December 4, 2012

“Who’s trying to keep liquor out of supermarkets? The liquor stores, of course”

Save the Mom and Pop liquor stores!  We demand free-range Ouzo!  Registers devoted exclusively to Lotto tickets DEMAND TO BE FREE!

Resist the big corporate chains who offer liquor for sale only, because they only serve to put small liquor-peddling joints out of business!  As well as offer convenience to consumers and lower prices because of a certain economy of scale — making it more and more difficult in the current economy to be a “mom and pop” snob.

But, you know, still.

We shall overcome!




Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:08am

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  1. – Barry ‘parks’ Obama’s own climate change, as Arab spring moves into Arab winter.

  2. I buy beer at the gas station, wine at the grocery store, and tequila at the liquor store. ‘Cuz that’s where it’s cheapest. It’s called free market capitalism.

  3. Not a problem here in Virginia. We get to buy all our liquor directly from the State!

  4. We have similar arguments in MN every few years, with the same players making the same arguments as in that article.

    I find it ridiculous that the people responsible for selling alcohol make arguments based on the idea that their product is more dangerous than nuclear waste. So dangerous, in fact, that it couldn’t possibly be trusted to the untrained minimum-wage grocery store clerks or the untrained minimum-wage convenience store clerks. Instead, it should only be handled by untrained minimum-wage liquor store clerks.

  5. I grew up in California, where liquor stores thrived despite the whole gamut being available at Raley’s or Albertsons. Seems some people prefer smaller-footprint stores for what they want, like on the TV ads for Ace Hardware.

    If mom-and-pop dealers in Tennessee can’t figure out a way to stay in business with supermarket competition, maybe they’re not fit to be in business in the first place.

  6. Wyoming Whiskey released last week. Great reviews.

  7. Most “liquor stores” in these parts don’t stock much more than the cheap-ass shit kids and winos drink, and the prices for any good alcohol (in dust-covered bottles!) they might have are almost twice as much as the local Stater Bros. supermarket.

  8. I’ll take Ace Hardware over the big box stores any day.

    Mom and pop liquor stores around here tend to be dives. Except for the mom-n-pop store that started buying up all the failing liquor stores after the grocery and drug stores started selling liquor next to the wine and the beer. That guy’s the king of booze in these here parts.

  9. The nearest liquor store to The Freehold is a bit of a dive too — but the one just a half mile up the road is in a storefront next to Family Dollar and very pleasant.

    But I think the dive may have better selection, and for my Scotch it’s a little cheaper. Not enough to keep me going there, but…

  10. I’m waiting for the liquor stores to put all of the booze behind bullet-proof glass the way the supermarkets have with cigarettes. It will probably require that two employees be on duty at all times since each one with only have half of the combination to the massive locking device.

  11. Ernst,

    Of course, here in SoCal, we have “big box” liquor stores: BevMo!

    For my money, there’s a “mon-n-pop shop in Upland called Liquorama that has prices at least as good as Bevmo, and for whisky, brandy, tequila, or whatnot, a better selection, too. And they can order lots more that they don’t have in stock.

  12. I do miss BevMo, I admit.

    Not as much as I miss Radeberger, though.

  13. where my brother lives in Minnesota the city owns the only liquor store

    of course now I know that I plan ahead so I’ll probably never go there but just the once

  14. in socal the one I like is vendome but I am resolved to cut out the tasty beverages unless I get them from duty free cause of California’s sales tax rape

    My favorite in whole world is spec’s's_Wine,_Spirits_%26_Finer_Foods

  15. Oddly enough, the liquor taxes are lower in California than Minnesota.

    At least, they were a year ago.

  16. Don’t sales taxes go on top of the liquor taxes?

    I have no idea how that works

  17. I read Pandagon and FireDogLake today.

  18. I read Pandagon and FireDogLake today.

    how are the proggtards doing?

  19. Just in from Egypt:

    “Obama, your bitch is our dictator”

  20. Who is trying to keep American republicans out of the Republican Party and political choice making? Funny thing: the Republican Party.

  21. Yes, sales taxes are applied after liquor taxes. The liquor tax is included in the advertised price of the booze in question.

  22. Who is trying to keep American republicans out of the Republican Party and political choice making?

    the orangeman can the orangeman can can ’cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good

  23. things i don’t feel good about are include giving monies to california and watching poor pitiful team r implode like the poltergeist house for reasons having nothing to do with stupid social cons and also the restaurant where i had massouka tonight had ny lottery ticket form fillout things on the table

    these people are fucking crass

  24. An interesting article about Wyoming Whiskey.

  25. As McGehee noted above, supermarkets have had all manner of liquor section for decades … with no shortage of mom-and-pop liquor stores or specialty stores.

    Supermarkets can only offer so much, if I want a selection of wine or imported beer or the finer grade tequila/gin/vodka, et al, I’ll go to BevMo. They are doing a grand business and many are located within short distances of supermarkets.

    Good god I hate cronyism.