December 6, 2012

My respectful response to Dana Milbank, who believes the GOP needs to “unshackle itself from the far right”

I offer this in addition to Darleen’s earlier post, with the note that JD passed the Milbank column on to me last evening.

Dear Dana:

You needn’t worry.  The “far right,” that is, those fringe racist neo-Birchers who fetishize the Constitution and believe raising taxes on job producers in a time of high unemployment and slow or stagnant growth — particularly when the “revenue enhancers,” totaling $90 billion (enough to fund the government for a mere 8 days while significantly weakening the private sector in the longer term), are coupled to no cuts in spending, a baseline budget that already includes the “one-time” failed stimulus of over $1 trillion in new deficit spending each year, and of course the automatic baseline increases that are built into allocations by a 1974 Congressional act, ensuring that nothing is every really cut– is suicidal, cynical, and purely political, pushed in the service of a wealth redistribution scheme that we aren’t allowed to identify as Marxist, even though that’s what it is:  they are already in the process of “unshackling” themselves from the bureaucratic GOP establishment busy trying to make backroom deals against the will of their base constituency, and without the support of the majority of their caucus in either chamber of Congress.

So, while we appreciate your concern, it really isn’t necessary.  We can take care of ourselves, thanks.  Personal responsibility and all that.

But if it makes you feel better, I’ll happily tell you to go fuck yourself, and the GOP can fuck itself right along with you so far as I’m concerned — if only as a way of providing you with proof that my déclassé kind shouldn’t have any say whatever in something so important as deciding who gets to steal my family’s labor and give it to some client constituency in exchange for the votes necessary to keep a class of permanent ruling thieves in power.


protein wisdom


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  1. In other news, the Crips are offering the Bloods advice on where to buy guns, the Hatfields tell the McCoys the best places to set up ambushes, and al Qaida schedules a seminar for US troops on avoiding IEDs.

  2. “Why won’t these people just surrender?”

  3. What Milbank calls “unshackling … from the far right,” I’d call unbuckling one’s parachute harness while in free fall at 2,012 feet.

  4. NRO’s Daniel Foster had a so-so response to Welch’s Purge the Birchy Hobbits! screed. He correctly observes that the Tea Party isn’t a lunatic fringe movement obessing over lunatic fringe conspiracy theories. At the same time though, he fails to make the connection between Akin’s expulsion from polite Republican company for the dual sins of “studity” and “cupidity,” and Mourdock’s defeat for the sin of “inelegantly stating the perfectly reasonable view that the sanctity of life is not contingent on the circumstances of its conception[.]”

    Whether that’s because he can’t make the connection, or won’t make the connection is for others to determine.

  5. Opining (so weakly) on the pages of the WaPo would tend to be better served by knowing how economics actually work, Milbank.

    Since you haven’t and since you don’t — even Matt Taibbi over at the Stone can disgrace you, so considering that company should be a clue — kindly consider shutting up before disgracing those pages again.

    Oh, wait.

    PS: As a conservative I commend Romney for retreating before he got any more on him. That move is a far sight more honorable than your former POTUS and semen-shooter staying on the stage four administrations later than he should.

  6. Perfect response, and it’s as respectful as a guy who wore orange hunting gear on Keith Olberman’s show to discuss Cheney’s hunting accident deserves.

  7. He correctly observes that the Tea Party isn’t a lunatic fringe movement obessing over lunatic fringe conspiracy theories.

    The Tea Party consistently draws support around 25% in national polls. One need only imagine what that number would be without the full-court press by the government-media complex to marginalize the movement, to understand why there’s a full-court press by the government-media complex to marginalize the movement.

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