December 8, 2012

“Health care should be a human right, not a privilege.” [Darleen Click]

So says Jorge Mariscal, illegal alien now in possession of a “free kidney” after a local pastor helped him browbeat the hospital’s other insured American citizens into paying for the transplant.

To get a head start on his future medical bills, Mariscal started raising money three years ago. Together with Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission in Little Village, he has raised thousands of dollars through benefit concerts and other events.

The Rev. Jose Landaverde, pastor of the mission, said he felt compelled by the Gospel to help Mariscal after hearing his story.

“Jorge is a lot of hope for the community,” he said. “I believe that the Gospel moves us to be in solidarity with one another.”

Aside from his help with fundraising, Landaverde organized a 21-day hunger strike in June against hospitals that denied transplants to patients because of their undocumented status.

Landaverde said that after the strike, in addition to Mariscal’s treatment at Loyola, the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center agreed to evaluate Lorenzo Arroyo, another illegal immigrant, for a possible liver transplant. Rush University Medical Center also placed Arroyo’s brother, Elfego, on a transplant waiting list. Both brothers suffer from primary amyloidosis, a genetic liver disease.

If this church wishes to pay for all this medial care, let ’em. Otherwise, let the Mexican government pay for the treatment.

But there is no such thing as a free lunch and “healthcare” is as much a human right as plumbing, a 50″ flatscreen or Justin Beiber tickets.

And, as you will note, because Mariscal in his covetousness believes the transplant is his “right,” rather than being grateful for the help, is arrogantly demanding more.

His “pastor” is no Christian and neither is he.

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  2. And what about the human rights of the health care providers, whose labor would be appropriated in this criminal’s utopia?

    Not an issue — like all criminals his idea of rights is focused on his right to take stuff away from other people. We don’t even get to defend ourselves or our property.

    The word for the regime he demands is kleptocracy, and it’s what created the nightmare of a country he left to come here. Rat bastard.

  3. more moral idealism in action

    wonder who didn’t get the kidney

  4. Congregation based community organizer groups. Find one near you [pdf].

  5. It can’t be a ‘right’ if it requires other people to do something for you.

  6. I wonder how the people who were on the donor list ahead of Jorge feel about his “right” to enter the country illegally and agitate to get himself a free kidney ahead of them.
    Not sure how Jorge can be a “hope for the community” when he wasn’t a member of the community; he’s an uninvited guest who’s demanding all of the resources for himself as a “right.”

  7. wonder who didn’t get the kidney

    That’s exactly what I was thinking Ernst. Why is there no heart tugging story of the person wrongfully denied.

    How long before affirmative action is instutionalized in obamacare?

  8. We should send a bill to the Mexican government for this illegal’s kidney, and for all the other debts their illegal escapees have accrued. Then they might want to protect their border’s outbound traffic as well as they protect their border’s inbound traffic.

  9. What is galling is that this kind of thing is not unusual.

    The hospital where my daughter works gets illegals dumped in their ER all the time.

    Families smuggle their sickest members over the border specifically because they know Norte Americanos are suckers that will take care of them even as they spit on us and sneer that we “stole” this land from them.

  10. serr8d

    Mexico’s government will laugh.

    Time for someone with cajones to pass a law taxing all remittances that cross the border and that revenue go back to the states that foot illegal alien bills.

  11. So all you two kidney people better watch out cus Mexicans got’s their rights ya know;)

  12. heh, Danger, I’m glad I’m past optimal age for transplant since I have 3 kidneys.

  13. Darleen,

    That’s what the Death panels are for ;)

  14. ….since I have 3 kidneys.

    – Shameless hoarder!

  15. At the local county hospital, the emergency room is always filled with indigents of color, looking for that “free” health care. For being a bunch of poor people, they all seem to have nice cell phones.

    If it were me, I’d slap a $50 charge per emergency room visit on everyone. If they can afford cell phones, they can come up with 50 bucks.

  16. Health care is a right, so, therefore, it is okay to enslave others for your “rights.”

  17. kidneys sound like they should be a lot more fun than they really are

  18. Darlene, you’re fortunate you didn’t get mugged by an organlegger. 3 kidneys, indeed.

  19. Perhaps I’ve a ‘right’ to quality, hand-picked cotton… you know, the good shit, not that machine-harvested crap. Back to the fields, you darkies!

  20. Landaverde organized a 21-day hunger strike

    Apparently it didn’t go on quite long enough for the good reverend.

  21. 22 page pdf overview of Latino, community organized, religious groups.

  22. I’ve decided I not only have a right to keep and bear arms, but also to have them — which someone is depriving me of by not giving me theirs.

  23. That’s pretty selfish, McGehee. How are you going to be someone’s right hand man when you insist on keeping it?


  24. Bear or Bare arms, McGehee?

  25. – You don’t want anything bare on McGehee Blake….trust me on this.

  26. He apparently can’t reason out that if health care becomes a right, then anyone who becomes a medical Doctor signs up for voluntary servitude.

    And what does he suppose the really talented among the few smart enough to be Doctors will begin to do when they realize this?

    We will wind up with a health care profession composed of the mediocre and perhaps even criminally incompetent. For who else would look at servitude as better option from any of their other choices?

  27. From whence spring these human rights? From our creator? Are they self evident?

    As Penn Gillette says, if you can’t do it alone on a deserted island, then it’s not a right. I’ll add it’s a privilege.

  28. I’m sorry, leaving the trespassing thing aside, he thinks he has a right to someone else’s organs?

    How completely insane is it that this person is not the subject of *massive* public ridicule?


  29. No concept that NEEDs and RIGHTs don’t overlap at all? Anyone?

    A RIGHT is a political concept regarding the relationship of the citizen and the gubmint. You can, unfortunately, live a long life without rights.

    A NEED is something you really cannot live without, and it is produced by the labor of another. That O2 you’re breathing? The work of marine algae.

    They’re talking about ENTITLEMENTS, which means you get it no matter the cost to another individual or to society.

    Effing looters.

  30. Healthcare isn’t a PRIVILEGE, either, it’s a NEED.

    Higher education is a privilege.

  31. From whence spring these human rights?

    – The same place the entire Lefturd narrative comes from. Where dah sun don’t shine.

  32. soon you’ll be able to buy a new kidney off a pig

    probably a japanese pig since america has pretty well pissed away its health care system, and the japanese do NOT accept food stamps

    still it’ll help

  33. Health care is a service.

    One has the right to enter into an agreement to transact this service and the vendor has the right to be compensated for it. Need is entirely on the buyer’s part and he has no right to force the vendor to address it.

    Focusing on the “need” aspect only strengthens the criminal’s argument.

  34. American health care is a basic human right for Mexican citizens? Heh. Anyone who’s ever lived in a border town knows this is de facto truth.

  35. Hunger strike?

    Um, that only works if, y’know, somebody cares if you starve yourself.

  36. Its almost like there’s no downside to being illegal in this country. Free healthcare, access to food stamps and wellfare, no need to pay taxes, both political parties interested in making you legal and getting your vote.

    You want to stop illegal immigration? Cut off all the governmental assistance.

    One more thing that will never happen and will contribute to the transformation of this country into something pathetic.

  37. “Dammit, I have a right to other people’s labor and education!”