefully planned economic life.’

    During the 1930s, tens of thousands of American students used Rugg’s social studies textbooks. “

  10. Don’t worry a thing about what Jack Welch feels since he invented financial statement fraud.

    Immelt’s statement, which I made sure to blast out to Twitter yesterday, was assuredly eye-opening to those who don’t get one of the things Jeff and others have been talking about for awhile: Big Business HATES a free market but loves crony capitalism.

    Worth keeping in mind when those on the right tout some conflicted, made up horseshit from the Chamber of Commerce.

  11. Immelt actually endorses five year plans.

    For a business, it makes sense.

    Of course, a business is primarily concerned with one facet of an everchanging (or not) market.

    Whereas a planned economy….

  12. Um, Roddy? Where I live the chamber of commerce members are almost exclusively small businesspeople. If you’re referring to the organization calling itself the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, please do so correctly.

    Or you can pay me to proofread and edit your comments, I could use the extra income…

  13. (I reserve the right in perpetuity to bust the balls of anyone who has ever worked as a “professional journalist” at any time for any reason — even those damn few for whom I may secretly harbor a modicum of respect.)

  14. If you can’t come here to bust balls or chops, then what the hell good is the place?

    Although, if you’re here to bust a nut, I don’t want to know.

  15. Hey, the media is super excited to start not reporting on people dying in the streets. Makes their job even easier!

  16. “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”

  17. I believe this is what he actually meant:

    Of course, that makes ME the racist for pointing out what he really meant… but fuck him. And his friends… and anyone that thinks that communism builds a “working” government. That’s akin to saying “Slavery: it’s a Guaranteed Job with Guaranteed Benefits!”

    No really, fuck them.

  18. Indeed, McGehee that is what I meant: the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

    I stand corrected and it was no minor slip up, since the many thousands of local chambers of commerce actually do an invaluable thing for communities. They deserve only credit; the U.S. C of C is ultra-big businesses most hackish booster, doing anything it can to reduce accountability and transparency.

    Apologies extended to all. If I wasn’t jammed up on my latest reporting thing, I’d be pondering your offer.

  19. Seems ol Immelt is just preping for the coronation. Prolly figures he’ll be part of Emporer O’s court

  20. Yes, it works better than green totalitarianism.

  21. It helps when natural resources are considered resources.