November 27, 2012

An addendum to Darleen’s previous post, re: racism and Susan Rice, performed as a series of leading questions

Hey.  Can anybody here remember the US ever having a black female Secretary of State?  Has such a woman of color ever existed?  And if so, was she ever criticized or attacked — or is it the case that such an onslaught, had it hypothetically occurred, was met with cries of racism and misogyny!, then followed on by a fierce protection of this unfairly beleaguered (weak) creature by the very people who are today invested in protecting Susan Rice from having to answer for mistakes that (goes the essence of the argument) are only considered mistakes because they were made by a woman of color, not because the mistakes themselves have any kind of empirical existence outside the sexual and racial identity from which they flowed, or outside the sexual and racial identity of those wishing her to answer for them?

Just wondering.  If anybody knows of such a set of circumstances. Like maybe an historian or some such.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:20am

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  1. Condi, as everyone else in the Republican establishment, will never counter-attack. The W. Bush administration in particular is uninterested in defending their honor, or calling out the lack thereof in their foes.

    It’s a thing. I don’t know why.

  2. Can anybody here remember the US ever having a black female Secretary of State?

    A legitimate one? Nah.

  3. Actually, I think they feel they can stay above the fray, and think it beneath them to dignify the slander by noticing it.

    They are wrong. They’ve only allowed themselves (and us with them!) to be demonized and caricatured at the lefts pleasure, with no counter perspective even offered.

    Now they can sit and wonder why no one wants to be identified with them.

    Stupid bastards.

  4. pigment + pussy = immunity

  5. Here’s the thing: Condi Rice was neither mendacious nor an idiot. You know, like all good racist wimmen haterz know those darkie broads are.

  6. They think the facts will come out, LBascom, cause facts always do.

    You know, in between them willing to call inflation QE, raising taxes as raising revenues, and witchhunting as McCarthyism. Cause I’m sure someone else will get around to teaching those facts eventually.

  7. I think most TEA Party people would have rather had Condi for President than Willard. maybe I’m projecting too much, but I really don’t think so.

  8. ‘I ain’t gonna play Sun City’ has a beat and you can dance to it

  9. Yeah, that really sounds familiar, J.G., but I’m not an historian either (I was an IT major all through undergrad and grad school, so obviously I know nothing about history). I’ll leave it to others to provide the information that might shed some light on this subject.

  10. William, focusing on the racist accusations, Holder was right. We’re a nation of cowards when it comes to race. Or, more accurately, white people are cowards. Ask Derbyshire.

  11. “has a beat and you can dance to it”

    It don’t matter if your pants are shiny
    If your dick is big or your dick it tiny
    If you show up early and you party too late
    Cause it’s Soul city, Soul city

  12. True enough. Too many years of a level of comfort the human race wasn’t built for equals being total wussies.

    Or at least I see that axiom played out a lot among friends and family.

  13. Let’s just hope Susan Rice knows something about aluminum tubes.

  14. Says Susan Rice:

    “We stressed that neither I nor anyone else in the Administration intended to mislead the American people at any stage in this process, and the Administration updated Congress and the American people as our assessments evolved.”

    Yeah, spreading what she knew was bullshit wasn’t an effort to mislead, it was just fertilizing the ground for the greater growth of good later.

  15. This focus on Rice is all a contrived bullshit anyway…calculated to indemnify Obama from ever having to answer for the fact that he essentially murdered those 4 Americans.

  16. Condi isn’t an authentic black woman, so she doesn’t count.

  17. Condi isn’t an authentic black woman, so she doesn’t count.

    The mind blowing thing is, Obama is an authentic black man, according to the counters.