December 10, 2012

BAMN in Michigan [Guest post by Geoff B – UPDATED]

The Democrats and their union allies are making threats and calling on the President Obama to punish Michigan if it passes the “right to work” law.

The ever wonderful (union bought and paid for) Harry Reid weighs in.

Who knew that [forcing union dues on those who don’t want to join a union] is a matter of free speech, and that only unions stand between you and a nurse who will kill you.


update:  More here.



Posted by Jeff G. @ 2:14pm

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  1. In the meantime, yet another Michigan famous son weighed in Friday. Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore, a native of Flint, home to a massive General Motors Co. factory, said on Twitter that he would not obey follow any future right-to-work law while shooting in the state, tweeting, “Revolt, anyone?”

    Michael Moore is revolting.

  2. that he would not obey follow any future right-to-work law while shooting in the state,

    good his workers could sue the fat bastard

  3. When was the lst time that tub o’ lard made a movie?

    Isn’t this an empty threat, especially since he lives on the UWS in Manhattan?

  4. I don’t think Michael Moore realizes that if he gets the revolt he pretends to crave, the end result is bags of Michael Moore jerky, packages of Michael Moore sausages, and a mess of Michael Moore soaps.

    And those are brand names. They’re descriptions.

  5. Michael Moore soap seems like an oxymoron.

    A really creepy oxymoron.

  6. You forgot the Michael Moore sofa cover.

  7. Something very familiar about that map. If only it were red and blue…

  8. Meanwhile, the capitol is pretty silent today. Tomorrow will be a different story, and all sides are telling me they hope the demonstration stays peaceful — there’s the sense that this could get out of control fast. Last week, after protesters tried to rush the senate chambers, police arrested eight demonstrators and had to use pepper spray on one.

    The unions have appointed “marshal teams” to ensure the protests don’t get too rowdy, and they’re also coordinating with police to ensure their marches proceed on approved routes. The Detroit Free Press also reports that union members have attended civil-disobedience training in Motor City.

    The police seem prepared for the worst. When I walked around the capitol around 11 a.m. today, men in blue were the majority in the lobby. Most had batons, and some had heavy-duty vests. They are equipped to use teargas if the demonstrations escalate. A spokesman said that state police have come from all around Michigan, though he declined to give me a number because “it would take away [our] tactical advantage.”

    Still, I found the police attitude reassuring: “This is the people’s capital, and everybody has a right to come here and voice their constitutional rights,” said Gene Adamczyk, assistant district commander of the Michigan State Police. He noted that “the pending legislation is a very emotional issue for a lot of people,” adding that he was there to ensure all sides got their say.

    “While we are in uniform, we have no opinion,” Adamczky said. “We are here to protect. . . . That should be a feeling of security regardless of where you stand.”


  9. “Let us work for you, we’ll protest constantly and demand too much!”

    …Yeah. That’s an environment small businessmen will flock to. Huge, “Too Big To Fail” corps on the other hand…

  10. The unions have appointed “marshal teams” to ensure the protests don’t get too rowdy…

    I don’t care who you are, that right there is funny.

  11. Michael Moore would make a heck of a lot of soap.

  12. Michigan Teachers Abandon Children to Protest Right-to-Work Law

    If test scores are to be believed, those teachers abandoned the kids a long time ago.

  13. I put more links at this comment. The second one, this, is about the training. Done by this “lady”.

  14. The Democrats, like the Islamists, have been at war with us for years, most on the right have bben/are still in denial. maybe this will change that for some.

  15. “We are not the violent ones.” Fithian explains while giving a workshop on how not to get in fights with the police.

  16. From the article linked by geoffb:

    Katie Oppenheim, the head of a union local that represents 4,500 nurses at University of Michigan Health System in Ann Arbor, said workers whose pay and benefits are negotiated by a union should pay dues.

    She believes her members appreciate the fruits of collective bargaining and will keep paying. But she acknowledged “the reality that people like things for free.”

    Do tell.

  17. It saddens me to see the Washington Post engaging in violent rhetoric against simple folk who just want to go to work without having to kick back a portion of the meagre paycheck to some shop steward.

    What is this, the 1950s?

  18. The first article that I linked was in my local (and left leaning) Sunday paper and I was stunned by things like the subheadline.

    Leaders fearful that right to work will cut income, influence

    And some of the piece.

    Local union leaders are promising that Tuesday will bring larger demonstrations at the Capitol than last week against pending right-to-work legislation, a sign that their opposition to proposed changes in state law that would threaten their ability to collect revenue is intensifying.

    At the heart of their concerns: The fear of losing dues payments that fund such things as union hall maintenance and full-time office employees.

    Truth and in the lead paragraphs.

    Then there was this later on.

    “Every day that goes by (under right to work), that’s less influence at the table,” said Mel Grieshaber, executive director of the Michigan Corrections Organization, which represents about 7,000 corrections officers in the state prison system.
    “We’re likely to get less from the employer,” Grieshaber said.

    The nasty moneygrubbing skinflint employer? Us.

  19. At the heart of their concerns: The fear of losing dues payments that fund such things as union hall maintenance and full-time office employees.

    oh the poor dears. hahahahahas

  20. Democracy is only ok when you’re voting democrat or for something democrats want.

    And maybe its because I’m not in Michigan but are Republicans actually bothering to explain why Obama is full of crap about these unions issues?

  21. Virg Bernero ( Lansing Mayor) was on the radio explaining that unions are the ultimate in Democracy. That 51% of the employees vote for the union so everyone must go along. Duh.

    When your political party loses a national election, you still have to pay your federal taxes. It’s the same thing, he explained.

    And yes, I wanted to shoot my radio.

  22. And also, if unions lose this power, we’re going to have child labor and (according to Geoffry Feiger) people will work w/o paychecks.

    The left is losing it’s shit.

  23. I also heard (on the radio) one union person claiming that the “workers of the world” would not put up with this.

    I have to work today, so I’m going to miss the fun freak out.

  24. The left is always losing it’s shit. They’re like kids trying to tantrum their way to what they want because they know Mommy doesn’t want to be mean.

    And Daddy moved to New Zealand.

  25. The UAW is a straight-up criminal organization, just like the Longshoremen. They may be a little more subtle, hardly ever threatening people with baseball bats and such, but they have a lot more scalps in their nad collection.